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I am proud of who I am

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One night out of the blue I just decided to tie up my little brother and have some with his cock.

Not all adults who are sexually attracted to children are men, I’m 18 years old, I’m a girl, my name is Louise, and I live at home with my mom, dad and 12 year old brother, Kyle.

One night when my parents left me and Kyle home alone, I drugged him with sleeping medicine, not enough to knock him out all night, but just long enough for me to carry him up to my room, strip him naked, and tie him to my bed.

He awoke just as I’d finished taking off all my clothes and climbed up on to the bed, he panicked when he realised his hands were tied and he freaked out because I’d also blindfolded him he had no idea what was going on, he calmed when he heard my voice and he questioned me as to what I was doing.

“Shush. Relax.” I told him.

“Am I naked?” he asked, probably feeling the cool air against his skin.

“Yes you are.” I replied.

“Why – What are you doing?” he asked.

“We’re just going to have some fun. Now, relax.” I replied.

“Can you take this off so I can see, please?” he asked.

“Not yet. Soon.” I replied.

He laid on my bed, tied up, blindfolded, and helpless, he looked so cute and it was such a big turn on, a skinny little naked boy completely at my mercy, I started to rub my hands up and down his body, he flinched when my warm hands touched his chest and swept down, I brushed my palm over his chubby little cock then down his legs.

He started to breath more heavily while I touched him, each time he took a deep breath in I could see his ribs, his chest heaving up and down, I licked my tongue up his hairless ball sack, along the length of his chubby little cock, all the way up his body, in his bellybutton, over his chest, up his neck, around his chin to his lips, where I gave him a kiss.

I moved back down, allowing my long hair to sweep over his body, I galloped his cock in to my mouth and sucked on it, I rubbed my hands over his chest and torso, stimulating him, his cock was about 3 inches long, soft and flaccid, so I licked and sucked it, worked on it for a good few minutes until it matured, hardened and stretched inside my mouth, I slurped my mouth off it, letting it fall from my mouth and slap against his tummy.

“Are you having fun yet?” I asked him.

He nodded, gasping lightly with his mouth slightly open, occasionally licking his lips.

I picked up a bottle of lube that I’d placed at the side of my bed, and I squirted a large amount on to my hand, and he enjoyed me rubbing the cold lube on to his cock and balls.

Then I held his small ball sack in one hand, and held on to his 5 inch hard cock in the other, I repeatedly squeezed his balls while simultaneously jerking on his cock, he drove him crazy, his body and legs moving around in a pleasured frenzy as he moaned and gasped sexually, “Oh – Ungh – Gwha”, I pumped his cock until he ejaculated, which didn’t take long at all, he shot his load all over his stomach, then I released his cock and just let his sperm ooze out naturally as his cock slowly shrunk down.

He was quite thirsty after that so I opened a can of cola and gave him a drink via a straw, “How did that feel? – Did you like me jerking on your cock?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” He replied, with a brief grin, he was still out of breath.

“Yeah – Good boy. Rest for a couple of minutes okay.” I said, then I left him for a few minutes while I went to double check downstairs that I’d locked all the windows and doors properly, I didn’t want anyone walking in on us.

I went back upstairs quietly, and I managed to sneak back in to my room and crawl across the floor to my bed, he was laying peacefully, I blew gently across his cock, the breeze caused his cock to react and harden once again, then I surprised him by quickly taking his cock in to my mouth and sucking on it.

I sucked and I jerked, and I jerked and I sucked on his rock hard cock for probably around 3 minutes or so, and then he came inside my mouth, I grabbed his balls again and gave them a squeeze, forcing them to empty as much sperm as possible, I slurped my lips off his tip, tilted my head back and swallowed his warm salty load, it tasted so good as it slid down the back of my throat, *Gulp – Aaah*

I gave him another drink and we rested again, I turned the TV on for him to listen to in the background, he was laying all sweaty and sticky, puddles of sperm still drying on his belly, I decided to clean him up so I licked it all off him.

My pussy was wet so I fingered myself briefly, then I put my pussy soaked finger to his mouth, coating his lips with my juices then placed it in to his mouth, “Let me know how this tastes.” I said, and he sucked it clean.

“Nice.” He said.

I leaned over and kissed him while rubbing my hand down his body to his cock, then started to jerk him again.

Once he was hard again I sat up, swept my right leg over him so I was straddling him, then I lowered myself down on to his cock, guiding it to my hole and helping it to slide inside me, once it was inserted firmly in to my pussy I let go and pushed myself all the way down on to it.

He groaned out loud with his mouth wide open gasping with wonder at what was happening, as I began to ride him I removed his blindfold, he blinked his eyes open, blinded momentarily by the light, then he looked at me, he fell silent while staring at my naked body moving up and down on him, he smiled and slammed his head back down on the pillow, “Ooooah.” he groaned.

I leaned down so my face was above his, “Look at me, Kyle.” I said, he opened his eyes and we stared in to each other’s while I rode him, both of us gasping our breath on to each other’s faces, not breaking eye contact even for a moment, I rode him faster and we both moaned and groaned with pleasure.

There’s something truly beautiful about staring in to someone’s eyes while you make love to them, especially a little boys eyes, the wonder and joy in his eyes as I pleasured his young cock was adorable, and then when he came, “Oh my god.” I gasped, his eyes widened and shined with magic, he smiled as his cock swelled and shot his load in to me, and I smiled back at him feeling his virgin seed warming my insides.

We shared something beautiful and pure that night, we were as close as any brother and sister could ever be.

I untied his arms and we lay on the bed for perhaps an hour, I told him I just wanted to have some fun with him, and he didn’t mind me tying him up, he had the time of his life.

We had sex again later that night, this time I had to let him tie me up, and he was on top of me this time, and he was amazing, he’d had his sexual awakening and he was wide awake, if you know what I mean, the stamina on that boy is incredible, he could just keep going and going, it was as though he had a permanent erection and an endless supply of sperm.

Thankfully he finished fucking me for the 4th time and untied me just 10 minutes before our parents came home, so we didn’t get caught.

My name is Louise, I’m 18 years old, and I’m proud to be sexually attracted to little boys, I will never be ashamed of who I am.

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  • Reply FadedSinner ID:2ll8sns8ri

    Would love to get in touch and hear more from you if this is real.

  • Reply Female pedo ID:ndomrl3k0i

    I spied on my parents since i was around 10 but didn’t understand what it was all about, especially the sucking. Until i got to 12 and started baby sitting for pocket money. My first experience at 12 was with two brothers aged 10 & 8.
    I still enjoy young boys but my preferred age group is 12 to 16.

    • C ID:2c40yw2k0k

      Any way to contact you? 15 here

    • Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      Female pedo do have snap or way to connect you i would love to hear more

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

    Oh such a naughty girl you are. I love to hear how naughty and horny females get slurping on a hard cock.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx7ita58i

    Young boys are sensitive when they first start having sex

    • Mark ID:2xna5w32m99

      Such a naughty girl but I really did enjoy it made my cock hard reading it

  • Reply EmilyG ID:sbv8ds43

    Yummy! I hope you still fuck him. He loves you now.

  • Reply Yummy ID:2auer1820d

    Mmm what’s ur snap id love to watch

  • Reply lack ID:fzq6hy2zm

    My sister did it to me when I was 9

  • Reply Lucien ID:fx7itagqj

    One can argue over the direction society is taking. Whether you like it or not, it provides the opportunity for me to indulge in my favorite sport … fucking young teen girls.

    I was at an Aldi yesterday and the woman in front of me had trouble paying for her groceries. She looked late 20’s, tats on both arms, pierced nose and what looked like a 10 or 11 yo daughter in tow, I pulled mom over, away from the cashier, and told her that I would pay for her food but I get her girl for 1 hour. If she wants she could be present to make sure I don’t harm her girl. Groceries amounted to $56.23.

    To make sure she didn’t skip, I took the girl in my car and followed mom to her apartment. Then the fun began. I the entry way I tore the girls clothes off …. the rest I will leave to your imagination! Against the wall, on the kitchen counter and finally on her mother’s bed. Mom was dispassionate as she watched me do things to her daughter that most wouldn’t consider doing to their wives. And in case you wonder …she was no virgin and I found out that she was 11.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

      Such nice times and a perfect age. surprised the mother didn’t join in.

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    That was beautiful

  • Reply Gary ID:2xna5w32k0c


  • Reply Gary ID:2xna5w32k0c

    I know, these do gooders sit and read all these perverted sorry, then think themselves better than everyone else. But in fact their just as perverted as everyone else, only they wont admit it.

  • Reply Pedophile Hunter ID:pvl4h2hrb

    Kill Your Self

    • Your ID:jl15r15zrc

      we need more people like u here, this site is full of sick stories

    • Bien ID:16d5ijpbb0b

      Then why u reading it

    • PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Lesen wichsen und dann auf gut mensch machen was für schule arschlöcher

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Yes. Love it. Please share more

  • Reply Snake ID:3zxjrennoik

    You two start dating