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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids 2

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Today was going to be the day of sex with Cinthia especially after what she had told me

The next few days she came down as usual and left when I closed I was thinking maybe she had realised I had fucked her ,but then one day she asked if she could come tomorrow through the day as she didn’t want to go to school ,yes yes I replied what time will you be coming so I can leave the door open for you, 8 in the morning she told me and I said I might still be in bed but the back door will be unlocked just make herself at home ,she thanked me and asked if I needed help in the back filling the sweets ,I didn’t but I said yes as wanted to feel her bum again and as she bent down to get the sweets I felt her small perfectly shaped bum rubbing it and sliding my fingers between her legs as she wiggled it.
That night after she went home I lay on my sofa and wanked my cock so fast as I thought of her in my house alone with me and I had 3 hours before I usually opened up at 11 .

The next morning I heard my door open and close and I heard her walking around then I heard her come upstairs to my flat above the shop ,she hadn’t been up before no idea what she was going to do so I lay on my bed I had pulled the covers down showing my body and my bedroom was open as never closed as lived by myself and I lay so I could see her in the mirror if she came to the bedroom door, I was watching the door as I heard little footsteps and then a face at the door looking in then she moved in a bit and I saw her in her uniform making my cock go hard and I watched as she stared open mouthed at my cock making it twitch I had to move and she left ,I pulled the sheets up and had a wank and I heard her go into the living room part and was quiet ,I got up put on my dressing gown as if I didn’t know w she was there and walked in and pretended to be shocked ,she laughed as i jumped then i laughed and said I didn’t hear you come in i must of been asleep ,she said I just come sit in here and started reading, she was lying thats good .
I asked if she wanted a drink as I went to make a cup of tea , she asked for a coke,she looked sexy in her uniform her skirt pulled up short and as I brought the drinks in and sat down next to her my dressing gown opened a bit given her a view of my cock hanging down and I noticed she looked and kept looking back as we chatted I was getting horny and trying not to get a hard on but very hard when the girl sitting next to you was 12 and wearing her uniform. We started chatting about what she does and other stuff when she said to me most of the kids really like you as you let them play machines even though they pay but nothing else to do in the village and the bonus is you have a sweet shop, and I will tell you a secret some of the girls fancy you . That made my cock stir and she noticed and I asked what you mean fancy well some of my friends have said that they would let you finger them and give you a wank , now I was getting hard and I asked if she was someone who would give me a wank ,she went bright red and nodded and said I’ve never done it before but if you want one I would do it and she looked me right in the eyes by now my cock was at attention and I didn’t try to hide it and I just said do it then or are you just saying that ,with that she turned herself around and she grabbed my cock immediately I was heavy breathing as her hand moved up and down my shaft ,am I doing it right she asked ,yes i replied and i moved my hand to her thigh above her black knee socks and as i did she gripped tighter and she gulped as she moved faster and i moved up towqrds her skirt and lifted it to reveal a pair of satins white panties ,she looked at me and said i haven’t done anything so can you be careful ,she hadny realised i had already drugged and fucked her and as my hand went onto her panties my heart was beating so fast the excitement was unbearable,i asked her to stop,she asked why was she doing it wrong ,no i replied but lets go in the bedroom and continue ,she followed me into the bedroom.

Once on the bed I started to take off her uniform leaving her in matching satin white bra and panties and my dressing gown was open fully I could see her panties had a damp spot between her legs and I moved my fingers to the spot and felt it ,I lifted my fingers to my mouth and tasted her lovely juices and now she was holding my cock again and slowly wanking as I pulled her panties off and we were in the 69 position as I went between her legs with my tongue ,MY GOD she said as my tongue entered her pussy her hand was going faster as I licked her her little body was pushing against my tounge I was pushing it in as far as I could and her pussy was releasing so much juice and her hand was shaking as she wanked me I moved my tounge to lick up to her bum hole which made her shake and I felt myself ready to cum and soon I was shooting my spunk all over her face as she was having a orgasm too ,she let go and dropped onto her back shaking and I sat up looking at her just in her bra ,my cock was dripping the last of my cum as I watched her shake from the excitement and i looked at her pussy it was wet and ready as i lay kissing her waiting for my cock to get hard ,i so wanted to fuck her while she was awake and it didnt take long before my cock was solid again,i never told her what i was going to do as i lay on her i guided my cock to her entrance and it touched her lips she closed her eyes as i pushed and pushed and my cock went right in i felt it hit her cervix and i pulled out and pushed in ,she gripped me as i was thrusting her body was so small it jumped as i entered her and she was screaming with excitement,dont stop keep going she was saying as i built up speed and wasnt long till i was ready to cum but i began to pull out
And she said no need I’m on the pill as she gripped me and my cock shot all my cum in her pussy .

I lay with my cock emptying into her her arms open now as she was panting as my cock began to shrink in her and I could feel the cum dripping out of her ,I kissed her and said your not a virgin anymore there was no need to tell her about the drugged sex ,she smiled at me and said I’m glad you did it and as I slipped out I went between her legs and licked the mix of my cum and her juices .
I had this girl now but wanted the others and needed Cinthia to help me .
That morning before I opened the shop we had had sex 4 times and when I opened the shop she was back wearing her uniform but no panties and as we stood behind the counter I was making her wank me as I served customers. I had this idea of making her be a exhibitionist,and she seemed to do whatever I asked.

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    I guess next summer I will give some alcohol to the girl next door. She will like it. Then I fuck her.

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    Great story just wish there was some force used

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    No drugs necessary just as it should been. She is eager to please and be loved. You are an excellent writer. I love how you are descriptive. For example her little body parts. And it’s a huge turn on to know what panties she is or isn’t wearing. Love it!

    • A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

      But there is drugs being used, it’s called birth control pills

    • The Hebist ID:sif22joj4du

      Yea, Toto writes well. And gives ideas how to get children.

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    Super hot story! If anyone wants to chat about their fantasies, desires or whatever, contact me

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