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They tried to blackmail me

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This Latina tried to blackmail me after I took her out for a nice meal.

My name is Matt and I’m 41 years old. I lost my wife and daughter to a drunk driver a few years back. I’m trying to get back into the dating scene but wow has it changed since I was 19. My friends at work suggest downloading Tinder as you can either go on a date or have an interesting night.

Later that day I created my profile and started to swipe left, right, left. I matched with this busty Latina who’s profile stated she was 32. I found her sexually attractive so I struck up a conversation with her. We agreed on a Friday night dinner at a top of the line steakhouse in town.

That night I went to pick her up in BMW I7. She answered the door wearing a sexy and revealing black dress and her heels were the perfect height.

Come in and have a glass of wine before we leave, she offered me.

My hand immediately went to her sexy waist as I was definitely turned on by her. Going into her living room I was greeted by her 2 daughters, Adriana (11) and Lynette (12). They were both naked painting their toenails on the floor in the living room. They both popped up and greeted me by name and thanked me verbally for taking their mother on a date. Speechlessly, I hugged them back and they sat back down to finish their nails.

Their mother returned with the wine and asked if I had met her daughters. Taking a large sip of wine and node acknowledging I had.

Which do you think is the prettiest, she asked me.

At that time both girls opened their legs and showed me their hairless pussies. I think we should be going, we don’t want to miss our reservation, I said to here while putting my glass of wine down.

The 25 minute drive to the steakhouse she kept pushing which one of them I thought was that prettiest.

I saw the bulge in your pants as you looked at their bodies. Why won’t you tell me which one looks better than the other, she pressed.

Because it’s not right for a man of my age to look at girls their age naked, I stressed to her.

We enjoyed our dinner and I had a little too much wine but was safely able to drive her home.

Come in with me and I’ll make you a scotch drink, she said smiling to me.

I agreed and sat back down on the same couch where a few hours ago I was seeing the prettiest pusies ever. She brought my drink and a blindfold and started to put it over my eyes.

I want to give you a blowjob and see if you call out my name or one of my daughters names. I was officially tipsy at this point and horny so I didn’t argue. The suspense was building as she took off my pants and underwear and then I felt the sensation I was missing for so long. A wet mouth being plunged over my cock and I laid my head back in enjoyment. She would take occasional breaks stroking my cock then get back to her blowjob. This felt amazing, I was in heaven.

After a bit, I told her I wanted to fuck her and with no response I feel her climb up onto me and insert my cock into her pussy. My gawd, this chick was tight after having 2 kids. I started to talk dirty to her telling her how amazing her pussy felt as she rode my cock.

Let’s try another position, she suggested to me.

I felt her climb off of me and push her tiny ass against my cock as if giving a lap dance. Then I felt my cock inserted into her pussy again. It felt drier than before but it got wet quick enough. She was riding my cock my dirty talk began again. Adriana fuck Daddy’s dick I blurted out surprising myself.

Oh so you like my youngest daughter the mother says in an accusing tone.

Yes, I admit. Her tiny body and pretty pussy got me hard when I saw it earlier. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I want you to be my boyfriend and I’ll let you fuck her if you’ll date me, she suggested.

I couldn’t do that, she is only 11 years old, I responded. My blindfold was taken off and there Adriana’s body was on my dick. She leaned back giving me a wet kiss and mentioned how wonderful my cock felt.

You fucked Lynette first Matt, she told me then I saw Lynette laying on the floor. So can we be boyfriend and girlfriend or do I need to send this video I took to the police?

I’ll date you if I get to fuck all 3 of you, I propositioned her.

Of course Matt, she agreed, telling Lynette to get up on the couch. I spent the rest of my intoxicated night fucking all 3 of them. I dumped my seed in each of them that night.

I married her 6 months later and now she and her daughters live in my house. We fuck like rabbits and I no longer miss my wife or daughter.

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  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    One of the best stories I’ve ever read, I hope thiere’s a part 2

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    Great story!

  • Reply Punisher_ ID:1eqywps9puco

    This is extremely exciting, it would be a privilege to meet a liberal woman like this, I love single mothers and I agree that sexual education has to be from the beginning! I think they should form groups of parents who agree to sexually educate their children and, at their first menstruation, get one of the other’s daughters pregnant so they don’t have genetic problems… this will help build liberal families

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    Nice. Hopefully you get all 9 holes and the cunts dyke out for you to

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    Fuck I need to join tinder

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    Wish I were you! Great story.