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our rich adopted parents loves to film me and my little sister (III)

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the adopted parents of Bian and Ivy continue to use them into ch**d p**n and selling them online to earn money. I advice to read the part 1 and first.

It’s been 4 days since I met my adopted parents and my new adopted little sister. I could say my new parents love me and Ivy, they provided us delicious food, beautiful clothes and often treating us outside riding with my dad’s cool car. despite of the love they gave us there were things I still don’t understand such as father and mother filming us while ivy and I were naked almost all the time, they even telling us to lick each other’s pee pee and sometimes with ice cream. but I keep to understand my parents since they weren’t hurting us.

”today is your mom’s birthday. we’ll celebrate later and I bought gifts for your mom and you can give it to her later” dad said smiling

Ivy and I jumped in excitement, it was the first time we were celebrating her birthday. dad handed us wrapped gifts for mom.

”what’s this dad?” Ivy said while shaking the gift.

”let’s wait for your mom to open it later” dad replied

later. we entered the studio carrying boxes of cakes and cupcakes. mom was surprised then hugged me and ivy.
we ate delicious food dad’s ordered while talking happily.

after an hour, dad prepared his expensive camera and mom brought us in the middle of the studio where the cakes were. we sat on the floor with huge plastic covering the carpet then we ate cupcakes happily but mom said our clothes would get stains with cake so ivy and I hurriedly get naked and mom also stripped naked. we giggled as we saw mom’s huge melons with milky white skin. then mom said she had an idea and put icing on her round pink nipples.

”come here my babies drink your mommy’s milk” mom said and we laughed to hear mom’s joke.

Ivy and I licked the icing on mom’s nipple while giggling until the icing spreads on her breast, delicious vanilla flavor and mom’s tits glistened mixed with the icing with our saliva. ”suck my nipples, you are my babies”. her breast was soft but her nipple was hard and round, I sucked it and used my teeth to bit it a little.as ivy looked at me we giggled while acting like a babies. at the same time dad focused his camera to us while sucking mom’s nipples.

”so my babies did you prepare gifts for me?” mom asked us suddenly. as we heard her voice, Ivy and I jumped and ran to our room butt naked to pick the gifts for our mom.

”here’s our gift mom” we said excitedly and rushed mom to open the 2 gifts quickly.

after thanking us, mom tore off the gifts and she grinned happily and lifted the two items, the one was like a small egg made out of plastic and the other one was 9 inches black rubber cock.

”what are those mom?” I asked curiously.

”this one looks like egg” ivy said

”this is the best gift ever. thank you my babies”

mom pressed the button on the egg like, we curiously touched the egg, it was vibrating on our hand as we held it.

”let me show you how to use this toy” mom said.

mom spread Ivy’s legs and placed the vibrator on her small clit. at first Ivy couldn’t stop giggling she said it was tickling her. but after a short while Ivy became silent and her eyes closed while her mouth releasing low moans.

”mom what is this feeling?. it feels good ughh” Ivy said with shaky voice.

”yes honey it feels good right?. just feel it” mom whispered

I was sitting next to them and staring on my little sister’s pussy, her small hole oozing with some white fluid. then mom pressed the vibrator even harder on her clit and Ivy’s moaned in pleasure. her small body was shaking and her legs couldn’t stop kicking.

”mommmm ugghh I’m g-goingg to p-pee”

”just pee baby. you’ll feel better after”

Ivy’s innocent body tensed, mom and I held Ivy’s legs wide to stopped her for fidgeting then Ivy shouted and her pussy squirt water. mom removed the vibrator and Ivy’s small body was still shaking while lying on the ground.

”how is it baby?” mom said after she recovered and smiled.

”it was good mommy.” she replied with her innocent smile

”now help mom to use this toys.”

mom spread her legs wide. it was my first time I saw mommy’s fully developed pussy, it was different to Ivy’s small pussy. it was shaved with pink labia like butterfly.

then Ivy placed the vibrator on mom’s clit and I gluped nervously when mom told me to insert the huge dildo inside her pussy. she moaned when I pushed and the head of the dildo and entered her. I wasn’t sure if I should continue but I heard mom said to push more. I thrust the dildo slowly inside her pussy until only the handle left outside the pussy.

”Ivy press the vibrator harder and brian move the dildo up and down” she said in a heavy tone.

as I pulled the dildo out in mom’s pussy, I noticed the dildo was covered with a creamy liquid. I moved it back and forth. mom moaned and spouted words.

”ugghh fuck fuck this innocent little kids fucking my pussy. more.. harder ugghh fuck shit shit I’m comming” her body shook and squirted as well.

”enough.. stop” mom said

we were enjoying playing with mom’s vigina but we snapped after hearing mom and I stopped moving the dildo. as soon as I pulled the dildo out from her pussy a creamy while fluid Leaked out.

”you two clean it” mom said while panting.

Ivy and I moved our head towards mom pussy and the camera followed us. Ivy put mom’s big clit in her small mouth and sucked it like she was sucking nipple. then my tongue cleaned all the remaining fluid on her pussy. mom started moaning again while caressing our heads. mom pussy clenched as she cum and another thick fluid came out and I drink it. as we finished cleaning mom’s pussy our face glistened with mom’s cum and smiled at mom’s satisfied face.

a moment later I was lying down and my dick was hard and glistening with mom and and ivy’s saliva after they sucked my dick. mom was guiding Ivy slowly lowering her body and her pussy touched my dick. my dick was small at that time so I could enter inside her tight pussy but my cock didn’t reached her hymen.

”ahhhh it’s good mommy” ivy said

”yess mommy this feels good” I said as well.

Ivy only felt pleasure from my small rod and she moved her body up and down.

”does your sister’s pussy feels good?” mom asked me

”yes mom my penis is inside her pussy and it feels good when she move”

”say it to her” mom added

”sister, your my penis is inside your pussy and I love when you move up and down” I said to ivy

”what do you wanna say to your brother honey? mom asked Ivy

”big brother, your penis is so good, I like the feeling inside my pee pee” Ivy said to me in a childish voice while she was moving up and down.

then mom sat and rubbed her pussy on my face, then she kissed tongue with Ivy. mommy’s pussy was leaking and I couldn’t do anything but to accept it with my mouth. meanwhile I felt something for the first time in my life, I felt my rod was getting harder and an odd feeling from my balls.

”move faster Ivy and don’t stop” mom said as she noticed my body fidgeting.

she helped Ivy’s body to move faster. I moaned and and clenched my fist harder then my rod released a huge amount of cum inside my sister small pussy. my chest was moving up and down as I breathe heavily. mom moved quickly and she spread Ivy’s legs and pussy wide gape and my cum oozing out from her small pink pussy. dad hurriedly to filmed ivy’s pussy close.

later that night mom and dad sold morethan 500 copies of our videos and customers went crazy when they saw me and Ivy’s small body in a cowgirl position.

to be continued…

note; should I end this story or continue? I still have many cute ideas but if majority want me to end the story I would end it now.

but if you’re still interested you may suggest some exciting scene or disgusting scene to our innocent brian and Ivy..

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