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One man and his two dogs part 2

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do not do this to dogs this is just a fantasy on my mind i need to get out

Two weeks after Lunas Ear cropping and I had to take her back to get the suture removed thankfully I was able distract her from scratching at it, like always I would rub and eat her out before going to calm her down when we got there they removed the suture and told me to wait another 2 week just to be safe. When we gothome Jessie like last time was ballistic so I decided to let Luna rest.

Meanwhile I took Jessie to do some more of her guard dog training I would give her one of my homemade treats laced with my cum of course and due to my most meat diet from the deer I hunt my semen production is through the roof which meant I had a lot of them and she LOVED them afterwards when she’s all worn out i would take her for a bath during that bath i started a different kind of training. I would bathe with her to make it easier to clean her but also so she can get used to my musk while it wasn’t washed off yet I did this by laying a flaccid rod on her muzzle let’s my balls smell go up her nostrils i would receive the occasional lick here and there which made me hard but I wanted to get blown by both my girls qt the same time so I stopped for now and finished washing Jessie.

Fourteen days later and i’m just finishing off my training with Jessie giving her another cum treat but I would be giving Luna a bath this time now that her beautiful cropped ears have fully healed and hardened. I gave Luna a thorough bath since I couldn’t wash her while her ears were healing and she needed it but it didn’t stop me from getting her familiar with a certain meat rod she would be seeing more often like before I got a few lick making me hard and stopping but after we finished washing I would start having my cock on full display for them to eagerly feast their eyes on their birthright.

I would walk around the house naked with my large flaccid cock on full display, my balls emitting a musk at all times I would start training their muzzles soon since their next heat is coming up I fed them an up dose I the aphrodisiac leading up to their heat I swear I could see hearts in their eyes but the day finally came the next heat and the next phase of my pleasure to start off with I didnt give them their dinner that night as they would receive straight from the tap tonight.

I called in my girls looking hungry and got Jessie to come up first the Luna and commanded them to lie down my cock now full erect, pheromones going crazy I opened up Jessies muzzle and deepthroated her immediately ball deep in her mouth I commanded Luna to to present to me while throat fucking the bitch below me I hook my arm around Lunas hind legs and lifted her rear to my face and proceeded to eat her out of her sloppy wet plump puppy pussy after making Luna explosively orgasm I came in Jessie’s throat with a final thrust going as far as I could now with her throat filled and leaking cum as she look at me with her begging eyes the sight of which kept me hard and I proceeded to pound that throat alover agian until I came this time hearing an audible gurgle coming from Jessie, I pull out and jerk out some more onto her face, I move onto Luna already eager to receive and slam my still hard erection down her guzzler wrecking her throat, I later came filling her mouth with my white liquids but I wanted more so I swapped to a sixty-nine position and filled up that throat with my cock again all while I’m eating her out while her muzzle is buried in cock my in buried in a sloppy pussy after I came again I called it a night but I had my girl sleep either side of me while I had a hand inside their pussy, their heads licking up dick I must have cum in my sleep because when I woke up their heads were completely painted white.

Part 2 done not sure if the next part will be the part where I take their virginity or if it will be a filler. Hope you enjoyed.

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  • Reply Animalman ID:ffh2uw0hk

    I’m waiting… I hope your cooking up something good, I really hope you follow though with part 3.

  • Reply Animalman ID:ffh2uw0hk

    I hope you don’t stop at part 3 this is one of the best bestiality stories I have ever read

    • J0n45Q8 ID:bifrjpcoid

      I don’t think I will I’m just making this up as I go so it’s really just russian rulet on my imagination at this point

  • Reply Luke ID:1e71m5znzyiy

    I’ll fuck your dogs for you

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    Please fuck them

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    part 3 when !! so extremely wet