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Twin sister gang-raped

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My twin sister was gang-raped by 4 black guys in the back of a dirty van, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

My name is Luke and my twin sisters name is Lilly, when we were 11 years old I was forced to watch Lilly get her pussy destroyed by 4 black guys.

It was a Sunday afternoon and we had just been to a local pop-up fair, we were walking home and decided to take a shortcut down a back road, because it was Sunday it was quiet, not a lot of traffic, and we were just walking down this empty road with trees on each side, listening to the birds chirping and stuff.

A big blue van started coming down the road behind us, so we stepped to the side to let them through, but instead of going past us it stopped right beside us, then the side door slid open and three big black guys wearing dark clothing and face coverings jumped out, I knew they were black because their hands were uncovered, they grabbed us and bundled us both in to the back of the van, closed the door and drove off.

The guy holding me put tape over my mouth and then rolled the tape around my head several times, making sure I couldn’t scream or anything, Lilly was kicking at them and screaming, then the guy holding me put a flick knife to my throat, “Hey!….” he shouted at Lilly, she looked over at him and saw that he had a knife to my throat, “…Shut up, or I’ll kill him. Do you understand?!” he growled at her.

She nodded and stopped struggling and screaming.

“I’ll keep her quiet…” said one of the men, he pulled his pants down and exposed his big black cock, and then he grabbed Lilly and forced his cock in to her mouth, “…Suck on this, bitch! – this will shut you up.” He laughed, and he held on to her head and forced her to suck his cock while another man held on to her with her arms behind her back.

He was pulling and bouncing her head up and down really fast and I could hear her coughing and gagging and she was drooling from her mouth, he was proper forcing it down her throat, after a few minutes he grunted and groaned, holding her head in place with his cock so deep in her mouth her chin was resting on his balls, “Oooooaaah – Fuck I love little white bitches!” he exclaimed, then he ejaculated in her mouth.

A few minutes after that the van started to bounce like it was going over bumpy surface and then it stopped, the driver turned off the engine and climbed in to the back of the van with the rest of us, he rolled out what looked like a gym mat, and while the man continued to hold on to me, the other three men pinned down Lilly on the mat and tore off her clothes, stripping her completely naked.

She was crying and struggling with them, but she was too small and weak to fight off 3 fully grown men, “Scream all you want now, bitch. No fucker is going to hear you out here.” One man said.

“I like it when they scream.” Said another.

“Is she your sister?” one asked me.

I nodded.

“Well, I’m sorry, Bro, but we’re going to fuck your sister. Don’t give us any trouble and you’ll both be let go when we’re finished with her. Okay!” he said.

The 2 men removed their pants then one got on top of Lilly while the other 2 men held her legs open forcing her to do the splits, he licked her pussy and then licked his tongue all the way up her body and licked her face, “Bitch, you tastes good.” He said.

Then he took his big black erect cock and pushed it in to her pussy, she screamed and cried, “Argh – Uh – Ooooh – Aaaarrggh!” she screamed, I watched as his thick cock stretched her little bald pussy wide open and slid inside of her, and he started to fuck her, his ass was bouncing up and down and he was proper ramming it in to her.

“How is she?” one asked him.

“White pussy is tight, bruv.” He gasped in response.

One of the other men moved around to her head, he told the man that was fucking her to sit up so he could get access to her head, then he tilted Lilly’s head back and forced her to suck on his cock while the other man was fucking her pussy.

“Yeah, bruv!” the other man laughed.

Then the man fucking her groaned loudly and he came inside her, “Oooah – F-F-F-Fuck – G-God – Ooooah!” he groaned.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Said the man holding on to me, he then taped up my hands behind my back and threw me to the corner of the van, “Stay there!” he demanded, as he got up, took off his pants and changed placed with the other guy who had just finished, and he fucked Lilly too.

By the time the third man got on top of her and started to fuck her, they had broken her, Lilly wasn’t fighting or screaming anymore, she was still, with a blank gaze on her face, laying beneath the big bulky black man, lightly gasping and moaning as he fucked her, “Uh – Uh – Mm – Uuh”

Lilly had her little pussy raped 4 times and her mouth 3 times before they cut the tape off my hands and then pushed us out of the van, they just opened the side door and rolled Lilly out of the van like she an old carpet or something, they threw her torn clothes out the van and then they drove off.

With my hands free I managed to take the tape off my mouth, and it hurt because it was wrapped all around my head and pulling out my hair, then I rushed to Lilly who sat up and clung on to me and she started crying so bad and her pussy was bleeding, their big thick cocks had destroyed it.

We managed to find help and we were taken to hospital and reported what happened to the police, but the men were never caught.

Lilly was never the same after that, she didn’t speak a single word for months after, then about a year after the gang rape she just spiralled out of control and became a bit of a whore, she was fucking every boy in school and prostituting herself on the streets.

I blame myself because I couldn’t protect her that day.

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    Don’t blame yourself there was nothing you could do, and hopefully your sister is doing a lot better now than what she was

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      Thank you Peter for your concern , yes I am better and now I love sex in all forms except when it comes to little girls and boys ! Britney