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My First Boyfriend, Tony

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Losing my virginity to an older man. He was my first, but nowhere near my last.

Hi, when I was in 4th grade I had to walk from the bus stop through the woods to our home. There was a footpath and mom and dad said to avoid it if I saw anyone, but there was hardly ever anyone around, mostly dog-walkers. Even when I saw them I always went another direction.

One day a man was stood watching me and he sort of took me by surprise. I didn’t see him until it was too late. He just smiled and said “Hi. Don’t be frightened.”

“My parents told me not to speak to anyone in the woods. I have to get home.”

“That’s good advice. Can I walk with you for a bit, I’ll make sure you’re safe. Is that ok?” He seemed nice enough and he was polite, I guess, so I said, “Ok.”

“Is it far to your house? It seems bad they don’t meet you or anything”

“It’s the other side of the woods, mister.”

“I bet it gets scary in the winter though?”

“Not really. It gets cold though. Do you live here too?”

“No, I just wanted a walk in the woods. Can we stop for a bit? I’d like a cigarette.”

“Cigarettes are bad, you shouldn’t smoke.”

“Is that your parents again? They sound like good people.”

“They are the best. Are you good people too?”

He took out a packet of cigarettes and lit one. It smelt disgusting, so I waved the smoke away. “I am good people, yes, mostly. You’re very pretty, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I’m too young for boys yet. There’s one in school I like though but he’s older.”

“I’m older and I like you, maybe he does but he’s scared to tell he likes you? I would like kissing you, if I was your boyfriend. Would you like that?”

“I can’t do that. I never kissed anyone ‘cept my mom and dad. I think it’s wrong.”

“Just a kiss? I won’t tell anyone. I’m a friend, there’s no harm in friend’s kissing, is there? A little kiss?”

I shuffled from one foot to the other, thinking it over. He seemed genuinely nice, not like the “dangerous people” mom and dad told me about. I didn’t know why they were dangerous and he seemed very nice.

“Ok, one kiss. I promise not to tell mom and dad too.”

“That’s a good idea. You are a very good girl, it’s a secret, I promise. Just a kiss. Here.”

He closed his eyes and bent down to me. I went closer and I could smell the cigarette on him. It made me feel a bit sick, but it was a little kiss so I didn’t mind too much. I liked when mom or dad kissed me, especially at bed-time, and a man I didn’t know kissing me because I was nice seemed ok to me. I looked at his lips as he puckered up for his kiss, mixed thoughts going through my head. Mom and dad said not to talk to strangers and stay away from people but he seemed really nice. I took the plunge and gave him a quick peck on his mouth.

“Oh! That was nice, but I didn’t get a chance to kiss you back! Can we do it again? You lips felt so soft.”

“Ok, mister. Just one more. I will go slow.”

“There’s a good girl! Thank you, I would love that!”

He bent down again and I felt emboldened this time. Nothing bad had happened, although I had no idea what “bad” actually meant as far as “strangers” were concerned. Our mouths met and we kissed.

He straightened up again and smiled at me, “There, I feel like we’re friends now. My name is Tony.” He held his hand out. I looked up at him and wondered what the hand was for. “We shake hands, like friends, because we just met. It’s a sign to say we trust each other. It’s a grown-up thing. Just put yours in mine and we shake.”

“I’m Emma,” I felt all grown-up because we had shaken hands. If it’s a grown-up thing it must mean something.

“That’s a nice name, it suits you. I used to have a little girl myself, but her mommy took her away, so it’s nice to have a friend like you, Emma. I would like to kiss you again, but not right now. You best be getting home, doncha think?”

“Sorry I have to go. Mommy will worry. Can I kiss you again, ‘cos it’s sad you don’t have your little girl?”

“Ok, just one though. Hey, you like doing grown-up things, right? Shall I meet you here again, tomorrow? Like a ‘date’, like grown-ups do? But you must promise not to tell mom and day, ok?”

“I promise, Tony.” It gave me a thrill to call a grown-up by their name! Always it was ‘uncle’ or ‘mister’ or Mommy’, but saying his name out loud made me feel full of butterflies. I stood in front of him again and he bent down to kiss me. Our mouths met, his lips slightly parted, and we kissed again.

“Tomorrow? Don’t be late.”

“I will meet you, Tony. You’re a nice man. Thank you for the kiss, it was nice.”

I walked off through the woods, turning once after a couple of minutes. He was still there, so I waved, he waved back. I was all smiles and felt so happy to have made a friend with a grown-up! I thought about him all night, thinking about our short conversation and how special he had made me feel. I felt sad that he had lost his little girl too, maybe he just wanted to remember how it felt. Mom and dad could kiss me every day but he couldn’t, that felt wrong somehow.

The following day was Friday. I jumped down off the bus and waved to my friends. I hadn’t said a word to anyone about my new friend. I felt much taller for some reason. Our secret safe inside me. As I stepped into the wood he emerged from behind a tree.

“Hi Emma, I was starting to think I dreamed you! You look so nice! How was school?”

“It was ok, I guess. But I was excited about seeing you again. I promise, I didn’t say anything to anyone about you, Tony.”

“Do you know, it’s polite to kiss your boyfriend when you see him? Would you like another kiss? I haven’t had a cigarette.” He smiled down at me, I liked his smile.

I tilted my head up and closed my eyes. I felt his warm mouth on mine and we kissed again, it seemed much longer than our last one and he put his hand on my back as well, just lightly.

“Oh my, Emma, that was the nicest kiss! You do kiss so well! I like kissing you. Do you like kissing me?” His smile again, he was just so nice to me. I did like kissing him! How could he know that? “Would you like to learn something new? How to kiss like a grown-up? They do a special kind of kiss when they are boyfriend and girlfriend. You can’t do it with just anyone. Would you like to try?”

“I think so. Is it nice? Will I like it? I don’t know.”

We walked for a while, deeper into the wood, “I think a girl like you, someone so lovely as you, would love it. But you don’t know unless you try it, do you? It is very grown-up though, so maybe not, hey? What do you think? It’s very serious. I would like to try though. It’s up to you.”

“Ok, then, ‘cos it’s you. I won’t tell anyone. What do we have to do?”

“Well, so you know, we have our mouths open and I will put my tongue in your mouth, then you put yours in mine…”

“Ewww! For real? We really do that?”

“Yes, but if you think it’s too gross….” He looked at me with a serious look on his face. “I mean, if you think you are too young to do that, then we won’t, it’s ok. I just thought, maybe, you would like it.”

We walked a bit further, until we were almost where we met yesterday. “Ok, Tony, if you think I am big enough, then we will do it.” We stopped walking and he moved to the edge of the path and motioned me over. “It’s nice that you think I am big enough to do it. Mom and dad say I am just a little girl, but you are making me feel grown-up. Show me how they kiss.”

“Don’t be frightened. I used to kiss my little girl like this and she loved it. She kissed me this way all the time. It will be nice for me as well because I miss her so much. Come here and open your mouth… yes like that, now we kiss again, like before.”

I felt his mouth on mine, his mouth felt so warm and damp and then his tongue was in my mouth. I stiffened slightly. I felt his hand in my hair and he held me closer to him, I didn’t struggle to get away, he didn’t hold me so hard I felt stifled or unable to break free if I wanted. What I did feel was butterflies in my tummy though. His tongue probed around in my mouth, stroking my little tongue and I responded! I poked my tongue back at his, one of my own hands went to his hair and I felt him sort of relax. It felt like the right thing to do and then I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Oh wow! I had never done something like this before, ever! It felt wonderful and so adult!

We parted and I stared up at him. His face was slightly flushed and he seemed out of breath, “Tony, did I do it properly? Did I do it right?”

“Wow, Emma! Are you sure you never did that before? It was amazing! Did you like it? I hope you did. I loved it. You kiss so well! That was one of the best kisses I ever had!”

I giggled and looked down, embarrassed that a man would say something like to me, “Tony, I never did that before! You are showing me how to. It was really nice! I thought it would be gross to have your tongue in my mouth but it was really nice and I got butterflies in my tummy.”

“Did you? Did you really? Because so did I! Isn’t that amazing? Shall we do it again? I would really like to, but only if you say yes. You are an amazing girlfriend. Please, Emma? One more of those kisses?”

I didn’t need coaxing, I wanted that feeling again, “Yes, please, Tony, let’s do it again. I want to do it all day!” I giggled again.

We kissed again, this time I felt his hand on my back and he pressed me against his body, like in the films mommy watched. Our tongues prodded an probed each other, running over one another’s teeth, in his mouth, in my mouth. I felt so adult and cared for. He was my boyfriend and this was amazing. He’s a man and he likes kissing me. I love kissing him!

We broke apart, he was even more flushed, “Emma, I think I love you. I shouldn’t say that but I never kissed another girl like that before…”

“Tony, I promise, I never kissed like that! It;s the first time ever!”

“Look, it’s late, mommy will start worrying. You better get home. I don’t want you in trouble. You won’t be here tomorrow, will you? It’s not school tomorrow…”

“Oh, Tony, I have chores in the morning, but I am allowed out after lunch. I like to go exploring in the wood and sometimes I go to my friend’s house. Do you want me to have another date with you? I want to see you tomorrow. I won’t tell them anything about you. You are my secret boyfriend.”

He looked at me long and hard, as if he was weighing things up. “Ok, only if you really want to, I don’t want you to get in trouble. But you must keep it a secret. Don’t even talk about the kiss we had. Ok? Would you wear your skirt again? I like your legs, they are very beautiful.”

I looked down, “I can’t wear this one, it has to go in the wash. But I have lots of others. Is that alright, Tony, my secret boyfriend?” I grinned at my secret lover and he smiled back at me.

“Gosh, yes, of course. I just want you to look like a grown-up, in a skirt. It’s a date. What time?”

“Maybe about one o’clock, that’s right after my lunch time. And I will look like a grown-up girl for you, Tony.”

“I can’t wait, Emma. We have a date. I will be somewhere near here. One more good-bye kiss?”

We kissed again, this time his hand was on my ass but I didn’t mind, because I saw daddy do that with mommy so often. It felt so nice.

Saturday, mommy was wondering what was wrong with me. Normally I hated doing chores, but today, I was doing everything without complaint and doing even more than usual.

“Heavens, girl! What’s wrong with you? Where’s my daughter? You are never this good for house-chores!”

“I’m being a grown-up, mommy. I am doing everything like you do. I thought you would like it.”

“I do, honey. I think I prefer this version of you. Whatever’s gotten into you, long may it continue!”

I even gave daddy a hand pumping diesel, after that I needed a shower. “Mom, can I have a bottle of water, please? I want to go exploring in the woods.”

“Of course you can, honey, keep out of trouble and stay away from strangers though. Remember what you’ve been told. Do you have your watch? Home by six, ok?”

I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and was out the door in a flash. I was really excited to see my new friend and spend the afternoon with him. I wore a skirt like he asked and a t-shirt, my running shoes. I jogged to the edge of the wood and started up the path into the trees. I didn’t get far before I saw Tony, sitting at the edge of the path under the trees. He had a small backpack which he held up.

“I thought we could have a little picnic. Do you like picnics, Emma? Is there somewhere quiet we can go, where we won’t be seen or disturbed?”

“Hi, Tony! Yes, I know a really good place! I love picnics! I’m so excited to see you again. I did all my jobs and mommy says whatever is making me so helpful I need to keep doing.”

He laughed and took my hand as he stood up. I stood on my toes and offered my mouth up to him. We kissed again and it felt as good as the first one. The butterflies in my tummy were still there! We held hands as I lead him deeper into the wood to where daddy had made a bench in a small clearing. No one ever came here, only me and it was my very private place which I had never shared with any of my friends.

All the while I was recounting what I had done at home for mom and dad. He was behind me most of the way and mostly uttering brief answers or agreeing when needed. I think I was just excited to have a grown-up boyfriend who made me feel grown-up too. I know I keep going on about it, but I had to go to bed at eight o’clock most nights, except Saturday’s, most of my friends stayed up until nine. I wasn’t allowed a cell or a laptop, we didn’t even have a Playstation! But this man was treating me like a lady!

“How old is your little girl now, Tony?”

“Oh, well, she’d be seventeen now. I haven’t seen her for six years. I have missed her so much. We used to do everything together. I’m pleased we met, because you remind me so much of her but you are so much different too. I don’t scare you do I? That would bother me a lot, if I did. Oh, is this your secret place?”

We were in the clearing. The long bench my dad had made faced the sun and I would come here often and read or sunbathe. No one had ever been here in all the time I had come here, so I was pretty certain we were alone for as long as we liked. I looked at my friend.

He was as tall as my dad and maybe about the same age, about forty. He had brown, wavy hair and dark eyes. I was pleased he didn’t have a beard like dad. He was wearing a shirt and jeans and carried the small back-pack.

“What? What are you looking at, Emma?”

“I was just thinking how nice you look, is all! You look nice. Shall we sit down? On the grass? Or on the seat?”

“The seat, that would be nice. You didn’t answer. Do I scare you a bit? Do you trust me? I don’t want to scare you. Not many girls your age have boyfriends my age do they?”

“No, silly, you don’t scare me. I do trust you and none of my friends have boyfriends as old as you. You’re not old, you know, oh… I don’t mean you’re old, just not …..” I faltered and looked at him. I straddled the bench and looked up at him, lost for words.

“It’s ok, I know what you mean. Oh gosh, you look so pretty! I need to kiss you some more.” He sat down, straddling the bench as I had and faced me. He shuffled forwards and leaned towards me, his hands went around me and my mouth met his. We kissed as we had yesterday and his hands gently stroked my back as our tongues entwined and poked and probed. My hands went to his face and hair and I pulled him closer as he had me.

I felt a hand on my leg and it felt so strong as he gripped my thigh and then the pressure released and he gently stroked my skin. I shivered a little bit and felt all fluttery again. I could feel a strange tingling I had never felt before. This felt so good.

His other hand slid under my t-shirt and lightly stroked my back. I arched it and let go a tiny whimper of pleasure. This was amazing, I had never felt this sort of thing before and I was enjoying it. I did not think for a second this was wrong. It couldn’t be, it felt amazing. Our mouths were still pressed tight together and I felt like I was drowning.

The hand that had been caressing my thigh was now on the inside of my leg, lightly tracing soft lines up from my knee to just below my panties and back down again. I knew he shouldn’t do that, but it felt nice. Maybe that was why we shouldn’t do that because it really was nice! I broke away from him. And gasped for breath. His hands had not stopped their stroking and caressing, he just watched my face a little smile on his lips.

“Do you like that, Emma? Is it nice? Shall we stop? Do you think we ought to stop, my little Emma? Maybe a break, hmmm?”

“Yes, please Tony, just for a bit! Oh Tony, that is so nice! I feel all fluttery and warm inside. Do you really like me? I don’t know if we should be doing this.”

“Hm, maybe we should stop. Maybe this is too much. I don’t know. I really like kissing you and touching your skin though. You are so pretty. But maybe you’re right. It’s a shame though because I really love you. I shouldn’t say this but I want to kiss you all over your body, but maybe we should stop.”

“Did you do this with your little girl? Did she like doing this too?”

“Ohmigosh, yes! She loved doing this and more. So much more, but maybe we should stop, don’t you think?”

I sat looking at him. I felt I’d let him down now and it hurt because he had been so nice to me. I reminded him of his little girl and now he was upset. I was upset with myself and although I was starting to get a little scared of what was happening, I was also bothered by him thinking we should stop.

“Ok, look, why don’t you turn round and I shall kiss your neck? You can see if you like it and we’ll see how you feel? What do you think?” He looked at me, smiling slightly peering into my eyes.

“Ok, Tony. I will do that for you. I am a bit scared though. I never did this before and it is a bit scary.”

“Honey, I want you to be happy not scared. I promise to be gentle and to stop if you say so, ok?”

I stood up and turned round, sitting down, straddling the seat and facing away from him. His hands came around me and rested on my little chest and I breathed deeply. I felt him shuffle closer and then I felt his hot breath on my neck. It made me shiver and start the butterflies in my tummy again. It felt so good just feeling his lips against my neck! He kissed me gently and his hands gently stroked my body through my shirt. He kissed me again and a little shock ran straight through me and I whimpered quietly.

“Oh, sorry, did that hurt, honey?”

“No, Tony, it felt nice. You made my tummy jump, that’s all.”

“Ah, ok, honey, just as long as that’s all it was. haha!”

I felt his mouth on my neck again and one of his hands slid down and slipped under my shirt. His warm hand on my tummy felt lovely! Especially as he kissed my neck so gently. Every so often I could feel his teeth softly nip me and more shivers would run through me. I know now, of course, what was happening but back then this was all new and felt absolutely amazing. His hand slid up my front and rested on one of my tiny nipples. A finger gently circled it and I pressed my neck further back to meet his mouth, involuntarily. More little shocks went through me!

“Tony, that feels amazing!” I managed to gasp. I wanted more of this! I took his other hand and guided it under my shirt, breathing heavily, like I was running, as I felt it on my skin. His mouth didn’t stop its work on my neck, if anything he was making each sucky little kiss last longer and longer. His other hand quickly found my other tiny nipple and started caressing and pinching it.

“Emma, honey? Can I take your shirt off?”

“Please, Tony. Please, yes.”

He quickly slipped it over my head. I had run around topless in the garden for years, around daddy, so it didn’t register with me really. It felt nice though, for a grown man to do it for me and better still actually seem to enjoy seeing me like that. His hands were so soft and gentle on me! Not like dad’s gnarled and rough hands. He resumed kissing me and gently squeezing my nipples and stroking my tummy. I didn’t even notice at first, when he was kissing lower down my back and softly rubbing the front of my panties. It just felt so nice.

“Oh, Tony? Are you doing sex on me? It feels like you are.”

“Oh gosh, Emma, yes, I guess I must be! I didn’t even notice. I think it’s because you seem so grown-up! I shall stop.”

“No, Tony, don’t stop. I never did sex before and it feels nice if you’re doing it. Is this what grown-ups do? Like this?”

“Not always, but yes, I guess it is. Are you sure?”

“Mmmm, yes. Please. I like you kissing me like this.”

His hand continued its rubbing on the front of my panties and It felt lovely. Every so often he seemed to touch a very sensitive piece of me and it sent little shocks right up to my brain! He was also kissing more and more of my back, slowly working his way down my spine. His other hand was now gently caressing my throat.

“Mmm, Emma, honey, can you take your panties off for me? And you skirt? There’s a special place I want to kiss. I really do want to kiss it and maybe lick it and give you the most incredible feeling ever. Would you trust me to do that? It is real sex, not just little kisses. I love kissing you, but I really want you to enjoy this special thing. Would you like that?”

“Tony! I will be naked! What if someone sees me? I’m not supposed to do this. I don’t know about sex things. Is it nice? Did your little girl like it?”

“Gosh, all the time, yes she did! She would always ask me for it because it is the nicest thing. It is probably the best thing in the world, but you might not be grown up enough for it. Do you want to see?”

“I do Tony, but only with you. Yes, please show me. I shall undress and you can do it for me. I hope I am grown-up enough.” I stood up and turned round, facing him. I quickly unhooked my skirst and slipped out of my panties and stood in front of him, my hands covering myself.

He reached out delicately and removed my hands. “Don’t hide your pussy, Emma. Yes, this is the special grown-up word for here…” He gently touched my pussy, “This is your most special place on your body. You will learn to love it and guard it more than anything in the world and right now, I want to show you how wonderful it is. Come, lie down here. I am going to give you the most amazing kiss ever.”

I sat back down, facing him and he gently eased me onto my back. My legs were draped either side of the bench and I felt very exposed. No one had ever made me lie like this or show so much of myself, but I felt very safe and very much loved right at that moment and I totally trusted him. I think, the fact that he hadn’t taken a single item of clothing off made me feel so safe. I looked down my body at him and smiled.

“Like this, Tony? Do I look nice?”

“Emma, you look amazing, honey. You look better than nice. You look… you look sexy and hot. Do you mind me saying that? I really want to kiss your pussy now, it looks so lovely. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Tony. Please, kiss my… pussy. Did I do right? Can I say that word? Pussy.”

“Yes, you can say it to me. Not to mom and dad though. I am going to kiss you now.”

He leaned forwards and I shut my eyes. Oh, wow! He didn’t just kiss me! I could feel his tongue licking at my pussy. I felt him trace a line from the top of my pussy right round to my butthole! I giggled.

“Hmm? What’s funny, Emma?”

“You licked my butt!”

“Well, it’s a nice butt. You can’t blame me, it’s your butt, it’s your fault for being so beautiful!”

He bent to me again and started licking and sucking me sending amazing feelings through me. The butterflies were still there but they were swirling and touching my insides and his mouth on me just felt so good! His tongue was lapping my butthole again and I felt myself relaxing my muscles and moving against him. I know, now, of course what my involuntary movement were, but that day I had no idea why my body was taking over my brain!

I felt something else against my pussy opening. Oh my, he was slowly circling my pussy with a finger. It felt incredible and dangerous and exciting all at once. Slowly he slipped the tip inside me, even as he continued licking my butt. I felt myself tighten and draw back from him.

“What’s the problem, Emma? Are you ok?”

“I… I’m scared, Tony. Are you doing more sex on me?”

“Why, yes, Emma. I just have to. I am going to do something called finger-fucking in your pussy. I have to do it. Your pussy is so delicious, like honey and I just have to do finger-fucking. I think your pussy wants me to.”

“It’s not talking to you, Tony. Don’t be silly!”

“No, that’s true, but it is very wet with your honey. That happens when you pussy is happy and is asking for more. I just have to. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please finger-fuck me Tony. Please do it, I promise I will be ok.”

My head fell back on the bench and I felt his finger slip deeper inside me and start slipping in and out. His mouth was on the top of my pussy now, sucking on me and making amazing waves run through my little body!

“Oh, honey. I have to do something. I want you to hold my hair really tightly. I am going to do something to you and it might hurt a little bit. But I have to do it. Keep trusting me, sweetheart!”

His finger slid back inside me and I felt it poke against something inside me. I grabbed his hair really hard, like he said and he pushed his finger all the way in. There was a sharp spike of pain. It hurt, but it went away just as quickly.

“Ow! Tony! Yo hurt me! That really hurt!”

“I warned you. I have to do that. You will never feel that again, for as long as you live. I have to do that. It is important. I’ll show you why later…”

All the while he was fucking his finger deep into me. He went back to licking me and soon I felt another feeling like warmth and tingling and electricity and all the good things in the world all at once! I gasped and squealed and…. Oh my! It was the nicest, most intense, incredible feeling ever. My whole world turned white, then red and I grabbed at his hair and held him tight against me. I never wanted this feeling to ever stop!! His finger felt a lot bigger now, I gripped it tight and let him fuck and fuck me. He seemed to go deeper and deeper each time.

He stopped and I felt his eyes on me. “Oh, honey! Did you like that? Oh wow! You are so amazing!”

“Tony, Tooony!! Don’t stop it. Make it come back! I want it again!”

“Honey, that’s an orgasm. It was your very first ever and you did it with me! I feel so special, that I could do that for you. How do you feel, honey? Do you feel good?”

“Yes! Yes! I feel so good. I want it again! I want more orgasms from you!”

“You don’t need me to do that now. You can do it any time you want! You just touch yourself here…” He took my hand and placed it on my pussy. “Can you feel that little bump? Yes? That’s your clitoris, your clit. Any time you want to cum to orgasm, just rub that gently and it will happen. Do you know what I want to do now? You will never guess…”

“You want to do more sex on me? You want to make it happen some more?”

“Gosh, oh yes, but I want to do something big, something really big. I want to fuck you with something else. Not my fingers. Would you like that? You will really have to trust me this time. It is the most amazing thing ever, even more than your cum. Do you feel like you can do one more thing?”

I stared up at him. He seemed so sincere and very excited. I did trust him. He’d given me my first orgasm, he had finger-fucked me, licked my butthole. Gosh, yes! I trusted him more than anyone right now.

“Yes, Tony, I want to do it. Please do another fuck for me. I can do it. For sure.”

“Ok, sweetie, just for you, because you are my special girlfriend. I have to undress, don’t be frightened, now.”

He stood up. His trousers had a massive thing making them look weird. He slipped of f his shirt, then he undid his belt and let his jeans slip down. He wasn’t wearing any knickers and… and… Oh wow!!! His wiener was massive! Like really big and sticking right up.

“Oh, Tony! What’s happened to you? Your wiener… it’s big!”

“Not wiener, honey, it’s my dick, my cock. Penis. And it is very happy you are here and it is very happy you came for me. It wants to be in your pussy now.”

“It’s too big. It won’t fit me! It’s a man’s dick. I am a girl!”

“Honey, it will fit. It will be very tight and maybe uncomfortable, but right now, it really needs to be inside you. It wants you to have the special juice it has and it wants to give it you right now. It has to go inside your pussy. I promise, it will be ok. And the next time it will be even better.”

“I don’t know, Tony. It looks too much…”

“Have you trusted me all this time? Have I done anything you didn’t like, Emma? I really want to do this for you. You will love it, I promise.”

He sat down between my legs and lifted them up. “Just close you eyes, I promise, it will be fine.”

As he spoke I felt it against my pussy. He was rubbing it up and down my little slit. I know now he was making it wet with my pussy juices and it did feel nice. Then it was against my pussy hole and I felt it slowly stretching me open. I tensed up and he murmured to me to relax and trust him and slowly, slowly he slipped it gently into me. He stopped. i was gasping and frightened and desperately trying to do as he said.

“Just relax, honey. You are going to have your very first cock fuck. I am going to make you a woman. You will be totally different after this and you will want it again and again. I promise, Emma. I will not hurt you.”

I felt still more slip slowly inside. I felt as though I would tear in half. I fought for more control, screwing my eyes tight shut and making myself relax and try to enjoy this punishment. I felt his hands around my waist and he lifted me up.

“Maybe this will help you, Emma. You can control it. You can be in charge, but, oh my gosh, you are so good. This feels like nothing I ever felt before. You are and amazing woman. I want to fuck you so much. I need to cum inside you. It’s hard for me, Emma because I really need to fill you with my special juice. Are you ok?”

“Tony, it will rip me open. i can’t do it…”

“Oh, you can Emma. Just go with it. Rise up a little and come down some more… That’s my girl. Oh wow, you feel amazing! I need to fuck you so much! I want to fuck you forever, sweetie!”

“Mmmm, is it in me, Tony?”

“Nearly, honey, nearly. Please fuck me. Fuck me, Emma. Fuck my cock into your beautiful pussy!”

For a few minutes I lifted myself up and slowly slid him into me. Up and down, up and down and each time more of him entered me until all of his dick was buried in me.

“You are such a good girl… I gotta cum. I gotta fill you up with my cum… Emma!! Oh Emma, I’m cumming.”

I felt his cock swell and then warmth filled me. He was shooting something hot into me and grinding himself even deeper into me. I was gasping and suddenly…. I came again as my clit rubbed against his tummy and even more of him sank into my pussy. I was screaming with lust and my cum. I could feel spurt after spurt as his cum filled my pussy!

I collapsed into his arms and crushed my face into his chest. He felt so strong and comforting and mine. He felt mine. I kissed his hairy chest and mumbled quietly, “I love you, Tony. That was amazing! I want this forever.”

“Honey, I want you to do one more thing. I want you to suck my dick clean. I would love that, you sucking our juices off me and swallowing it. Do you think you can do that?”

Tony was my first boyfriend. Through that summer we fucked every weekend, usually both days. He took my virginity, taught me all about myself and made feel the most special girl in the world. After he left, I was bereft. I never wanted boyfriends my own age, they never seemed grown-up enough or felt unselfish enough for me.

I know he groomed me. I know he just liked fucking little girls but I didn’t, and I don’t care. This is a mostly true story, I condensed some things so it didn’t go on for too long.

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    Emma that was simply amazing. I to made love to a Emma and to this day all these years later i still love her. she never felt groomed or any thing like that as it was all her and so natural. i can still close my eyes and see her making love to me all these years later. it was not grooming Emma, it was just your body telling you you are ready and i am glad you were taught proper not like some unexperienced dumb boy lasting two minutes.

    OH please Emma! Please take me back all those years ago making love to her. please share more as i will read every single word like it was yesterday.
    good god i have tears in my eyes right now as all those wonderful memories come flooding back from those days holding Emma in my arms.
    Thank you so much Emma.

    • Emma ID:gnrvkr2m3

      OMG! Thats a bit much! I’m glad you appreciate how I felt at the time. I did enjoy it and I did love him. He was amazing and although he was probably only interested in fucking me, he was loving and caring and never forced me. He knew what to do and he knew how to treat me. I never went with anyone my age. I only liked adults. I’m glad I made you happy. xxxx

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