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Girl’s Best Friend

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Katie convinces her parents to get a dog…

A little over a year ago, Tim’s 11-year-old daughter, Katie, started begging her parents for a dog. She’d always been into animals since she was a baby, and the humanitarian in her grew even more as she got older. She’d convinced them to pay for horse riding lessons a little while ago, so, this was just one more thing added to the expensive animal bundle.

“Daddy, I promise to take care of it. I will walk it. I will feed it. I will bathe it. I will…”

“Ok, ok, ok, honey, I get the point,” her dad interrupted.

“Is that a yes?!” She grabbed her father’s wrist and jumped up and down.

“We can go look at puppies… but that’s not a promise. Understand?”

“Oh, my God! Yes, daddy, yes. Understood. Yayyy!”

Katie was more than pleased that her father had almost conceded to her wish, and the following weekend they made a trip to the local pound. She pointed out that pet stores and breeders were just out for money, and with inbreeding and whatnot, they weren’t always healthy. It was off the shelter they went.

Once there, they were let into an area where they had some smaller dogs and puppies in cages, and the larger, older dogs were in open pens; there was also a play area where people could take prospective adoptees to get to know them. As they walked the rows, most barked or tried getting your attention with a, “Pick me! Pick me!” look; Katie wanted to take all of them home.

Tim pointed out some cute puppies of breeds he wasn’t familiar with, and some cute mutts, thinking she’d want to raise one these smaller ones like most other girls he could think of. Instead, she gravitated toward the older, bigger dogs, mainly pit bulls, Labradors, mastiffs, or other large mixed breeds. “Don’t you want a SMALL dog, sweetie?” he asked.

“Nope. Not what I’m after, dad,” she replied while curiously looking at the undercarriage of a lean, muscular adult Bullmastiff. “He’s not fixed, right?” Katie asked one of the employees.

“No, he still has his testicles. Why? You thinking of breeding him?” the girl replied.

“Eh. Something like that,” Katie answered.

After imagining two dogs, along with a litter of puppies running around the house, Tim told his daughter, “Uh, uh. We are not having a house full of dogs.” She assured him it was nothing like that as she side-eyed him and smiled to herself.

After he called his wife to get clearance, he told Katie that her mother had agreed, and actually thought it was a good idea; Katie was beyond ecstatic. Very quickly, she had made up her mind that this big guy was the one she wanted to come home with them. Tim began warming up to the idea, seeing as how he’d always had dogs growing up, and it wouldn’t hurt having a dog for protection around the house.

While they were doing the paperwork for their new loved one, and Katie was petting and scratching the pups back, her father asked, “So, what are we gonna call him?” She stopped petting, looked at the dog for a moment, and said, “Bruiser. We’re gonna call you, ‘Bruiser.’” Tim replied, “He definitely looks like a ‘Bruiser.’”

As soon as they got Bruiser home, and a few introductions were made to Tim’s wife and Katie’s mother, Brenda, the big canine started routing around the house, investigating his new surroundings. Apparently, his former owners moved out of state, and sadly, could not take him with them. Due to being older, and most people wanting puppies or youthful dogs, he had been at the kennel for almost a year, and was soon to be put down. Katie literally saved his life.

Katie brought Bruiser out to their huge backyard to let him explore, and to throw a tennis ball for him. You could tell he was so happy be in the free world again. After about 15 minutes, Brenda came outside and suggested maybe he needed a bath since coming home from the pound, to which Katie readily agreed.

She brought Bruiser to her own upstairs bathroom so that she could bathe him in her tub. As soon as Katie shut the bathroom door behind her, she looked at him and whispered, “Now we’ll get to see what you’re really workin’ with, huh, buddy?”

Once she had gotten the water the right temperature, Katie helped Bruiser over the side of the tub and into the shallow, soapy mixture. Using an old plastic cup, she poured the water from his head to his tail, making sure to scrub and wash all the vital areas. When she was sure he was nice and clean, she started exploring her new friend’s body.

Reaching down below Bruiser’s stomach, and grabbing hold of the sheath of skin and fur, Katie started groping and rubbing on what felt like a very large, thick tubular muscle inside. As she continued her groping, slowly appearing from the tip of the casing, came an extremely thick, red and purple, lipstick shaped penis head.

First it was just an inch, then three inches, then five inches, then an incredible nine inches of veiny, smooth dog cock with a giant knot, bigger than a man’s fist, at the base emerged from the casing under Bruiser’s belly. Katie had seen pictures of them online, and a few at a local dog park, but never up close, or so big. Being somewhat scared and apprehensive, but incredibly curious, she reached out and wrapped her fingers around it.

The moment her hand circled Bruiser’s veiny, red dick, she was surprised at the heat it gave off and how slick it was, she’d never felt anything like it. He licked Katie’s face a few times in excitement as she began slowly stroking his smooth, slightly moist shaft. She was fascinated that she could feel his heartbeat while the blood pulsed through it as she squeezed.

After a few more strokes, Bruiser groaned and let out a very small yelp. Almost simultaneously, his phallus started flinching and contracting in her hand. Long strands of semen came shooting from the tip of his lipstick shaped head, some of it landing on Katie’s other hand and forearm.

Another sensation she was unfamiliar with was the warm, sticky semen she now had dripping from her fingers. Lifting her hand up to her nose, she caught the pungent aroma of his sperm. She sniffed and smelled it before taking the plunge and sticking her fingers in her mouth. The salty, musky taste of dog cum drove her wild, her brain firing on all cylinders, and her young, pre-teen snatch began dripping like a faucet.

The bathroom door swung open.

Brenda swiftly entered the room, and with her hands on her hips, cheerfully asked, “And how’s my new big boy doing now that he’s all cleaned up?” Katie swiftly swung her arm behind her back in case her mother noticed the ejaculate on it. Upon seeing his huge canine dick, Brenda laughed and jokingly called out, “Put that thing away, Bruiser, there are ladies in the room! Here, let’s get you a towel so you don’t make a mess.”

After drying him off, and getting on with the rest of their evening, Katie could not get the thought of Bruiser’s huge glans out of her head. Knowing her new friend was packing some serious heat, the anticipation of that night was on another level. Being that it was Saturday, with no school tomorrow, Katie would be allowed to stay up past her normal 8 p.m. bedtime.

As soon as dinner was over, and she’d cleared the table, Katie said she was going to take Bruiser for a walk. While on the lead, he was incredibly docile; easily outweighing Katie, he could have dragged her down the street, no problem. During their outing, her imagination ran wild. After returning home, Katie found her parents and came up with a small ruse.

“Mommy, daddy. There’s a Goosebumps movie on tonight at 11 o’clock. Can I pleeease stay up to watch it? I already finished my homework for the weekend, and I bathed and walked Bruiser.” Brenda and Tim looked at each other and agreed it would be ok. Katie did everything in her power to control her excitement.

Around 10 o’clock, Katie’s parents said they were going to turn in, and to remember to turn the TV and lights off in the living room when she went to bed. She made sure to keep the TV volume as low as possible, almost on mute, so as not to disturb them, and on occasion would venture upstairs to look under their bedroom door to make sure the light was off. Once she could hear the low rumble of her father’s snores, she knew it was time.

Turning everything off downstairs, Katie brought Bruiser up to her room with her. Quietly closing the door behind her, she turned and locked the little dial on the handle; even though her room was at the far end of the hallway, she didn’t need any more surprise entrances.

“Sit, boy,” Katie whispered; he did as he was told. Bruiser was extremely well trained, and for being such a large, intimidating dog, he was very docile. As he sat looking at Katie, she removed her ‘My Little Pony’ night shirt, revealing her smooth, almost flat chest with pointy little nipples. Then off came her white, cotton panties, exposing her tender little honeypot, which had the tiniest bit of blonde peach fuzz.

Out of anticipation and nerves, she opened her bedroom door one last time, and peaked out to make sure no one was there. Walking back to Bruiser, he was still sitting in the same spot, like a good dog. “Now lay down,” Katie commanded in a hushed voice. Again, he did as he was asked.

Katie stood a few inches in front of him, positioning herself just right. Then sitting her smooth, soft bottom on the carpet, knees up, feet flat on the floor, her young vagina was almost right at the tip of Bruiser’s snout. Taking her fingers and rubbing them on her tiny labia, they became slick with her virginal pussy juices. Bruiser licked his chops and the tip of his nose, he could smell her sex.

“Here,” she said softly as she held out her hand to let his coarse, wet tongue lick the nectar off her fingers. She scooched her ass forward another two inches, and then patted her vulva and said, “Here, boy.” Bruiser lifted his head slightly, then his long, slippery tongue started lapping at Katie’s cute pussy lips. Covering her own mouth with her hand, trying to keep quiet, she squealed in surprise as he continued to lick her young snatch.

She had only ever played with herself a little using her fingers or a hairbrush, discovering what her own body was like; she’d never had her box eaten by anyone, or anything. Katie closed her eyes as she savored Bruiser’s broad, flat tongue going to town, tasting her clean, pink lips.

This whole time, getting excited from tasting her young cunt, Bruiser’s long, round, torpedo shaped dick had shown itself from its foreskin. She got up, and he followed suit. Getting closer to his back half, Katie got on her hands and knees, with his moist prick within inches of her face; she could see all the red and purple capillaries as she wrapped her fingers around it. Building up some nerves, she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the tip.

Tasting salty precum, she began licking Bruiser’s swollen member back and forth. Katie licked her lips to moisten them, then started to suck on it. Being the first dick she’d ever had in her mouth, she had a hard time fitting much in, and choked every time she got down more than a few inches. Eventually, she was able to handle more and more, shoving it down her virgin throat. Wanting more, she stood up and acknowledged what a good dog he was, scrunching his face to hers.

Katie got back down on her hands and knees, with her sweet flower in his face. She reached back with her hand and parted her pink lips with two fingers saying, “Here you go, buddy.” Bruiser continued licking her from behind. Occasionally getting his tongue deep inside her hole, and slobbering on her clean, unblemished asshole, the young girl reveled in the feeling.

Knowing what was possible, but unsure of what would happen, Katie went face and shoulders down on the carpet, ass up in the air. She reached back with both hands and spread her small, round butt cheeks. “Up, boy, up,” she said quietly.

Bruiser hopped up and forwards, his front paws landing roughly on the tops of her thighs. At the same time, he began thrusting his hind quarters forward, his long mast swinging wildly, looking for a tight hole to deposit its seed. Finally, and unexpectedly to Katie, his red rocket found its target. The large, thick head pierced her beautiful clunge; she flinched in pain.

As he continued pummeling her crotch, she thought to herself, “Oh, my God, it hurts! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Why? Why did I do this??” She continued breathing and finally relaxed, the pain soon turned into euphoric pleasure. Still trying to remain quiet, she couldn’t help but grunt and moan with the joy of having his dog meat inside of her.

One of his pumps missed the mark and his shaft slipped out of her now swollen pussy. Not wanting it to end, Katie got up on her bed, laying on her back and with her legs and snatch spread while hanging off the edge. Instinctively, Bruiser mounted Katie from the front, with his paws on either side of her body on the bed.

Bruiser had an immense amount of stamina, and continued driving into Katie’s youthful box for what seemed like another 20 or 30 minutes; she was in heaven. She held onto his strong front shoulders, and loved the feeling of his weight and soft fur against her bare chest. Finally, as he started panting faster and more heavily, he pushed his fat knot all the way into her tight cunt.

Katie grabbed hold of his hips and pulled them firmly in towards her own. He stopped plowing her pussy, and just sat there unloading his balls into her uterus; this was exactly the type of breeding Katie had in mind at the shelter. Not wanting him to take his meat out of her now cum filled hole, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him.

She could now feel his seed oozing out of her, down her taint, and onto her smooth butthole. Eventually, he backed off of her, and completely satisfied with himself, walked over to the corner of her room, circled a few times, then laid down and shut his eyes. Katie reached down, and putting four fingers in her pussy, she scooped out as much of Bruiser’s load as possible. Pouring the dog sperm into her mouth, then licking her fingers clean, she said, “Good boy.”

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