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My perverted mom part 1

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My name is pam.i am 13 . I watch the kids of 3 separate family’s in my neighborhood.. the king’s the Anderson’s and the young’s. The king’s are my favorite. They have two boys 10 yr and 11 yr old and a little girl 3 yr old. They are all good kids and I enjoy watching them. One night I received a call from mrs.king asking if I could babysit over night that she and Mr King had an emergency and needed to go out of town. I didn’t have plans so I said yes. I arrived at there house and they were already packed and ready to go. She asked to give the boys a bath and then she grabbed my arm pulling me aside whispering. When I give them them there bath to pull back the foreskin on their penis’s and clean so that it doesn’t get infected. I asked what if they don’t want me to do it what do I do. She said tell them you have to do it. I don’t think you will have any problem. I ordered a pizza for dinner and asked who had homework. They said they already did it so I turned the TV on and let them watch what ever they wanted until 9:00 . That’s when they had to take a bath. Jennifer was never a problem. She was always coloring or drawing or something and never gave me a problem. After dinner I told the boys to get ready for a bath. I don’t know why but I was thinking both was taking one together. They argued who was going first. Ricky the older boy won. So I went upstairs to get the bath ready. Wayne came in carrying his bed clothes. I was looking for body wash and finally found it and turned around. Wayne was naked and surprised me how large his penis was. He climbed in the tub and started washing his hair and chest. I walked over and grabbed a washrag and started washing his back. I told him to stand up and turn around so I can finish washing his back. He stood up and bent forward letting me wash his butt cheeks and without saying anything he reached back with both hands spread his ass apart so I could wash his asshole. I could feel a tingle in my pussy as I put body wash on my hands and with my fingers spread soap around his asshole.i washed the outside and I stuck my ring finger in his asshole to wash the inside. That’s what I do to myself I figured that’s what everyone did. When I put my finger in he made a moan like he enjoyed it so I went a little deeper and deeper he was enjoying it. I fingered his asshole for a little longer than I needed to but he was enjoying it and so was I. After I finished I told him to turn around and when he turned his dick was huge. It must have been from fingering his ass got him excited. I poured soap in my hands I told him that his mom told me to do this so don’t be embarrassed. I grabbed his dick and started stroking it I started at his balls and my fingers touched his asshole and he moaned again. That’s when he said yeah I know mom told me to let you do it. She has been doing it since I was little. Sometimes she Wash’s it for 10 minutes. She pulls back the foreskin and if she see something I don’t know what then she Wash’s it until I well you know. I said what cum he said yeah embarrassed. I told him to not be embarrassed and I will be as easy as I can. I kept washing his dick watching it grow as I stroked it. I went back to his asshole just to see something about when I did he moaned again. I asked him if it hurts when I touch him their.

With a red face he said no that it feels good and that his mom stick’s her finger in while she cleans my penis. He said she told me not to say anything to anyone about it but since she told you it’s ok. I started stroking his dick with one hand and fingered his asshole with the other hand his dick went hard and within a minute he was enjoying it. I was enjoying it also. I got carried away and started sucking his dick. He moaned out yes momma yes and I felt his dick swelling and explode in my mouth.

When I was finished he said that’s what mom does to finish faster. That’s strange he would say that. I pulled the foreskin back cleaning the cum out and asked him not to say anything about what I just did he said ok.i helped him get dressed and drained the water getting ready for Ricky. After getting the bath ready in called Ricky.

He did the same thing coming in the and stripping in front of me. When he dropped his underwear the size of his dick with staggering. Soft he was 4 inches and he was excited to get his bath. I asked why he wanted his brother to go first he said my penis is dirtier than his. He seemed a little more cockie then Wayne. I told him to start with his hair and I would finish when he was done.

I was thinking maybe his mom was doing more than just washing the boys. He finished his hair and I told him to stand up and turn around so I can wash your back.when he stood his 11 yr old dick was every bit of 7 inches.i could hardly concentrate knowing I was going to have his dick in my hands. After I washed his back and ass I told him to turn. I asked him if there is a special way his mom washing his dick. He wasn’t as eager as Wayne to talk about it. I said if I don’t do it right I will have to do it again so I really need to know. He said ok I will tell you but you can’t tell her I told you. She said not to say anything about it to anyone.

First she puts soap in her hand and Wash’s start’s and my balls and then Wash’s here pointing at his shaft. Then she pulls back the foreskin and looks at it. Sometimes she Wash’s it until I squirt. Sometimes when they’re an infection she sucks it to get the infection out. I pulled back the foreskin and looked at it. My pussy was dripping wet I wanted to fuck his dick so bad then I got an idea. If I were to get my clothes really wet I would have to take them off . I told him to turn around I miss a spot on his butt. When he turned I stuck my hands in the water and splashed my self.

I said well that’s really great I’ve gotten wet I need to get my pants in the dryer. I’m going to have to take them off before I get even wetter. I pulled my pants off then my shirt. I was wearing g string underwear and a sexy little bra. I don’t have tit’s at least not enough to show off. But my pussy I very sexy I keep it shaved and my ass is hot too. Round but not to round. I folded my clothes and put them on the counter. Ricky said yeah that’s why my mom is naked when she does it. Oh really yeah he said she doesn’t have underwear on because she climbs in the tub she said it’s easier.

I wish you would have told me that before I got wet. Well it will only take a few minutes to dry them. Well if I’m getting in the tub I better pull off my underwear. My body is sexy for a 13 yr old. My tit’s are small but my ass is firm and I keep my pussy shaved. I’ve actually had a few women tell me how sexy my ass looks. I could feel my love juice run down the inside of my leg. I actually looked down to see it do so. Anyway I looked at Ricky and his dick was jumping up and down asking for attention. I climbed in the tub and now his dick was easier to get too.

I sat down in the tub with him standing put his dick mouth level. I reached out and grabbed him dick and started stroking it. I heard him moan and thrust his hips forward. I pulled the foreskin back and said it looks like it could be getting infected how would your mom do this. He looked into my eyes and she she would suck it until I squirt that’s how she gets the infection out. Then she Wash’s it again.

I knew he was enjoying it but so was I. I pulled his dick to my mouth and started sucking it. I heard him moan again but this time it was a longer moan. I felt his dick grow as I sucked it deeper down my throat. I know his dick was 7 inches maybe bigger because my old boyfriend’s dick was 7 inches and Ricky’s hit my throat just above the same place. Ricky’s dick was fatter and getting longer. I stopped at his head and with my tongue I roll my it around the head. I stuck my finger to his asshole and he moaned again so I inserted it in his ass to my knuckle and finger fuck his ass while I gave him my special blowjob. Then I felt his dick swelling and with a jerk a thick ribbon of cum hit the back of my throat as . I swallowed it and another ribbon flooded out filling my mouth two more times. I pulled my finger out of his ass and finished him off . I remembered Jennifer was down stairs so I put my underwear on and put my clothes in the dryer and walked in the living room in my underwear.i found Jennifer asleep on the couch in the den. I was going to let her sleep but I remembered mrs.king said she needed a bath also. I reached down to gave her a little shake and she woke up. I told her to get ready to take a bath I will be running her bath to come in when she is ready. I turned to go run a bath when Jennifer asked why I was in my underwear. I said I got my clothes wet giving the boys a bath. She said that’s why mommy gets in the tub with her. Now I’m thinking the boys seemed a little old for me to give them a bath after all I’m only a couple of years older than they are and are they not able to clean there own dick’s.

Something was strange I’ve been babysitting for her for 3 months and I’ve never gave them a bath before. I walked in the bathroom and started a bath for Jennifer but before I had a chance to look around Jennifer walked in naked and climbed in the tub. I climbed in with her and washed her hair first then her back. Jennifer automatically stood up and opened her legs. She said mommy doesn’t use a washcloth down there she squirts it in her hand and Wash’s my pee pee like that. So I squirted soap in my hand and she parted her legs wide and said get my bing hole too.

I rubbed my soapy hand between her legs starting at her bing hole and rubbed to her little clit back and forth. Jennifer shivered as I did. Then she with her hands she pulled her little pussy apart and said stick your finger in and clean it really good. So I stuck a finger in her pussy and she looked at me and said you have to use two fingers and move them around that’s how mommy does it. That’s what I did and with my thumb I started rubbing her little nub around and around cleaning it. Jennifer let out a low moan. While doing so I felt that tingle in my pussy. I never dreamed I would have my fingers in such a little pussy and I wanted to use my tongue to finish her off. I was really hoping she would say mommy uses her mouth to clean it but no such luck. As I was pulling out my fingers she said it’s not clean yet. Mommy does it a lot longer she said so it doesn’t get infected. Ok I said and I pushed my fingers back in and moved them around in and out back and forth. Before I realized I was doing it I was fingering my pussy as I watched the look on Jennifer’s pretty little face. I was actually fucking her pussy and mine at the same speed. We were both enjoying ourselves. Soon I felt my pussy getting hot and I was about to orgasm and I looked at Jennifer and her eyes were closed and her body was shaking. I pulled my fingers out of both of us and not sure what to say I just said ok are we done. Jennifer looked at me and said we’re done.

With the bath’s out of the way I dried off Jennifer and swatted her little butt and told her to go to bed and I will be in a few minutes to say goodnight. I locked the door and looked around I had my suspension something was going on. And I think I found it.without giving myself away I looked at a phone charger she had plugged in by the sink and I knew it was different. I have seen those before. I bought a few spy camera’s myself. What do you know she is as perverted as I am. I left it plugged in and left the bathroom. I wanted to check the rest of the rooms I’m sure there’s more to be found. Sure enough I found two in the room I was sleeping in and two in the boys room and two in Jennifer’s room and two in the living room . Nine cameras I figured there was one more someplace but where. I remembered the downstairs bathroom and sure enough it was there.

I wondered why she had them in her house. I figured if she put them out for me well I would give her a show. I still had on my underwear so I thought I would check in on the boys. I walked in and they were whispering back and forth I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I knew it was about me. Could everyone have been playing me all along. I was going to find out. I sat down on the bed and I had a pencil I found when looking for cameras and I accidentally dropped it behind the bed. I looked at the boys then climbed on all fours and stretched down to grab the pencil. I made sure my asshole was visible giving both boys a clear shot even my pussy was wide open. I asked them if I was supposed to give them another bath tomorrow they both looked at me. I don’t know ask mom . This is Friday night so Saturday and Sunday they will be gone but you can call her. The number is by the phone in the living room. Maybe I was wrong and they didn’t know anything about it. I told them good night and Ricky asked if they could stay up for awhile since it was Friday. Sure I said. I went to my room and slipped on my pajamas and turned on the TV. Ricky and Wayne came in and asked if they could watch tv with me.sure I said.

I was laying on the couch so I raised up and walked down the hall and grabbed a blanket and spread it out on the floor. I switched to the movie guide to see what was on. Ricky asked if they could lay down with me on the blanket. Sure there’s room for all of us. We found a movie and Ricky turned out the lights and we layed down and watched the movie. About 10 minutes into the movie I felt a hand on my ass it was ricky.he started stroking his fingers around my ass and moving to my pussy. I didn’t know what to do knowing there was a spy camera in the living room. I was still horny from earlier but I knew if I let him do this both were going to fuck me.

Well I thought if mrs.king wants a movie I will give her one. I opened my legs wide letting Ricky feel my pussy and before I knew it Wayne was feeling my little tit’s. I jumped up and stripped my pajamas and underwear and laid back down. After she wants a movie. I turned and told the boys to get those clothes off you can’t fuck me like that. In seconds they were naked with hard dick’s ready to fuck my brains out. I started sucking Wayne dick because he was closer while Ricky moved behind me and sticking his fingers in my pussy. I climbed on all fours and continue sucking Wayne as Ricky moved up and started putting his dick in my pussy. I was getting hotter and hotter ready to be fucked. Well Ricky drove his dick in balls deep and started fucking me hard while I sucked Wayne’s dick. Suddenly Ricky asked if I would ride his dick if he laid down yes I said and he laid down and I climbed on top and started riding his dig dick. I was in heaven then Wayne moved behind me and Ricky held me on his dick Wayne was shoving his dick in my virgin ass. Oh my god what did I get myself into I thought. Suddenly he was in and they were in perfect rhythm Ricky would go in as Wayne was coming out. At first I was afraid but then it was feeling good better than good fantastic. I started moaning loud they started fucking me harder. After awhile Ricky cum in my pussy filling it up. Then Wayne shot his load filling my ass. I loved it. I moved so the camera could see the cum pouting out of me. We laid down recovering when I asked them if they knew about the spy camera’s. They both didn’t know what I was talking about. I told them not to act like you see them and I will show them the cameras. Ok they said so that’s what we did. I told Ricky we have to go somewhere to talk because they have mic. Ricky whispered to follow him. We went to the garage. Ricky said what the fuck why did she do that. Wayne said hey those cameras have been there for a while because I have used both of those chargers. Ricky said yeah you’re right. We talked and I asked Ricky does your mom really help you guys take a bath. Yeah every since we were little she did it. But she until recently she used different babysitter’s and at least two times each babysitter helped us clean our dick’s. I told them not to mention the cameras and just go with it for a while longer. I asked them if they enjoyed getting there Dick cleaned they both said yeah and I asked if they enjoyed it when she sucked there dick’s they said yeah. I said if you play your cards right you can get blowjob’s for a while longer. They both agreed .. I said why did she have a camera in Jennifer’s room. They both looked at each other and I asked could she be wanting one or both of you to fuck her. Maybe be Ricky said. She had me give her a bath a few times. I admit my dick would get hard when I stuck my fingers I her pussy. I’m ashamed to say it but I did get hard doing it Wayne said me to. He said I even licked her pussy a few times. Ricky said I shouldn’t say but when she was still sucking a bottle I put my dick in her mouth and let her suck me. I asked did she make you cum. Yes he said and she took it all then I gave her the bottle. To be continued.

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