Cat: PreTeen

What made him do it

My older brother completely out of the blue carried me in to my bedroom and took my virginity, without saying a single word to me. It was amazing. # # # #

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The Wrong Door

I m an embarrassing mistake when I was about 7 years old, but it turned out to wake up my urges. I was in Tennessee at a soap box derby race. I noticed 2 girls kept looking at me because... #

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My young son’s cocks

I was raped by my Grand father when I was 13 while I was staying at his cottage for a month during the summer holidays. After he raped me he took me when ever he wanted, which was multiple... # # # #

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Big sis teaches me

I was just 10 and was about to find out my pussy could make me feel good. I had watched my big sister masturbating in her room many times and wondered why she looked like she was in... # # #

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Taylor’s First Lesson

With my wife working, son in school, and my daughter Taylor sick and sleeping I decided that it was a wonderful time to masturbate. I read incest stories, enjoyed my early life experiences... # #

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Happy with the dogs

Hi everyone, My name is Gary and this is my new passion.. So last week my buddy Jake asked me to watch his dog he said she is very special and is always ready to please you. That kinda... # # #

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