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Teen tomboy

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Sometimes they just ask for it, when they do, I like to give it to them.

I first saw her at the sports fields on the edge of town, but at first, I thought she was a younger teen guy. She seemed to like football (Soccer), and would often stay later than the others, before leaving on her bike. I kept my distance, not taking too much notice, as I was by far much more interested in girls.
It took me a couple of months to realize that the kid I was seeing was not a boy, but most likely a teen girl. And that sparked my interest, I would keep a closer eye on her. Another couple of weeks and I was certain that the kid was definitely a girl, but trying hard to hide it. I watched as she would go to the toilets if anyone was about, she would try to hold off, and then after a double-check, go into the boy’s when she was there alone.
Girl in boy’s toilets, just asking for trouble. That would be me!
Later that week I spent a little bit of time at the toilets, making sure the door locks were broken. One was totally missing, and the other had been broken anyway. That would make it much easier for me when I was ready. Then a brief scout about outside to find a good place from where I could watch and wait until she made her move.
The weather began to pack up with strong to gales force winds racing over the sports fields. I kept an eye out and watched her go through her usual training, then the other left, it was just her alone now, good. I could see her battling the winds, I hoped that she would not go early.
I began to feel my cock stiffen.
I watched as she began to do a full loop of the ground, time for me to move and get into place. Carefully I watched her as I moved, I did not want to give away my intent. Then I was in place and she was on her return leg.
I carefully watched as she approached the toilets, waiting to see which way she would go and if she entered them. She hesitated, then moved closer to the boy’s toilets. She stopped and had a good look about then starred in my direction. I stayed calm and still. She took a few more steps, then looked directly towards me. Could she see me? I hoped not.
She began to back away, then turned and moved down to the far end. Was she actually going to use the girl’s toilet? I had not checked them, I had no idea if the door locks were good or not.
She stopped and looked about again. Had something spooked her? Then she moved back towards me and the boy’s end of the block. Again she looked about, then she slipped into the boy’s toilets.
I quickly set off and made my way to the toilet block, trying to keep as quiet as I could. The howling wind made it difficult to hear anyway but I didn’t want to mess up my chances. There was a faint squeak of a door being closed over. I slipped inside and saw the far cubicle door was closed over, that door did not have any lock.
I reached inside my pants and pulled up cock so it was upright, and it started to harden. I moved as quietly as I could to be outside the now-closed door. I heard the sounds of feet shuffling, and then clothes rustling.
I pushed open the door and saw the girl facing me with her shorts and panties halfway down her thighs. She squealed loudly.
I quickly stepped forward and then swung the door closed behind me. She squealed again.
Reaching out I took hold of her and pulled her upright, then swung her around and pinned her up against the wall.
“Naughty little girl in the boy’s toilets, aren’t you?”
“No, no, no no,” She wailed. “I’m not.”
I slipped my hand down her front and felt her lower belly and mound, my fingers running through her downy hair, and pressing against the top of her slit. She squealed loudly again.
“Yes, you are,” I smirked at her.
She quivered, then squirmed against me.
“Please. Let me go, I promise,” she almost cried.
“Not so fast,” I informed her as my hand pressed in firmly against her mound.
Suddenly she struggled hard against me, trying to hit me and to break free. I blocked the blows and kept a firm grip on her, but she put up quite a fight.
Then I managed to get her turned about and facing the wall, I pressed her hard against it. During the struggle, her shorts had fallen to the floor but her panties were still stretched across her thighs. Her top only partly covered her butt cheek. I ran my hand down over it and onto the back of her leg. Then I lifted my hand again and with a swift strike, I brought my hand in hard onto her but cheek.
She screamed and made a little dance with her feet as the stinging pain enveloped her backside.
I shifted position and lined up her other butt cheek. She knew what was coming, and she squirmed hard to try to avoid it.
Right on target, she screamed again and then she started sobbing. I heard and felt the wetness as she began to wet herself.
I kept her pinned until she finished, she had gone it a bit of a shock.
I pushed my hand up under her top and found she had on a tight-fitting crop top, that flattened her boobs. I squirmed my finger under it and began to rub and squeeze her little boob. Then I pushed the crop top up and released her boobs completely, while she squawked and squealed
I rubbed and squeezed her boobs while she squirmed and writhed against me. Each time I pinched one of her nipples she gave a little jump and squealed.
I slipped my hand down her front and began to rub her exposed pussy mound. She Cringed and wailed as I did so.
My cock had become very hard, and I want to get it into place. I grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her back around to face me. I pushed her hard against the well then I reached down and pushed her panties further down. They then shimmied down her legs to the floor.
I lifted her and forced her legs to part and then pinned her hard against the wall again, her toes now off the floor. I reached down between her legs and pushed the front of my track pants down hooking it lower so my cock was completely free.
I held onto my cock and eased the pressure holding her in place. She started to slowly slip down. I felt her body move lower, and then my cock was positioned right between her legs, it had only one place it could go.
She slipped a little more and she squealed. My cock was firm against her body and her pussy entrance.
She screamed as she slipped again. She tried to writhe but that just made it feel worse for her. Tears poured from her eyes, as she slowly became impaled on my cock. She felt so tight, her body hot against mine. I held her pinned, and I could feel she was only just on tiptoes.
Holding on to her very tightly, I eased my cock back slightly then pushed in again, She shuddered at the sensation, so I did it again, then again, I felt my cock worm in slightly more. Hell, she was just so tight, it was awesome. I began to slowly pump her while she sobbed and squirmed against me. Little by little, my cock worked its way deeper and she squirmed a little less. Once fully inside her, I began to thrust a bit more firmly.
After a couple of minutes, I felt my balls tighten, my body responding to her very tight pussy. I knew the rush was about to happen, so I held onto her very tightly.
I quivered hard as the first spasm hit me, I shot a big squirt deep into her, quivering again I followed up with several more shots. Hell! It felt so good.
I eased out and let her slip down, then she slumped to the floor. She looked totally shattered., She made a soft crooning sound while still crying.
“This is what happens to naughty little girls who go into boys toilets.” I told her, “You only have yourself to blame.”
I went to wash up, then I walked away. Job done!

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  • Reply DJ killafou ID:4glp01b09

    Wetness? She peed herself… I definitely would’ve put my mouth to her pussy & drank all of it

  • Reply Finger free 3 ID:4glp01b09

    Not gonna lie I would’ve definitely ate her out

  • Reply nathan berry ID:2vita58m

    have fun in hell

  • Reply God ID:5h5xxn8j

    Alright Carl, I’m sending you to the depths of Hell. That is, once I persuade Lucifer to take in someone as sick as you.

  • Reply Andy :) ID:161qh00r6ic

    Hi I’m new here. I’m almost 14. Is it bad that I like this stuff? 🙁

    • The lizard ID:4a21n6s5qrb

      As long as if fiction is all good if you become a Carl is wrong.

  • Reply Doug ID:7ylvmikv9b

    I hope she had your baby. I knocked up a passed out girl at a party I sure she thought it was her boyfriend’s it was a real turn on to see her pregnant. Better than the sex.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbbhj

      I believe she had her baby, hard to get confirmation. She was such a nice tight little pussy for me, loved how she cried.

  • Reply Carl ID:2kyee16thj

    So go hang out in places where you can be used

  • Reply SubVirgin ID:2dd3ebbb09

    I want to be used by men like a cocksleeve… I’m so wet

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh

      What’s your Snapchat or Kik

  • Reply Carl ID:1ah770leqr9

    Duh Anomalously, Im a guy who enjoys raping teen girls, so I dont wear bras, and I dont tell how old I am.

  • Reply 14 yr old ID:2vki2t0i


  • Reply Dickie ID:6629enpd9a

    Nicely done, good raping, and sounds like Deb got a good raping too.

    • Deb ID:vzgdqwqj

      It’s just amazing that something you want to happen.

  • Reply Deb ID:fzq364oia

    There is something wrong with you Carl. I didn’t have my period and I was afraid but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t put the getting sick at school and not having my period together as pregnant. I didn’t get sick in the morning both times it was right after lunch.
    I dropped out of school it was to embarrassing for me. But I did have the baby. At first I was thinking of put her up for adoption but as you feel the baby growing inside you. I changed my mind and I am a single mom. Only a few friends no I was raped most people I just say it was a ex bf.
    Does this answer all your questions? If anything bad ever happens to you please no you deserve it.

    • Carl ID:6629enov99

      Oh Deb, you are such a good girl. Have you finally accepted your raping is just part of life for a teen girl? Its so nice to hear you went through and had your rape baby just like a good girl should. Nice you opted to keep it too, a nice reminder for you, a boy or girl for you?
      Hopefully you will be raped again soon and get another rape baby to grow your family.
      And if anything happens to me so be it, there still are plenty of teen girls for my cock to explore, and to make babies for me.

    • Deb ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Your sick Carl

    • Carl ID:6629enov99

      Hi Deb, nice to know, I dont mind that you think of me as sick. Its nice to know that you had a girl, another rape pussy to be taken when the yime is right.Yo do know that once you have been raped, it often happens again. Good luck for another rape baby.

    • Aaa ID:4j4t7wnhj

      Just hope you rasie her as a better person than Carl

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enov99

    Now you are getting there Deb, thats such a good girl, Im proud that you are opening up on your raping, nice. Did you not notice that your period was late? Or was the shame and embarrassment a bit too much? Your mom took you to see the doctor, how did she react to her young daughter getting pregnant? Were you so surprized too? How long before you told your bestie that you were pregnant? Did the other girls in your classes think that you were a slut? And just for your info, most teen girls get raped, and out of those who get pregnant, 70% will have their rape babies. And yeah, it still maked me feel good about you, you did well.

    • Uhh ID:4ke8j2ozj

      Stfu bro your weird i hope you die

  • Reply Money ID:2w2anlyx49a

    Nasty bastard ?

    • Tim ID:7zv1l2afic

      You wouldn’t of fucked her?

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Money, yeah, Im a nasty bastard, I really enjoyed raping her, it was so much fun forcing my cock into her tight virgin pussy. And yeah, I dumped a nice load of cum up her for her toubles too.
      Dont you worry about her, she will survive, hopefully she now got an embarrassing little bulge in her belly.

    • Deb. ID:vzg6c942

      Carl is this the only time you ever raped a girl? Did you know her did you get her pregnant?

    • Bernard Koundry ID:5u100ta7qj

      Deb if you want to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923 my name is Bernard

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Deb, no, its not the only time, Ive raped a few teen girls at parties too. And yeah got some pregnant.
      And some good news, I spotted this girl again, looking very glum at the mall, she rubbed her hand over the little bulge in her belly.

    • Deb ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Carl does that make you feel good or bad ?

      I have a baby from someone like you.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Deb, it sure makes me feel good to see her with her little bulge, nice it had an effect.

      I am really happy to hear someone else like me got into you too, giving you a nice baby. How old were you when they raped you? You need to write it up and put all the little details of how it all happened since you are commenting on here, I look forward to your story too.

    • Deb ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Carl I was 16 had been at a party. Got to high and drunk.

    • Cael ID:cc4itbgzm

      Deb, nice party rape, did you realize that you were going to get raped at the party, and get pregnant? Or did wake up when the guy was fucking you? I hope that you had been a virgin too. Give us some more details.

    • Deb ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Carl what’s wrong with you?. I was not passport I just couldn’t stop him. I don’t know him and he was older and stronger. I need help but no one helped.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Deb, so he took you to a back room and raped you, that happens a lot at parties. Whats wrong with me, simple, Im a nasty bastard. I think its awesome that he caught you and forced his cock into your unprotected pussy. You were high and drunk, and beyond help. Did he make you orgasm too? Are you afraid to admit that? What else did he make you do?

    • Deb ID:fzq6vfu8l

      Wow just wow Carl. I did not orgasm I didn’t want to have sex with him at all. He pushed me down pulled my shorts and panties off. He would bite me until I spread my legs then he forced himself inside me pushed my shirt up and fucked me. I just laid there till I felt him cum. Then he left.

    • Carl ID:6629enov99

      Thats a good girl Deb, you are starting to open up about your raping. A pity he didnt make you orgasm, I would have at least tried to get you to do that. The truth is you went to a unknown party, you got high and drunk, then a guy took advantage of that, it didnt matter if you wanted too or not, he wanted to fuck you. It sounds like he exposed your titties too, did he give them a good sucking? Had you been a virgin or had you been fuck before? You can do this, give us more details Deb.

    • Deb ID:7zv1l2a8ri

      Are you crazy Carl..
      I was not a virgin so sorry that must disappoint you. I told you I didn’t no him I had never seen him before. He was like twice my age and ugly
      He really said little to me what he did say was just dirty. He squeezed and sucked on my boobs when I put my hands up to stop him he just push them out of the way. I was just a little over a 100 pounds he was big I couldn’t move him. When he came he laid on me said he needed that fuck. I was to embarrassed to tell anyone. Then in one day high school one day I got sick the next day I got sick again. My mom took me to the doctor office guess what it was? Morning sickness I was pregnant a junior in high school and had no idea who he was. I am 19 now with a child and hope to finish high school this year. Do you feel like shit now?

  • Reply David ID:7ylvmikv9b

    We can only hope she got a baby out it.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Yeah we can hope, I had the feeling that she was ready and ripe for raping, I think the timing was good. Just hope she didnt try to stop pregnancy from happening.

  • Reply Tyrone ID:28xjo80k0i

    It seems you actually have a fetish for trans people . And you are masking your fetish by raping them instead of accepting it maybe ?

    • Carl ID:6629enrb0i

      Trans or not, she had a tight pussy, that was of interest to me.
      I’ve noticed not too many complaints about girls telling of their rapes, but when I guy admits his desire…

  • Reply :( ID:ynnytb09

    i think the title is wrong, they sound transgender
    -they tried to look like a guy
    -their tank top under their shirt sounds like a binder
    -they could’ve been using the boys restroom to be comfortable

    also these are fake right ? like just fantasies and such people like to write ?
    because if not, then this is really disgusting- i don’t care how much you think they were asking for it, because no one ever is and it’s obviously not their fault, it’s yours and whoever raised you to be this awful and to think what you did was okay and justified.
    i hope you feel at least alittle bit bad for your actions, you are truly a good example for why the human race is plummeting

    • A Dickson ID:6629enrb0i

      She/he could have been transgender, I don’t know, don’t matter, don’t care.
      They tried to look like a guy but still had a pussy. A pussy in a boy’s room is asking for trouble.
      Some stories are fake, some are partly true, some are true.
      Hard to know it real or not, I hope it’s real and she got well and truly fucked.

    • Carl ID:6629enrb0i

      She was a very tight virgin girl. I had a lot of delight in changing that. My cock filled her and I got my cum up inside her pussy. She was in the wrong place and the right time for me. I made sure that she knew that she was still a girl.

  • Reply . ID:fx7itbfzi


    • Carl ID:6629enn49b

      Some guys are rapists, yes. That’s life. She got raped, her fault, she can deal with that.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:cc4itbbhm

    Awesome to hear her getting smacked like that, nice raping, hope she got pregnant from it.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yeah, she was an awesome but reluctant fuck, nice and tight, its possible she got impregnated.

  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    This quite horried, you raped her in the toilets, she didnt have much chance. Yes, she should not have been in the boy’s toilet, but that not an excuse. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

      Well, Vivian, I took the time to read your story, and I don’t think you have much to complain about. You sure got yourself in a very compromised position, same as the girl. You got fucked by a stranger, so did the girl. You accepted being fucked, she wasn’t quite so accepting, but it happened anyway.
      So Vivian, get off your high horse and think about those 4 girls you look after, and how you are going to tell them about what it’s like to be a teen being raped. And How you are going to tell your Hubby what happened. And so, Vivian, just how many days now is it that your period is late?

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Sorry Carl, yes I did get a bit carried away thinking it could have been one of my girls who was being caught. I have to accept the guy did rape me, not much I could do about it really.
      I now have to face the dilemma of having to tell Stuart what happened. I’m getting quite worried now, my period is now 6 days late, it’s never been this late before.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:cc4itbbhm

    So hot, such a naughty girl getting it, loved the spanking too. Good cum dump.

  • Reply Delany ID:cc4itbbhm

    Wicked, girl in boy’s toilets, excellent catch, good fucking, gave her what she deserved!