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My first time with my two dogs

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Around the age of 13, I was already getting curious with the whole sexual scene of porn and all that. I was just always at home looking stuff up on my iPod. Mostly movies that had sex scenes. Anyways there was a movie I had been watching and brought up beastiality. I never heard or knew what it was but it peeked my interest and went to look it up. Was this what I thought it would be? No but it was turning me on seeing these teens and older ladies having there dogs lick and fuck them like never before. It was so hot. At the time I had a 7 year old Pug and a 6 year old wired haired pointer. One day alone after weeks of watching these kinds of videos I grabbed the peanut butter and brought them both upstairs. Had them jump in my bed and lay there waiting for me. I grabbed a towel, took my clothes off and laid on it with my legs wide and my young but hard cock. I grabbed my spoon and smeared the peanut butter on my shaft. The pug started to lick me with his soft small tongue it felt so good. He then started to lick the head, as he did that I put some peanut butter on my asshole having the pointer lick there. Having them both licked me made me cum so fast and all over the pugs face. They both licked me up. I wasnt done, I wanted more. I got up and bent over my bed. Smeared some more on my asshole and spread my cheeks wide and backed up near them. Having them both lick my asshole at the same time. They didn’t stop, both tongues felt so good I came again so hard. I had to stop though, pick up and wash everything before anyone got home. I took a nice shower having to clean my asshole and dick that had peanut butter all over it. It was the best day of my life. Has had me addicted for the past 7 years now. If you’d like to see or hear more add my Snapchat: juliancfl00 or add my kik juliancfl00

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