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A little girl seduced me

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I do nothing but eat, jerk off, sleep, play video games and watch hentai and porns. I’m also quite a good artist and I make money by selling my works

Overall, I’m content with life. Although outside my house, I(30m) don’t really have a good reputation as there’s a rumors circulating that im pedophile.. i mean its technically true, but they’re technically wrong too! I would fuck everything! Not just little ones. Well..anyway other than that i usually dont come outside and just enjoy life with my figurines and sex dolls. And although i said ill fuck everyone no matter what they are, i haven’t really touched other women other than my ex. Which is quite disappointing but I don’t really care..im not that desperate… For now..

Until one day at least…

It was a time when I was enjoying my jerk off session, my hand tightly wrapped around my 6 inch cock..it was not that thick but have a nicr length.. some might say its small but im content with it and im pretty proud of it. At that time i was watching a cute little preteen around 11 year old obediently kneels down while a group of men around 15 takes turn Cumming on her cute little face. At this point she have taken 11 cumshot already and her face was a beautiful slutty mess. And so was my cock.. my hand was covered in my precum and I used it as my lube..

I was slowly reaching climax as i imagine my self being part of the group.. her face kneeling right in front of me.. And then!!


I was suddenly pulled out of my fantasy making my climax recedes. “Fucking Shit!!” I grumbled in frustration as i stand up and fixed my pants.. but i didn’t really wipe my hand cleaned.. i mean why would i give a fuck about this guy who just interrupted me.. and so I walked downstairs, hand still coveted in my juice as I opened the door with my other hand..

I was caught by surprise..not because the fbi was in front of me. No
What surprised me was there’s a cute little girl around 10 year old in my door step, her face was round and cute, a small little nose and a cute sultry lips. Her round blue eyes looked at me curiously. She was wearing a blue onesie that have a floral pattern.

“Can i help you?” I asked.. being cautious..i mean why would a little girl suddenly be in front of my house? With my reputation I expected every single people here stopping any kid from coming closer to my place.

“Can we play? I wanna be your friend and play inside your house!!” She said cheerfully. And for some reason I think she meant it genuinely.. and im quite sure of that . As with my life, ive learned hoe to distinguish people who genuinely talks nice with me and those who talks nice to me but is cursing me in their mind.

‘Or maybe she too, has no idea the the fbi is using her as a bait?’ i thought..

“So, where’s your mum?” I asked still staying behind my slightly opened door.

“She went to work!” She once again cheerfully replied.

Me: “But why are you here? Haven’t everyone told you to stay away from here?” I asked.

Girl: “B-but you probably feels lonely here! Everyone dont want to play with you! So im here! Lets be friends!”

…..Fuck she’s cute.

Thinking for a while i looked around the corners. Then opening the door wider i mentioned to her..
“Come in.”

Hearing this she cheered and quickly run inside and even held my hand… My dirty hand.

“Hmmm?” She suddenly turned and look at her hand which was stained by my precum. *Sniff sniff
She started sniffing it and before i could even tell her something she licked her hand from her palm to the tip of her finger.

Not saying anything she looks back at me and smiled like she just made fun of me “hehe.. lets play!!”

And went inside..

As for me.. i was rock hard under my pants.


Im just testing this out if someone are actually interested in my story…if you guys want me to continue just tell me haha.. also sorry for my English

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