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A walk home from school Part.1

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Aya is offered a ride home. Will she take it?

Sorry! I am a little late for my introduction. I am Aya and I am 18 yrs old. I am a highschool student. It has been 3 days since my encounter with that old man. I think about that incident alot and have thought about all the possibilities that could happen. I constantly ask my self if I were given a chance to be in that situation again would I get in the car or walk away? When I imagine what would happen if I didn’t walk away I get squirmy and catch myself pressing my thights together.

I am in my class now and its the last period. My mom had told me to walk home today because she had work at the office and would not be able to pick me up. As I think about walking home from school and possibly meeting the old man again I start to get tingly sensation in my lower tummy. I clench my thighs together and the last bell rings. I stand up and fix my skirt and grab my bag and walk out. After telling bye to my friends I start walking home.

I normally take shortcut from my school to my home so the streets are never that busy and there are rarely people outside at this time of the day. As I near the street I first encountered the man in, my heart starts to beat faster and I feel tingly sensation in my lower belly. I pull the cuffs of my blazer as I walk down the street. I find no one on the street and get a little dissapointed.

As I am about to exit the street a car pulls up beside me. I stop and just stand there. What should I do? What if its the old man? Should I get in the car with him? But thats bad! I don’t know who the guy is and what if he is a serial killer? I could get killed! What should I do? What should I do??!!

I turned and looked inside the car. The old man looked back at me and smiled. His yellow teeth showing. I clench my thighs.
“Do you need a ride?”, he asked as he licked his lips.

My mind was telling me to turn and walk away. It was too dangerous and risky but the danger only intensified the thingly feeling on my tummy. I decided to get in the car.

I sat in the car and as I started to put on the seat belt he said, “Let me get that for you”. I leaned back and his arms brushed my boobs when he put my seat belt on. He smelled sweaty and musty. Suddenly, he put his hand under my blazer and grabbed my left boob and gave it a squeeze making me gasp. I didnt have my bra on as I had my sweater and blazer on and nobody would be able to see them. We sat in silence for a while as he drove. His car smelled of cigrette and mold.

“Where are we going?”, I asked.

“Do you want to go somewhere with noone around?” I said yes.

I had my bag on my lap. “Why don’t you put that bag in the back seat”, he said.With the bag gone my thigh was bare for him to see. My school skirt only came up to my middle thighs and when I sat down it went up higher.

He put his one hand on my upper thigh and slowly started to circle his thumb. I could hear my heart beat and I felt myself get hotter.

“What is your name?” “Aya. Your’s?”, I asked shyly.


“If you dont mind me asking, how old are you Tatsuo-san.”

“56. Does it bother you?”

I shook my head no, “Don’t you want to know my age?”

“Aya-chan do you think I would care about that? The first time I saw you walking in that little skirt I knew I had to have a taste of this pussy”, he shifted his hands under my skirt and started to massage my inner thigh. His words made me squirm in my seat. He brushed the tip of my panties with his fingers and I squeezed my thights capturing his hand in between. He slowly started to rub me through my panties. I opened my legs, I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy. I was wet.

He soon pulled under a secluded bridge. He didn’t stop massaging my pussy as he pulled over and parked the car. My breaths were laboured and I was flushed from head to toe. My pussy was hot and wet. He turned towards me and asked me to look at him.

I looked into his eyes and was reminded of the day I first met him. I remembered the he look he had on his face as he pleasured himself looking at me. My thoughts only made me more flustered. Now his hand was pushing my panties aside and rubbing down directly on my pussy.

He pulled me closer and kissed me on the lips. I had never kissed anyone before. His breath stank but I didn’t care. His tongue poked my lips and I opened up for him. “You taste better than I imagined Aya-chan”, his tongue in my mouth was like a snake. He was tasting every inch of my mouth. I sucked on his tongue as he worked on my pussy. He pulled me on his lap and took off my blazer and sweater. Now you could see the outline of my bra less boobs.

“Such a naughty girl going to school without a bra on. Were you hoping for a man like me to come around and play and suck on them? Huh?”, he took both of tits in his hand and squeezed them.

“N-No Ahh I-It’s not like thAhhT!”, I gasped as he started to fondle them harshly and pinch my nipples.

He opened my shirt and took one of my nipples in his mouth. It made me throw my head back and let out a loud moan. My hips were grinding on erection as he played with my clitoris. My tit in his mouth as I moaned and put my hands around around his neck. He pushed a finger in me and it made me gasp at the feeling. I had never had anything up there before. Not even a tampon.

“So tight”, He started to pump his fingers in me. My pussy was making wet sounds and I could’nt do anything but moan, “Haan-ahhh-Ah-Tatsuo-san ah-”

He continued fingering me adding two more fingers. Now with three fingers in me and my tits in his mouth I felt something build up in me. I was gasping and moaning loudly as I got closer to peak. I was grinding on him and the feeling of something hard poking my ass made me grind harder.

“I’m cumming. Please- ”

He rubbed my clitoris faster and bit my nipple, “Yes. Cum on his old man’s hand. Cum for this old man Aya-chan.”
With the last flick of his fingers I came with a loud moan. He kissed my lips again. I opened my mouth and let him suck my tongue. Our saliva dripped down my chin as he pinched and played with my nipples coating them with my cum.

“You look so beautiful when you come Aya-chan”, he put his glistening fingers wet with my juice in his mouth, “Hmm You taste even better.”

I blushed and pecked him on his mouth.

“How about we move in the back seat and I lick your pussy till you come in my mouth?”

I moved to the back from the middle of the console of the car. I felt a sting on my butt. Before I could react he was already out the door. I got into the back seat and he told me to lay on the seat and open my legs. He pulled off my panties and lifted my skirt up my hips. He put my legs on his shoulder and dipped his head between my legs.

His tongue flicked my pussy and I moaned loudly. He started to suck on my already stimulated clitoris and groaned. It was as if he was trying to make out with my pussy. I arched my back and moaned loudly. One of his hands came up and played with my already sore nipples. He thrust his tongue in my pussy and that was it for me I came with a loud scream. Even after I came he didn’t stop. He put his finger in me while sucking on my clitoris and playing with my tits.

“Please- I can’t cum anymore. Please-”

He worked his fingers and mouth harder and I came again for the third time. He moaned and drank my pussy juice. My vision was hazy and my breaths were laboured. I couldn’t think straight. He pulled me on the edge of the seat and stood by the door. He opened his zipper and pulled out his dick and put on a condom.

It was bigger than I seen before. He rubbed the tip of his dick on my pussy getting it wet. “Aya-chan are you ready to become my woman.”

Not able to think straight I said “Yes.”

Slowly, he eased into me. It was an uncomfortable feeling. I felt a prick and winced. He started to play with my clitoris again, “Good girl, you are doing so great. You can take it. I know you can. Just a little bit more.”

It hurt but his encouraging words made me want to do more for him. With my legs around his lower hips I pulled him in. He was fully in me and I gasped in pain. I felt so full but the pressure was nice.

I put my hands on my stomach, “You are so big. I can feel you till here.”

My words may have switched a flip in him he pulled out almost to the tip and roughly pushed himself back fully inside of me. He groaned loudly. “Fuck- You are so sexy Aya-chan. I can’t stop myself anymore”, and he continued to fuck me ruthlessely. Gone was the sweet guy from before. He continued to thrust in me and suck on my tongue.

He rougly pulled me and put me on my knees with my ass up in the air. He thrust inside me roughly, “Aya-chan, Is this what you wanted. Saying those naughty words to me. Did you want to get fucked hard and rough?”

I could do nothing but moan and scream. “Ah-ahhh please please ah- uhmm”

He fucked me as his hands came from behind me and grabbed my tits,” Aya-chan, I love your body. Your body was made to be fucked by a dirty old man like me. He was reaching the deepest part of me. With a pinch on my nipples I came clenching around him. He kept on thrusting in me. His thrusts became sloppier and with a final hard thrust he came in the condom.

I was spent. My body was glistening with sweat and my clothes were bunched up around my hips. I was breathing hard. He softened in me and slowed pulled out. Throwing away the condom, he fixed his clothes. I layed there and watched him. My body was like jelly I couldn’t even move my finger tips.

He carried me to the front seat and sat with me on his lap in the driver’s seat. He had his one hand on my sore boob and was slowly fondleing them. We both sat in silence for a while. Finally I was able to catch my breath and turned to him.

“That was amazing Aya-chan. Did you feel good too?”

I blushed as I nodded my head. I put my hands around his neck and kissed him throughly like he had done to me. When I pulled away I had a smile on my lips. He sucked my tits before I fixed my clothes and moved to the passenger seat.

He drove me back to my house. Before exiting the car, he took a feel of my tits and pinched my nipples. I moaned and kissed him sucking his tongue. I gave him my phone number, grabbed my bag and walked away from the car pantyless.

HEY GUYS!!!! If you want me to continue the series write down in the comment and give me feedbacks. NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS!! I’ll cry. Joking. All feedbacks are welcome!! 😉
With love,
risquéjaya xoxo

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