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True story of girls first incest encounter

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So this is my first story so bear with me. I 16m met a 14f Harley on a dating site MeetMe this was back before they changed the age requirements. We added each other on snap and I got to know her. She was a chunky girl with thick thighs and brown hair, braces and pretty big tits for her age. As she was chunky. I still have her pictures and videos she’s sent me.

We would talk for hours about meeting up and fucking and all the naughty stuff that slutt wanted me to do to her. Only problem she lived an hour away and I just got my license so I couldn’t go that far yet without my mom being suspicious.

So as the days went by the sexual frustration from her built up;) and she begged me to come see her. We would lay on Snapchat all night talking and she said she would do anything for me to come over. So my 16 year old brain loved incest. She had two younger brothers, ridge (13m)and gauge (12m).

She come from a poorish family so her and the 2 brothers slept in the same bed and I was such a naughty boy, I made a deal. If she fucked they both then I would come over and fuck her. She lusted for me and did as she was told like a very good slut.
Ridge the older brother took some convincing, but he secretly must have always wanted to fuck his sister. 1 am they are all sleeping but it’s hot in there room so she only has shorts and a tank top on no panties. Gauge is sound asleep to her left and ridge is slowly nodding off to her right. She turns and cuddles ridge and convince him to roll towards her she puts her ass up against him and grinds like a good slut on his cock. I know all this because she’s got me on video call and holding the phone under the blanket with the flash on 😉 I am jerking off but trying to take my time and wait for the good part. Both brothers are virgins by the way. So as I watch his hands grip her waist I see her push through the leg wholes of her shorts and her brothers cock between her legs. I watch slowly as she grind back and his cock barely misses his mark. Thrusting back and forth I wait and wait and finally his small hard cock finds his sister tight wet pusssy and I hear Harley moan out and gasp as quietly as possible as her brother thrusts slowly in her pussy. About 5 pumps and I hear him moan and his dick dives deeper inside her I can see his balls and his cock pulse and fill his sisters pussy with his virgin load. I came hard asf and watched his cum pour out her pussy. After that night ridge became obsessed with his sister and would fucking or finger or get head any chance he could get. Add me on snap or instagram for more story’s/trade/ or to chat. Ito_slay

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