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Photography leads to unexpected fun…

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When I got married I expected a good but traditional sex life. But simply winning a polaroid camera in a contest changed our sex life forever…

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were both only 18 and I envisioned us as having a long & happy life together with a good but traditional sex life. We’d both had a conservative upbringing in a small town. But Lynn more so than me, her father being a preacher. She was a beautiful girl with a fantastic body, but because of the bulky ultra-conservative clothes she wore, she came off looking rather plain.

No one realizing under those-old-lady clothes was one of the sexiest bodies I’d ever seen anywhere, including in magazines. Everyone knew she had a pretty face and beautiful long red hair. But she’d been hiding her fantastic 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body. Her big pear-shaped tits capped off with huge pink aureolas and nipples the size of .45 cal shells. A beautiful full red bush and long sexy legs that went on forever. Not to mention the firmest round ass you could imagine.

Even she didn’t think she looked that good, and especially never considering herself as being sexy. And not only the way she dressed but her entire attitude made her one of these girls you wouldn’t really pay much attention to, and she liked it that way. I was the only person she’d ever had sex with and it was mostly missionary. Except for her sucking my cock, which she felt was dirty but loved doing whenever possible. In fact, she was the one who initiated it after reading an article in Cosmo. She surprised me one night at a drive-in movie by suddenly pulling my cock out and going down on me. Then after taking my load down her throat asking if it had been ok? And it turned out that she loved sucking cock and over the years would be doing a lot of it.

But we’d only been married a couple of months when one day at work I won a new polaroid camera with a flash. She’d never been real big on having her picture taken so I didn’t get too excited. But it was in the 70’s so the polaroid was kind of a new thing. I hadn’t told her about the camera and that night when she went to take a shower I got an idea and decided I’d pull a trick on her. So I went into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back and hit the test button on the flash. Giving her the impression I’d taken a nude picture of her. As expected she was furious and chased me out of the bathroom. Raising hell the whole time. So I went into the living room to give her some time to fume before telling her the truth.

When she finished her shower she’d gone into the bedroom and I gave her time to calm down. But she was in there a good while so I was almost ready to go talk to her thinking I’d made her madder than expected. But was I in for a surprise when I heard her coming down the hallway and could hear she was wearing heels rather than bedroom slippers. My first thought was she thought I was a pervert and was leaving me. Then she shocked the hell out of me when she walked into the room in a totally see-through red housecoat opened in front. A black garter belt & stockings, and matching bra & panties. With a pair of spiked black heels. It was an outfit one of her cousins had given her for a wedding gift she’d never worn.

To top it off she’d fixed her hair real nice and had put on dark red lipstick & matching nail polish and dark eyeshadow. She looked hot as hell and a little slutty. And I loved it. It shocked me when she told me if I wanted to take ” Dirty ” pictures of her that she didn’t want to look like a wet rat in the shower. She wasn’t at all pissed that she thought I’d taken a picture of her naked. But that she thought she’d look bad in it. An when she asked if I wanted to take the pictures in the living room or the bedroom I thought I must have been dreaming. I suggested starting in the living room and she started striking sexy poses. She was a natural and was getting in some great poses without direction. And I wasn’t sure how far she’d actually go but she soon answered that as she took off her bra & panties and was posing in just her garter & stockings.

We took a pack of film in there and then went into the bedroom and took a second pack. We took 20 pictures total and the last few she was on the bed fondling her tits & rubbing her pussy. I was as shocked as I was turned on by all of this. And by the sex, we had afterward it was clear it had turned her on too. We looked through the pictures later and pointed out the ones we liked the most. But never really discussed the fact that we’d just taken naked pictures except for her saying I’d better not tell anyone. Then almost in the same breath asking if I was going to buy some more film before the weekend. That weekend we took a couple more packs of pictures and she’d put together a couple of sexy outfits to wear. It was clear that she wasn’t just doing this for me but that she was enjoying it too. Soon it was a regular thing with us taking pictures at least once a week. And Lynn had started to order sexy outfits from Fredricks of Hollywood, as this was before Victorias Secret etc.

We started staging the background and really giving thought to make the pictures better but realized they were only going to be but so good using a polaroid camera. And I had a 110 camera but knew we’d have to get the film developed. But I was in for a surprise when Lynn not only said it would be ok to get them developed as long as it was out of town. But it became obvious we were both excited by the idea that some guy in a photo lab was going to see her naked body in sexy poses. I’d bought a couple of men’s magazines to get ideas on different poses and had seen ad’s for uncensored film developing. We were like kids at Christmas waiting for our pictures to get back to us. And when they did all we’d talk about in bed was what the guy developing had thought. For the first time in her life, she realized how sexy she really was. And was getting turned on by being seen that way. We were taking more & more pictures and when we did she’d be getting in poses and asking If I thought the guy would like that. We even sent film to various photo labs out of town so different guys would see her.

It wasn’t long until we got a 35MM camera and our pictures were 100% better and we were taking even more pictures and she was buying more outfits. We’d also started going out of town on weekends staying in hotels to have different backgrounds for our pictures. And Lynn’s exhibitionism really began to grow. Around town, she still dressed as conservative as ever. But around the house when friends came over she was dressing more casual by wearing low cut tops without a bra and things like that. But when she finally went all out was one night in a hotel when we’d ordered room service and she answered the door in a towel and pretended to accidentally drop it letting this guy see her totally nude. We were both turned on as could be at this. This was when she became a real exhibitionist and me a voyeur. An soon things would go farther. I finally gave in to my urges and let my best friend see our nude pictures of my wife. He, of course, liked what he saw but was shocked as well, never expecting Lynn to agree to that. But now that things were in motion they started moving fast.

I’d confessed to Lynn about showing my friend her pictures and she said she’d figured I’d already shown them to him. And rather than being mad she was curious what he’d said. But things were just getting started because about a month later we asked my friend to take some pictures for us of us having sex. I was nervous at first stripping in front of my friend. But turned on that he was seeing Lynn naked in real life. And got even more excited as he watched her sucking my thick 9-in cock and her showing off by deep-throating me to my balls. Then him watching me fuck her in different positions. But things really went to a new level when while he was out of the room getting more film I commented on how he must really be turned on by how much he was sweating. And Lynn replied she could tell by the big bulge in his pants. I jokingly teased her saying maybe she wanted to be sucking his cock. After a pause, she asks if I’d like that? I said that would be up to her. Still taking it as a joke. Until after going back to taking pictures he moved close to the bed to take some close-ups of me fucking my wife in the ass. And my wife starts fondling his cock through his pants. Soon she’s fished it out and for the first of what would be many times, she was sucking another guys cock while I fucked her.

We had several more threesomes with him over the next couple of months. And with many other guys over the years. We were still going out of town every weekend, but now not to just take pictures but for Lynn to expose herself whenever possible. She exposed herself to room service or pizza delivery guys and such as well as guys in stores and we’d even started going in adult bookstores where she’d get naked in the back and let guys watch her suck me off and I fuck her. Then after a while she started to suck & fuck guys through the holes. But the pictures were still having a lot to do with how we progressed. We saw a swinger magazine in one of the bookstores and a lot of couples were looking for people to swap pictures with through the mail. As it was well before computers, so we started swapping photos and letters with several couples through the magazine. And this led to our first couple we decided to swap with. By then Lynn had sucked off a bunch of guys and had several fuck her and she thought it was only fair I have other girls. But our first time went a little different than planned.

We were to meet with a couple a little older than us who’d been swingers for a while and it seemed they could help guide us into the lifestyle. We traded pictures then decided to meet one night just to talk. But we started talking about pictures and we ended up deciding to take pictures of the wives but not to swap that night. As the girls are on the couch the other husband suggests the girls help each other undress. I wasn’t sure how Lynn would feel about this but she agreed. I was in for the shock of a lifetime once they were naked and the other wife cups one of my wife’s tits and starts sucking on it. And my sexy wife lifts up one of this girl’s big 38D tits and starts sucking. Soon they take turns eating each others pussy and end up in a hot 69. We never discussed it, but after then we looked for couples with bi wive’s. It was also around that time we entered some of my wife’s pictures in two adult magazines adult amateur photo contests. They used fake names and her face was partially hidden but you saw her nude body very clearly. It was a real turn-on knowing hundreds-of-thousands of people were seeing pictures of my wife’s nude body.

We continued having threesomes with some of my male friends as well as quite a few strangers we’d meet out of town. And we were swapping with a few couples. But we were still steadily taking pictures. And had gotten to where sometimes we’d put a picture of her nude where someone would find it and we could watch their reaction. We were still having a lot of fun with our pictures. We still sent our nude pictures out of town to be developed but took regular pictures local where it was cheaper though they sent them out of town for the actual developing. Or so we thought. We’d been on a trip and had taken lots of pictures. Both sexy pics of my wife and photos from a car show. So I mailed off the sexy pictures and took the car pictures to a local place. The people there all knew me because I’d bought a lot of photo equipment there. When I went in to pick up my photos everyone seemed to really be smiling when they saw me. I went to the photo dept and the manager kind of waved people off and said he’d help me. I was surprised when instead of taking my pictures out of the shelves they were usually in he had to unlock a drawer to get them. But he takes the envelopes out and puts them on the counter with a smile. They always showed you how the pictures turned out to be sure you were pleased. So I was surprised when he said he’d taped them not knowing if I’d want to look at them there. I was afraid they hadn’t turned out well and said actually I would like to see how they came out.

He looked around then cut the tape open on one takes the envelope out and lets the photos slide out on the counter. On the very top was a photo of my hot wife in a pink & white corset with garters, stockings & spiked heels. The top of the corset acted like a half bra. It lifted her tits up and pressed them together making her 34D tits look huge. There were no panties so her bright red bush was on full display. Her eye make-up, lipstick etc was caked on and she had the most sensual ” come fuck me ” look on her face you’ve ever seen. As he picked it up the next picture was the same but she’d lifted one of her tits and was licking her hard nipple. The way they had fanned out you could see pictures of her rubbing her pussy and at least 2 of her sucking my dick. I told him that was fine they seemed to have turned out fine.

I apologized and said I must have accidentally put that in with my car pictures. He said it was ok but looked confused and said there were no pictures of cars. Somehow I’d got the rolls mixed up. But the surprise wasn’t over when I told him I hoped the people they sent off to for developing weren’t offended he laughed and told me they did their own developing. So it turned out pretty much everyone there had seen my wife’s nude pics. Including some of her sucking my cock and me fucking her. He told me the nudes were fine but they normally didn’t do pics showing sexual acts. But assured me they were discreet and that the owner would fire anyone who wasn’t. Though I was a little embarrassed I was more turned on knowing pretty much everyone there had seen my sexy wife naked. That was an accident but we had photos developed at some places knowing what they’d see.

It was about the time when you started seeing little photo booths popping up and one-hour photo labs. And we saw where it could be a fun way for Lynn to expose herself to someone while keeping her clothes on while there. Our first try was at a one hour shop at the beach. You could see inside and could tell it was a young girl & guy in their teens working there and we were still only 19 so I went in and dropped off a roll. Lynn went back about 50-min later hoping to get there as they were just finishing up. And her timing was perfect because they had them on a table looking at them and overheard the guy say I’d eat that. What made it funny was it was a sequence of Lynn stripping out of a dress to a garter & stockings to nude. And she had intentionally wore the same outfit to pick them up. When they saw her they put the pics in the envelope and went to the counter with them. And she wanted to play with them a bit and said how do you know these were mine as she hands them the receipt. The girl said we recognized you from the pictures. So Lynn gives her a sexy look and said well how did they come out? They both are saying great. So Lynn asks to see them, and the three of them are looking through them. Lynn getting hot as hell as she lets her dress open a little. Finally, she can’t resist when the girl comments on the garter Lynn asks if she’d like to see it. The girl says yes and her eyes move down so Lynn opens her dress letting them see the garter as well as her tits & pussy just like in the pictures. As a car pulls in the lot she closed her dress paid & left.

She took pictures like that to several 1hr labs when we were out of town. She liked younger guys or girls working or older guys. In fact, it always turned her on more to let older guys see her nude or in a garter & stockings. Then as she got older she liked exposing herself to younger guys/girls. There was one girl in her teens who worked at a one hour place not far and when Lynn was in her early 30’s she liked taking photos to that one girl. And she’d be horny as hell after letting that girl see her nearly naked photos. But as much as Lynn liked letting see her nude we found out that photos could be almost as good. And that our photos led to some hot sexual experiences.

Hope you enjoyed our experience and we welcome comments. But PLEASE Don’t ask for photos. [email protected]

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