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Corner shop fun

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It was just gone 6pm, it was summer so still really hot and the sun burning.

I never get many customers after 5 being in a little cornershop just outside of town, so I thought to myself fuck it, its my shop, im going to close early and have some quality time with the wife, maybe a early night once we put the kids to bed, if I’m lucky I thought to myself starting to get a semi, yep the thought of my wife still does it to me.

The door buzzes opens and closes, i look on my monitor by the till when I notice a young girl, must be about 12 I guessed as she looked younger then my son who is 14 but older then my 11yo daughter.

I call out to her we closing in 5 minutes so hurry on young lady, and go back to counting the till, glancing at the monitor again I notice she isn’t a regular and from our town, must be passing i guess.

Then I see her pick up a Mars bar and look up at the till, obviously I was facing away as I was watching the security monitor, she then causally slipped in in to her little jacket pocket. All kids do it i chuckled to myself ill let it go its only a chocky bar, then made her way to the fridge and picked out a coke and straight away this straight into her pocket, hmmm now she’s taking the micky ill say somthing as she leaves, scare her a bit i think. Now she is at the alcohol section and picks up a bottle of wine checks for me again and puts the bottle up the side her tight little t-shirt amd using the jacked to cover the bulge, thats when I realised that jacket is way to much for the weather we are having right now as she done the same thing on her other side, she’s done this before i realise as she was good at hiding it, worse then that she came knowing what she was going to do, shes not getting away with it I tell myself.

She comes to the till smiles at me and puts a 20pence chewing gum on the counter along with a single 20p, that all I ask she says yep and I cash it off, she says thanks and goes to turn when I say what about the 2 bottles of wine chocolate bar and can of drink. She stops still like she is frozen solid, dont think of running i can remotely lock the door from here i tell her as i hold up the remote press the button and hear the doors click.

Right take the stuff out and put it on the counter I tell her, all of it. Right I want your parents phone number i tell her, she starts crying saying please don’t tell my mum and dad, ill be in so much trouble, loads of pleases and im sorrys. I’ve heard it all before happens quiet alot running a shop, but not this young for alcohol and her tears did actually look real, she looked scared.

Look i tell her, you can give me there number or I will call the police and you will be arrested for shoplifting, she burst out in sobs again and said with her hands put together like she is praying please ill do anything just let me go and I’ll never come back and never steal from any one ever again. Then somthing happend , i was watching her blue blood shot eyes,  the tears rolling down her puffy red cheeks, and her bottom lip shaking and my cock gets to a semi again, what the hell I think as I look at her chest, virtully flat with two little lumps with pea size nipples on the end, then look further down to her leggings pulled tight into her little slit giving the perfect camel toe, i slowly looked back upto her face and she noticed id looked her up and down and looked a little uncomfortable but didn’t say anything.

I could just let you go and not call the police or you parent’s but I don’t know if you’ve taken anything else when I wasn’t looking i say to her, she says she hasn’t got anything else honestly seeming a bit happier at the thought she might get away with it and patted her self down with her hands.

Well let me search you and if there is nothing else you can go, ok sure she says. Come back through to my office, ill search you in there i tell her. We get in and i close the door, whats your name I ask and she says lilly quietly,  right stand there i tell her, spread your legs a little and hold your arms out, like at a airport, i walk over take her coat off revealing how tiny her body actually was, feel along her arms and then to them tiny little tits rub them for a bit before running my hand further down and rubbing my finger between her pussy lips over her leggings, back and forth a few times it fealt red hot and damp. I stand up straight not realising I had a raging solid cock, poking my trousers hard,  she was looking down straight at it and didn’t say a word, i quickly sat at my desk hiding it and told her to sit in the sofa opposite my desk.

Where you from i ask her, moved to the area about a month ago she tells me.

I change the subject,  I couldnt feel anything on you but you might be hiding it under your cloths, take your top off i demand,  no way she says back ok I say as i pick up my phone police it is, no ok ok she says starting to gently sob again, making me harder, she pulls her top off, them tiny little mounds looked amazing and my mind flashed to my daughter but just like that back in the moment, ok leggings and panties together please, she has them both off in one go and is standing upright again, all I can see from here is just a tiny little line between her legs, i tell her to sit on the couch pull her feet up and open her knees wide as i walked towards her and get on ky knees, this tiny untouched hairless little pussy was beautiful, i just need to open you to see if you have hid anything inside,  she still said nothing just little sobs. As I pull them tight little lips apart I see the most amazing sight ever,  the tiniest hole just begging to be fucked, i stand up undo my trousers and pull them and my pants down, my rock hard cock is now pointing straight at this girl, she had look about her like she didn’t have a clue what was going on which made it soo much better, I say when this is done you can leave and take the things to were going to steal with you as I lower to my knee’s, I start to rub my hard cock up and down her slit making it slippery with my pre cum, then pulled her little lips apart again and gently rubbed her tiny clit, she jumped a little as i touched it and then lined the head of my cock with her entrance and let go of her lips so my cock was nestled between them, im going to fuck you i tell her, then you can get dressed and go with the bits you wanted and I won’t tell anyone, whats fuck me mean she asked, sex I tell her, she still looked at me blank faced,  she is so nieve and innocent,  she dont have a clue i think and this will be fun.

I push forward with my cock just a little and feel the head of my cock pop inside, seeing her lips stretched to the max round my hard cock. She looks down and sees the end of my cock inside her, please stop she sobs, I dont like it, it feels wierd.

I then push forward a little more, more if my cock dissappears into this tiny body when I feel her hymen stopping me going any further and she lets out a scream saying no no no it hurts please take it out, just be quiet I tell her, i explain its gonna hurt a little but then will feel nice, so take a deep breath in and close your eyes.

Just as her eyes closed I pushed with all my might, I felt her insides rip around my cock as her eyes shot open face contorted with pain, look to see my whole length buried inside her right to my balls, I feel her inside involuntary milking my cock, I stay still buried deep untill the crying slows down, then ease out to the tip before slaming back in, it felt so tight and smooth and red hot, it felt like my cock was being wanked inside of her the way her once virginal pussy was squezzing and trying to push me out, after a while the crying stopped and so did the tears, she was just staring to her side with a vacant look on her face as I furiously fucked her, my balls tightend and my cock swells as a shoot load after load inside her, then again my mind flashes to my daughter, only for a second again then back to waht i was doing, i knew she feels is as the moment i start to cum her face clenches again.

I pull out after filling her little womb with my cum, and look at her once tiny neat hole all red wet puffy now destroyed, i push her down and tell her to hold her legs up untill I’m dressed, i then put her panties on for her and pull her to her feet as i notice my cum start to make a wet patch grow in the crouch of her pants.

She sorts her self out not saying a word, picks up the stuff and goes to leave when i tell her, if she tells anyone I’ve record the whole thing and will send it to your parents and new school and call the police to tell then you been stealing, but if you want anything from the shop or some spending money come back anytime and we can do it again, ill also give you money if you bring another girls along.

To date I’ve fucked her 9 more times and 5 of her friends.

My daughter asked if her friend can stay for a sleep over, my wife agreed and in walks lilly with my daughter,  my mouth hit the floor.

This was rushed so please be kind with the spelling amd punctuation .

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