Teaching botum Part 2

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Botum takes the first steps and makes her own decisions towards improving her education and status in life – as girls often do, in my experience

I decided I liked looking at her standing there looking up at me in the way she was clutching her arms around herself. She was holding a book and a pencil case. I was enjoying her nervousness. I was also keen for her to have time to notice my little package which I could feel throbbing in my shiny girl-shorts.

I didn’t need to look down at myself because I knew exactly what it would look like.

My front door had one of those spy holes and I was able to look through it before I opened the door and I could just make out the pretty little bow in one of her side pigtails and I could see there was no one else around. I had immediately hardened. I always do when I see little girls. They all make me hard and I’m lucky. There aren’t any ugly little girls. Plenty of ugly girls and women, but not little girls.

I simply reached inside my pants and I had slipped on a delicate pair of girls’ panty knickers, I always do that when I get home and relax. It’s just another deviance I love to do. I think it’s more mentally stimulating than anything else. Of course, I like the feel. I like the tightness, but more than that, I simply like knowing I’m wearing and what they look like.

The ones I’d slipped on earlier were very skimpy light lime green ones. They were mainly see-through with a little frill around the waist band and the legs and with a pretty delicate little bow sewn into the middle of the waist band, but they also had a good strong lower cotton cunny holder, no doubt designed to soak up little girl cunty dribbles. I had been able to position my little girl poker in such a way that it simply jutted straight out. The combination of the tight panty knickers, my sexual excitement and the type of my little package made it possible for it to simply stick straight out, but not in a threatening way. It was more of ‘hello look at me’ way and I definitely wanted to say ‘hello’ to this little girl.

It was also a good measure too. If she looked and ran off, so be it, but if she looked and just grinned, so be it even more. A meeting of minds would be established immediately.

I know that my package is of little interest to women and over the years that had been made quite clear, although not by all women, but most I would say. Where little girls are concerned, mine is an ideal starter penis for them to learn to freely offer their charms and to introduce themselves to sexual intercourse 001. You see I have been blessed with the ideal love making tool for little girls. I even once had sex with quite a chubby little girl with big fat cunty lips and a big slitty and I ejaculated into her vagina and she still didn’t lose her virginity.

I have a medically described micro penis. It is ideal for pleasuring little girls with and pleasuring little girls is ideal for me. There’s a mutuality about it all.

I did stare down at myself though, of course I did.

I stared down at myself long enough for her to have to take notice, then I looked back up and directly at her, then I smiled, nodded downwards and again I lowered my head to look at myself. I did that slowly so I could watch her reaction and true to my expectations her eyes travelled down, her gaze levelled straight at my offering. And then she began to look up again. I followed her movement and looked up also and I smiled. She smiled and I stood back to one side and asked her to step inside.

“Yes” I said as she tip-tapped in. She had a nice, cute, way of walking too. It put me in mind of a little foal horse trit-trotting and I thought how much nicer she might have looked had she been wearing those pretty little girly white ankle socks with frilly turn downs. If anything, my cock stiffened even more than it already was at that thought. And I was now more than aware of the fact that a little stain had formed where my cock tip was thrusting out and that would have been easily seen as a darker contrast on the light pink colour of the girly-shorts I was wearing.

It turned out I was wrong in my idea about the ankle socks, but more on that later.

“Take a seat” I said closing the door behind me and she stopped, turned round and cocking her to one side gave me a look to show she didn’t understand. I pointed at the three-seater settee which also happened to open out into a bed. She understood and smiling she sat down. I held my hand out and indicated she should hand me what she was holding. She willingly held the book and pencil case out to me and I took it. A good sign of trust. I glanced at the book briefly and then smiling I put both objects on a counter. I was trying to convey that we wouldn’t be needing them.

“You teesur me, I Botum” she said grinning up at me, again. “Mare say me come you teesur me, Botum me.”

I just nodded and smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Drink” I said making the international drink sign. “I get a drink for you.”

I heard her say something but I didn’t bother to check what she was trying to say. I just went to the kitchenette area and started to open cupboards. In an instant she was up and by my side and grinning as she also pulled cupboard doors open. It was interesting to see how quickly she got organised. I then opened the fridge and brought out two big bottles of sweet soda drinks and after unscrewing the tops, put them into front of her so she could decide. She started pouring out two drinks. It looked to me as if she was already beginning to function as a little wife and that was fine by me. She looked to me to be the best of little wives a man could have and I was hoping she really was considering me as husband material to learn from.

I walked over to my laptop and then positioned the coffee table in front of the settee. I opened the translator and began to write in English.

By the time she returned I was ready for her.

She handed me a cup and then smiling she sat down next to me. I patter the cushion and she immediately slipped in closer. Then I pointed at the screen and let her read it – and in English I had written, in sections with yes no questions,

Bit by bit we made the plan and she seemed to love the way we were doing that. At some point she pointed at the computer to show she wanted to try it and I leaned back and indicated, yes.

Thise translators aren’t very good, but I got the general understanding and it was interesting to see the things she was trying to ask me. She wanted to know if I liked being here, was I married, did I have children, did I have a girlfriend. Why didn’t I have a girlfriend. Didn’t I like girls. This gave me the chance to expand a bit.

Yes I liked girls – What kind of girls – I liked girls that looked like her – Well why don’t you have a girlfriend look like me – Because some people do not think it is good for man to have a girlfriend your age – I know girls got boyfriend same age you – Do you want to my friend – Yes I like it – Do you want to be my GIRLFRIEND – Okie – Yes or No – YES

It happened that fast.

I nodded and smiled and then I wrote something else and then told her to wait.

I got dressed and beckoned to her. I wanted to take her downstairs the woman, and I assumed she was Mae / Mare. On the translator I had told her what to say and that is what we did. We went downstairs, found the woman, Botum spoke to the woman and I disappeared for a few minutes returning shortly. Then the two of us walked back up the stairs and half way up, she grabbed my hand and grinned at me.

Botum would be staying until just before 9 and would be visiting every night from 5pm.

And I just knew that elementary school year 5, Ms. Botum, had decided she was now my little wife-girlfriend. Her decision really, not mine. I wanted that, but it was her who had made the decision, that has to be understood. What was about to happen was going to be consensual and natural, almost and with the exception of the age difference and that didn’t bother me or her and if I am to be truthful, it probably didn’t bother her mother either.


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