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11 year old Kierstin comes over for a day of swimming and fucking

It was Thursday evening when Melissa called me and asked if she could drop Kierstin off the next day to go swimming. My apartment complex had an indoor pool. Of course I said yes, how could I pass up alone time with my 11 year old lover. She thanked me and said she would drop her off on her way to work.

I had all night and most of the next morning to think about Kierstin and remember having sex with her, how perfect it had felt. It waa hard to get any lesson planning done with thoughts of her flooding my mind.

The next morning I was working on my lesson planning when they arrived. Melissa looked extra fuckable in her short skirt and low cut top that showed her cleavage. She knew how to dress to increase her tips. Kierstin wore shorts and a crop top that made her small breasts look so good. She had her duffle bag over her shoulder.

As soon as Melissa left, Kierstin and I couldn’t begin kissing fast enough, it felt good to have my 11 year old lover and student in my arms again. There was excitement in her kiss, the soft skin of the small of her back felt good on my hands.

Kierstin finally tore herself away to go change to swim. Inhad not planned on swimming, but she talked me into it. So I dug out the trunks that I hadn’t worn in a while and put on a tshirt. She emerged from the bathroom and my jaw dropped. She was perfection in a little red bikini. The top cupped her small breasts, covering just a little more than her nipples. Her bikini bottoms hugged her preteen crotch and ass perfectly. Her skin seemed to glow in the sunlight that was coming through the window. Her hair pulled up into a high ponytail.

The pool area was basically empty, the complex was mostly working adults that were gone during the day. Not many kids were around. The only people there was an older couple in the hot tub that was near the pool. They didn’t stay too long after we arrived, it felt good having the pool to ourselves for a little bit. We had to play safe as the pool area was basically in an enclosed glass building.

When she would get out of the pool, my heart would race at seeing her wet skin and how she would run her fingers under the ass of her bikini bottoms to adjust them. My hard on was pushing out my trunks so I stayed in the pool.

Our decision to go back to the apartment was when she was in the pool and swam up to me. She lowered her chest into the water and took a good look around. One of her hands reached down and into my trunks. Her other hand pulled a cup off of her breast. My cock twitched in her hand

“Let’s go upstairs” she said and pulled yhe cup up. I could only nod and we emerged from the pool.

I kept my towel around my waist as I knew what was going to soon be happening. Kierstin led the way and I watched her ass move as she walked. In the elevator we locked in a kiss until it came to a stop. I couldn’t get the door opened fast enough. Once it was closed behind us, I picked her up and we started to kiss in a heated, passionate way as I carried her to my room.

By the time we reached my room, I had unties the back knot of her bikini and it had been tossed on the floor. Once in my room, I laid her on the bed and pulled her bikini bottoms off. Her pussy looked so perfect, her smile was so sexy. Her ass was at the edge of the bed, I pushed my trunks off ans lowered to my knees by the bed.

Kierstin parted her legs as I laid them over my shoulders. I started to kiss up the inside of her thigh, inching closer to her pussywhen my lips made contact, Kierstin let out a happy moan, her pussy tasted so amazing. I began licking, sliding my tongue between her pussy lips, Kierstins moans grew a little louder, I glanced up and saw her smiling and looking down at me, I started to lick her faster and moved my fingers to join my tongue in pleasing my little princess.

Kierstin dropped her head to the bed, I saw her hands mjve to her small breasts, playing with them as I continued to eat her out “Yes baby I love you I love you” she started to moan then the words “Yes daddy Yes daddy” her hips began moving up ans down. My tongue moved faster, I slid my middle finger into her pussy, sliding it back and forth, slowly finger fucking my preteen girlfriend. Her moans were muffled by biting her lower lip.

I slid my finger all the way in her, fingertip finding her gspot. As I started to massage it, I started to suck on her clit. Her hips moved faster, her hands gripped the sheets “I’m gonna xum daddy I’m gonna cum” she started to moan happily a moment later I brought her to her first orgasm of the day.

As I slid my finger put of her, I started to stand. Kierstin shot up to sitting. I bent over to kiss her, her tongue swirling quickly in my mouth. When I pulled from the kiss, I stood and she surprised me when her hand gently gripped my cock, she smiled up at me as she stroked it slowly. Her lips moved to it. Kissing the head. Her kiss moved down the side of the shaft and took my balls in her mouth, sucking them as she stroked me. I started to moan happily, how could a girl so young be so good at this, how many guys had she been with before me?.

Her mouth left my balls and she ran her tongue back up the shaft. Back at the head, she swirled her tongue around it for a moment, God she was so good. Her lips parted and she took the head in her mouth. Kierstin took her time taking my cock into her mouth, so wet, so warm. My hands held her head, her hands on my hips. Soon my cock was nearing her throat, Kierstin didn’t gag, she seemed so comfortable sucking cock. After a couple of minutes she pulled my cock from her mouth ans started to move to the pillow, her hands holding mine, pulling me onto the bed ans on top of her.

We laid there kissing, my body on top of hers. My hands moved up and down the back of her thigh. Her hands moved up ans down my back. I loved this girl so much. My hand moved from her thigh to my cock, lining it up with her opening. I started to push against her and her pussy opened up for my cock. I inched deeper into her and started to slowly make love to her as we kissed.

We took pur time making love, she was so much better than her mom, my little student felt so good wrapped around my cock. Our kissing grew with intensity and my hips started to move a little faster. Kierstin broke from the kiss, her moans in my ear sounded so good

“Daddy I’m gonna cum again, I’m gonna cum” she moaned, hearing her call me daddy was music to my ears.

Kierstins body shook ans her moans stopped when she came. I kept thrusting into her, wanting this to last longer, my orgasm began building, I knew I was nearing it and couldn’t fight it. With a groan and a final thrust, my load shot into her 11 year old pussy. Kierstin kissed me passionately as I filled her pussy.

“I love you so much daddy” she said when our kiss broke

“I love you too princess” my thumb caressed her soft cheek as I looked into her eyes. Her smile and eyes had a glow to them.

When inslid out of her and rolled off onto the bed, Kierstin laid her head on my chest. We stayed there in a naked embrace for a little bit before getting up to get dressed. I knew that day that I had to marry her mom so I could have this little angel under the same roof as me all the time.

Melissa showed up to pick up Kieratin and asked me to come over later that night. I could tell in her kiss what she had in mind for the night. I walked them to Melissa’s car.. when Melissa opened the door I saw a matchbook pn her console. I had never been to the var she worked at, she had never even mentioned the name. The matchbook said “the executive lounge gentleman’s club”. A club that is closed as I write this

Once back inside, I went to the bars website. My cock hardened when I discovered that Melissa was one of the dancers. I had always had a secret desire to be with a stripper and realized that I had been fucking one for a few months now. I figured I would not mention it, just let her think that I didn’t know.

Under her picture on the site was a link to an only fans account. I clicked it and was redirected to her page. Some pictures taken at the club, some taken in her bedroom and living room. Her pictures were stunning, I was shocked to discover my girlfriends secret identity, shocked and turned on at the same time.

I was now more ready than ever to fuck Melissa later that night

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