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I own a sweet shop in a village and fancy grooming the kids 3

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Now it was time to try to get more girls and maybe boys but I needed a plan . Just a quick update before a long story

Over the next few days Cinthia was wanting sex as much as me and I couldn’t complain but I wanted to try some of her friends and one I had in mind was Tania she was about 5ft 1 slim long blonde hair small tits and very chatty ,I had asked Cinthia about her and she said she was similar to her parents always working and just give her money to keep her happy and I asked Cinthia if Tania was one of the ones that liked me and she said yes she also was one that has said she would let me finger her, so now the plan was to get Tania to help me with stock and have Cinthia there to .

So it was Saturday and lots of kids in the shop in the games machine and now I had a couple of tables and they could sit with drinks , Cinthia was helping me when Tania came in she was wearing leggings and a t-shirt I told Cinthia to ask Tania if she would like to help me fill pop and stuff up and to let her know that I like girls flirting.
I watched as they chatted and looked over and Cinthia came over and said she would like to help and she came over all shy but close up she was a beautiful looking girl and I told her to go in back and I followed leaving Cinthia at the counter as most of the kids had went out .
In the back I told her to move the cans of pop from the corner and she could have one ivfshe wanted as she bent over I could see her panties through her leggings and I moved closer and ran my finger down the middle of her bum making her jump ,sorry I did she said it was ok just got a shock and she smiled her face was red but she hadn’t complained and she continued to move the cans and I got behind her and started feeling her bum again and I whispered I have heard from Cinthia that you like me ,she smiled and went even redder she said I do and as she said that I moved my hand more firmly on her bum and pulled her to me and I said what you do if I asked if I could finger you ,she stammered back I would let you but be nice to me I’ve never had a boyfriend and only I have touched me there but I would let you do it as long as no one around ,that made my cock hard and she noticed as I had her against me and I was moving my hand up to the waist of her legging and I slipped it inside and down inside her panties i felt her breathe against my neck hot and fast as i went between her legs and i could feel her pussy lips wet as my fingers slipped over them opening them and allowing my fingers to enter inside her warm tight pussy as i pushed i felt the resistance her hymen hadnt been broken so i didn’t want to break itvwith my fingers and played with her lips and was flicking her bean making her hold me and i could feel her pussy loosing it juices as I squeased her clit making her pussy leak over my fingers , i moved my head to her face and kissed her little lips and asked her to feel my cock even if just through my trousers and soon her small hand was stroking my cock through the material and i could tell she hadn’t done anything before as her hand was trembling as she moved it but soon this will be the norm as i pulled my hand out from her leggings and kissed her and said go out and play on the games for a while take a can of pop and we can do again soon if you want ,she nodded and said she had never had that feeling before and wanted it again as soon as possible.

I now had 2 girls under my control and the next step was to get them both together as i was dying to see Tania’s body and also wanted to see if Cinthia would join in which I’m sure she would as I went out behind the counter Cinthia smiled and asked if it happened I got my fingers and told her to lick them as it was Tania’s juices on them she licked them and said told you she would let you and there is more girls want to and you probably wouldn’t but that gay boy would wank you he said when we talk about you .

I had to get them all to let me but also need to have something on them so they can’t tell and didn’t know what and I was thinking as Cinthia was on her knees behind the counter sucking my cock while the others played on the games .

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    I am loving this , and being bisexual I can’t wait for you to get the young gay boy involved in your sleazy games . I just wish I could work in your shop and join in the fun

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

    Great setup for taking advantage of girls and boys!

  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    I love your stories. But I would like them longer lol

  • Reply Hot ID:42oviq6ib

    Need more and as a bisexual male add boys as have the girls eat each other out as you fuck a cute little boy

  • Reply Lilly hawkins ID:2jp1o7boi9

    Please make a part 4 I am loving this 🥵👅

    • horny guy ID:5azzgw209

      whats your email