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My wife doesn’t know I’m her brother part 1

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This is a true story having my little sister as my wife but she doesn’t know I’m her brother

My real name is Carlos. I have a little sister her name is Sylvia. I was 20 and she was 12 but has a body of a adult. I was married with a 300 pound girl black girl. Her name is Shay she was 42. She was 35 and I was 15. She was always 300 pound. I was always skinny.. My little sister was 6. My wife was my babysitter. One day I was sleeping and my little sister too. I felt something big riding my cock. I open my eye I saw the sitter fucking me with no condom. I grabbed her big black ass spanking her while she fucking me. I’m was moaning loud screaming oooooioooh I’m going cum. She telling oooh baby cum inside me I want your babies. I tell I’m to young be a dad. She scream at shut the fuck up and cum now. I couldn’t no more she was to big to heavy to push her out. I cum inside her. She got pregnant in 9 month she got twin girls. They were beautiful. I never told my parents because I don’t want her go to jail. Each time she babysit we fuck. I love to see her huge melons. She got pregnant again and we have another baby girl. And we fuck again and have a baby boy. At the age 17 I already a dad of four children s. My mom found it the true about us and call the police and they arrested, she saw us fucking in her car. She was arrested. But my dad bail her out and drop the charger. My dad was a pastor and married us. My mom got mad and divorce my dad. My dad took custody of my little sister. On June 15th 1992 I hear a screaming in my dad room and hear my wife screaming fuuuuck me oooooioooh yeees. I open the door my dad was fucking my wife. They look at me like they don’t care and keep fucking.. I wake up my little be sister she was twelve and took her to my mom and told mom what happens. I was crying.My mom started kissing me and she started taking her clothes off. While I was fucking her throat she fainted. She wasn’t breathing. I dressed her and call 911. I started CPR and my ambulance came. She died a soon she arrive the hospital of a heart attack. She was 57. My dad and my wife came to the funeral. I told dad what happens and got mad punched me and my wife slapped me. My wife file for divorced. She took custodies of my childrens and I have to return my little sister to my dad because he already have custody. My dad remarried to my ex wife and move to California. My dad call me to see if I want to spend time with my little sister. My ex doesn’t want me to do nothing with my children. My dad put her in the plane. She was 14 year old already. I picked her from airport. While I was driving a truck re ended me in the back. I have seat belt but my sister forgot to put her in seat belt. She flew our and miracle survive. Doctor told me she was not going remember nothing not even me or dad even her for ever. One day I came to visit her at the hospital. I lied to my dad that she died in the car accident that the car exploded that was a miracle that I get out. While I was visiting her at the hospital she open her eyes and ask who was me. I told her I’m your husband. I closed the her door. I went closed to her and kiss her. I gave her a fast fuck before nurse come in. While I was fucking her I didn’t want her see she was breeding because she was a virgin. She could feel the pain because she was on heavy medication. I cum inside her. While she went back to sleep I went grab two wedding ring and while she sleep I put a ring on her to make believe that we was married. Read part 2

She got discharged in month. Nurse ask me if any other guy come to visit her and I told her why. She told me that she pregnant. I was so happy that my sister is carry my baby. I told the doctor a lied that yes some guy visit her a soon Ieave from hospital. In 9 month she have a beautiful baby boy. I name him Carlos Santiago Jr. She just turn 15 when we our baby. I was 22. While she was breast feeding the baby I got horny. I took the baby from her told her to get naked put baby to sleep. I took her to our bed and started sucking her huge tits . Sucking milk out delicious breast milk. Then I opened her leg and eat her pussy. She was moaning loud. Screaming please don’t stop honey. Oooooioooh yesses eat my pussy. She couldn’t take it no more and she cum. It was so delicious. I took my 9 inch told her to open her mouth. She was sucking in and out faster and faster. I started fuck her throat. I was hoping not to happen what happens to our mom. It didn’t. I cum on her mouth as she swallows my huge load. I was still hard open her leg again went top her and started fuck the hell of her with no mercy. She was having a orgasm. Screaming don’t you dare to stop. Oh fuck me fuck me!!! I turned her doggy style and fuck he from her behind and started fucking her hard again. I cum inside her again. She got pregnant and in nine months we have a baby girl. I have to married for real. I call my dad and told her I meet this young girl and we need to get married. My dad agreed if I let him fuck her one time.I told him is a deal if I can fuck my ex wife too. And we agreed. I have to change her looks before my dad recognize her dead daughter. I took her to a salon and change her look. She was so beautiful that I have to fuck her again this time with condoms. We park the car in a empty parking lot and give her a fast fuck because in two hours we have catch the fly.

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