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My Sexual Family – 12

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A young boy’s sexual adventures continue with other family members!

The saga continues from the previous chapters!

When mom told me our family would be getting together on Saturday, I was really excited! I was going to get to be with Sammy again. I figured the rest of the week would go by slowly, but being home alone all day with mom after dad went to work made the week go by quickly. Once dad left each morning, mom and I would get naked and have sex! We’d enjoy lots of oral sex, especially sixty-nine, and then we’d fuck! I don’t think there was a single room in the house we didn’t have sex in, nor was there a position we didn’t fuck in. Mom and I just couldn’t get enough of each other. I loved her big tits and soft, warm pussy. I think mom liked it because my young cock, most of the time, would stay hard even after she made me cum. Needless to say, the week went by faster than I first imagined.

Friday turned out to be a fun day for me. After dad left for work mom took me into her bedroom where we had a hot sixty-nine before she wanted me to fuck her. Laying on her back, mom had me bury my cock in her and pound her pussy until we both climaxed. Mom loves to feel my cum shooting in her pussy. Later that afternoon, while I was in my room, mom came up and sucked my cock, getting it nice and hard. Then she got on her hands and knees on my bed so I could fuck her doggy style. Grabbing her hips, I thrust in and out of her pussy, ramming faster the longer we fucked. As soon as I felt my mom cumming on my cock, I spewed my young cum, filling her full.

As exciting as it was to have sex with mom, my Friday was about to get even better. While I was helping mom, the door bell rang. “Would you go see who that is,” mom asked. I couldn’t believe my eyes! When I opened the door it was my cousin, Sammy, standing there smiling at me! She turned and waved as her parents drove off. Stepping into the house we gave each other a tight hug and long, hard kiss. I think Sammy had missed me as much as I had missed her! When we ended our kiss, we saw mom smiling, watching us.

“Well, Johnny, how do you like your surprise,” she asked?

“I love it,” I excitedly exclaimed. “Is she just here for the evening,” I questioned mom?

“I get to stay overnight,” Sammy interjected, “your mom arranged it with my mom. I get to stay here until we all go to my house tomorrow.”

Mom told us to go get cleaned up, dad would be home soon and supper was almost ready. Sammy and I ran up the stairs to wash up. When we got up there, we went into my bedroom and immediately embraced and started kissing. It felt so good to hold Sammy again. As we kissed Sammy reached between our bodies and began stroking my cock. Oh, that felt so good and I was instantly getting hard. Sammy had on a sundress so I reached down and ran my hand up between her legs so I could feel her pussy. And feel her pussy I did! Sammy didn’t have any panties on!. I rubbed my hand between her legs, my finger in her slit. I fingered her pussy entrance and then ran my hand up to her clit so I could rub it. Sammy was softly moaning as I played with her pussy! It didn’t take long for her to climax and I felt her pussy juice all over my hand.

“Oh, Johnny, that felt so good,” she said, ‘it’s been too long since I’ve had someone make me cum like that. I’m so glad you mom invited me to come over.” We gave each other another deep kiss before we went and washed up for supper. We figured we’d better not stay up here too long since mom told us supper was almost ready.

After supper we helped mom clean up the dishes and then we all watched TV for the evening until it was time to go to bed. We told mom and dad goodnight and Sammy and I went upstairs. We both knew, as I know mom did too, that we’d be sleeping together in my bed! We both hurriedly stripped out of our clothes on got on the bed naked. Our bodies pressed together we were kissing and feeling each other. It felt so good to have Sammy’s nude body hugging tightly against mine. I could feel my hard cock rubbing on her pussy mound. Rolling me over onto my back, Sammy straddled my head and lowered herself to my mouth so I could lick her pussy and suck her clit. As I ate her pussy, Sammy lowered her face to my crotch so she could take my cock into her mouth. God, it felt good to be having a sixty-nine with Sammy again. After a few minutes of our mutual oral sex, Sammy slid down my body and lowered her pussy onto my hard cock. Resting her hands on my thighs, she began to bounce up and down on my cock. I held on to he hips as we fucked. We’d never had sex in this position and it was amazing to see her butt and watch my cock going in and out of her wet pussy. I could tell Sammy was getting ready to cum as she began fucking me faster each time she came down on my cock. When she orgasmed, she slammed her pussy down onto my crotch and holding me as deep inside her as possible, she exploded on my cock. It was enough to send me over the edge and I could feel my dick shooting my jism up into her pussy. After we rested long enough to catch our breath, Sammy rolled off and lay down next to me. We cuddled up together, kissed a few minutes and hugging each other fell asleep!

I don’t know how long we had slept when I heard Sammy whisper to me, “Johnny, I want you to fuck me again.” Rolling over onto her back, legs spread open, I crawled between them. My cock already hard, I pointed it at her puss hole and slowly sank all the way into her pussy. Sammy locked her legs around my waist as I thrust in and out. We kissed, slowly and passionately as we were joined together sexually. After having sex in this position for a while, Sammy and I rolled onto our sides and continued fucking each other, holding onto each other and continuing our deep kissing. We kept on fucking for quite some time before Sammy told me she wanted to get on her hands and knees. I love doggy style so was excited when I crawled behind her, grabbed her hips and sank my dick into her warm, wet pussy from behind. As we fucked, I could feel Sammy rubbing her clit. Our sexual excitement had been building having sex with each other and soon I could feel her pussy walls constricting around my cock. As I felt her cum, my balls tensed and my load of cum spewed out into her pussy. Sammy collapsed onto the bed with me lying on top of her, my cock still inside her. Rolling onto our sides, with Sammy spooned into my crotch, my cock still embedded in her, we fell asleep.

When we woke up it was late in the morning. Mom was in the kitchen when we got downstairs. “Good morning, sleepyheads,” she remarked as she smiled at us, “did you have a lot of fun last night?” I’m sure we were blushing as we both shook our heads yes. We ate some breakfast and then spent the day playing together until it was time to leave for Sammy’s house. On our way over, Sammy whispered to me, “I have a special surprise for you when we get to my house.” Of course that got my curiosity up and wondered exactly what kind of surprise she could have for me. I was soon to find out!

That evening after we had all eaten supper together, Sammy and I went out to the backyard. I was still curious about the surprise she had mentioned and was hoping she was ready to let me know what it is. Once we were alone Sammy sprang her surprise on me. “Johnny,” she started, “my sister figured out that we’d had sex.”

“How could she do that,” I asked?

“She told me it was how I was acting,” she replied. “So I told her how we’d been feeling each other for a while and then had oral sex before we actually had fucked with each other.”

“So that’s the special surprise you have for me,” I disappointedly asked?

“Oh, no that’s not it,” she answered, “come with me and I’ll show you.” Taking my hand she led me into her house and down into the basement. That’s where our three older cousins always went when the family would get together. When we went into the family room, there was Sammy’s sister Judy and our uncles two kids, Mark and Katelyn, or Katie as we called her. Judy was fourteen and Mark and Katie were both thirteen. I was a little puzzled about what was going on. Normally Sammy and I weren’t included in anything the older cousins were doing, so I was indeed “surprised” that we were together with them.

“Sammy told me you two are having sex,” Judy said, “and that the two of you really love fucking.”

I know I was blushing but replied, “yes and it feels so good when we are together and having sex.” With that, Judy came over and pulled my shirt off over my head and began to kiss me, her tongue in my mouth immediately. As we kissed, Katie came over and was taking my pants and underwear off. In no time I was naked in front of my other two girl cousins, and of course showing them my very hard cock. I could feel them stroking my playing with my cock and balls as I kissed with Judy. I had never felt this excited and my dick was harder than it had ever been! Soon both girls knelt down and were licking my shaft, kissing my balls and taking turns sucking my cock. Wow, what a feeling. Looking over to Sammy I could see her and Mark, both naked, and she was sucking his cock deep down her throat. Being older, Mark’s dick was bigger than mine but Sammy didn’t seem to have any problem taking all of him into her mouth.

Judy and Katie stood up and led me over to the couch and had me sit down. While I watched them, they began to strip out of their clothes. I was fascinated at seeing their bodies. They were more developed than Sammy’s and I thought they were both beautiful. Katie had small boobs just starting to develop and some fuzz on her pussy mound. Judy, being older, had bigger tits and more hair covering her pussy. As I sat on the couch, I could see Mark begin to eat Sammy’s pussy and I could hear her moaning with pleasure. Judy pushed me down so that I was lying on the couch and she straddled my head and began to lower her pussy to my face. I reached up to grab her ass cheeks as I began to lick her pussy slit up and down. I tongue her pussy hole and then licked up to her clit. She was rocking back and forth on my face as I ate her pussy.

While I was eating Judy, I felt Katie sit on my lap and could feel her wet warmth as she lowered her pussy onto my hard cock. She was so wet and I easily slid balls deep into her. She began to bounce up and down on my cock as she fucked me. After what seemed like quite a while, the two girls switch positions and soon I was licking Katie’s pussy and sucking on the button at the top of her slit while Judy rode my cock!. I had never felt anything like what my two cousins were doing to me. Soon they got off me and as I sat up I could see Sammy sitting on Mark’s cock. It was awesome to watch his cock go in and out of her pussy.

Getting on their hands and knees, side by side, Judy and Katie both told me they wanted me to fuck them both. What a sight to see their asses sticking up in the air with their pussies peeking out! I crawled behind Katie and guided my dick to her pussy entrance. When she felt my cock head touch her pussy, she pushed back against me and my cock disappeared into her depths. As I rammed in and out of Katie, I was rubbing Judy’s pussy, fingering her slit and even working a finger into her hole. She was incredibly wet as I play with her pussy while fucking Katie. After several minutes I changed places and was soon pounding Judy’s twat while I gave Katie’s pussy the same treatment I’d given Judy’s. As I pistoned in and out of Judy, I could hear her mewing softly. I was pretty sure she was about to cum. My balls were beginning to tense up and when I felt Judy’s pussy spasm around my cock, I blew my load deep into her. It felt like the most cum I’d ever shot in my life!

As I pulled out of Judy, I noticed that Sammy and Mark had been watching me fuck her and Katie. Sammy came over and gave me a kiss and told me how awesome it was to see me having sex with them. And it was pretty hot seeing Mark fuck her, too. We all sat around resting from the sexy fun we’d been having. After a bit, Judy, Mark and Katie all sat on the couch. Judy looked at the two of us and suggested, “why don’t the two of you show us what you’ve been doing. We’d love to watch you guys have sex!” Sammy and I looked at each other wondering what we should do. But since we had just watched all of having sex and fucking each other we figured why not!

As Mark sat between Judy and Katie on the couch, the girls were stroking his cock and fondling his balls. He had a hand between each of their legs rubbing their pussies. As they watched the two of us we began to………………….

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    Good series of stories and very well told. But I can’t believe for a single moment that they are true and actually happened. It’s a pity!