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My little fantasy

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Yasmin is 11 and shes been a horny little girl since she could remember, she just really needs to feel that heat

Hi im yasmin im 11 and ive always wanted to feel grown men like my older cousins touch my little button , i hate that i always have to hump pillows and my hands so i wanted to tell all the daddies and older cousins that have fantasies about little girls like me that i have fantasies about you old men too.
My aunty came down to california to visit. I dont really get to see my aunty alot she has two sons brian (14) and lorenzo (17) and as soon as they came through that door i started to think about how i wanted them to touch me and kiss me in my special parts, im not really sure how i started to have these grown up thoughts i just really want to feel that heat i feel between my litttle legs when my button gets touched.
My aunty and her sons slept in the living room so i got up to go peak at them sleeping and too look at lorenzo, he has big hands that make me wonder if his finger would fit in my little hole, i see eveybody in the living room but lorenzo so i run back to my room incase he was in the bathroom about to catch me snooping being an 11 year old creep, i lay down and feel like im falling sleep when i feel a hand cuping my special area * omg its probably lorenzo touching me * i think to myself so excited just feeling the hand feeling around my special place * please touch my button please touch my button * i think to myself then it just STOPS * NO NO NO NO please keep going , should i turn around ?* im panicking thinking to myself ” you think shes asleep?” I hear brians voice * are they both in here ?* i feel a bigger hand go striaght for my button and that makes my body flinch but i cant let them know ik awake ” no, feel that little hard part right here ” he goes back and toaches my button but this time my body was ready for it ” if she was awake she would moan a little becsuse im touching her clit ” the older voice said ” clit ?” The younger voice asked ” yes clit , you need to lick it and suck on it just like when a girl licks and sucks on yours ” hearing him say that made me feeel so good and hot in between my legs so i had to ask him to do it to me ” can you please do it to me ?” I asked with desperation in my voice and hear inbetweeen my legs and i could tell they were scared ” i wont tell but please lick it and suck it like you said ?!?” They both look at each other …….. ” ok…… but… you have to do it to us” without hesitation i took my pajamas and underwear off and opened my legs to let him have an easy access to my button,
I looked at my button then looked at lorenzos eyes ” come on do it ” i said flexing my button at him, he got on his knees and gave one big lick started at the botton of my button all the way to the top and i let out a loud gasp so brian closed my mouth with his hand because my little body took such pleasuring shock i coildnt do it myself ,
Lorenzo goes for another lick and it feels so tickilish but oh my did it feel so good i couldnt get enough ” keep licking lorenzo please dont stop ” i said i reached to grab his head to push it deeper because i just needed more then he started to suck in my whole special part while flicking his tongue i couldnt anymore i just layed back and let my 11 year old body feel whatna grown women feels and i loved it so much after the heat went away i told him to keep going tikl i felt it again and again lorenze got tired and brian said he could try but it wasnt the same, the next night onky lorenzo came but this time he put his big finger in my hole which hurt so bad but when he gaves me that orgasm ilthat finger felt like a really big meat stick inside i could feel my special spot sucking his finger in and out it felt soooo goooddd i cant wait till it night again , im so sad hes leaving in 3 days maybe ill ask my big brother…………. i can makes part 2 if wanted

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  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Good story just lay back and enjoy it. You will have many more exciting moments once you get the fail of it.

  • Reply B ID:1drbqpfms2sj

    If it had been me I would have plowed that field

  • Reply Tony ID:2px1ogomkqz

    Telegram me… @FraterBarrackubus…cum with me

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek56s5oic

    Hello Yasmin I would love to hear if you got anymore experiences. Maybe we can chat and discuss our mutual passions. You can reach me either on Proton or Session @: 0545a6b86bdc4882ea8ccab4d96fccd76cca844460290745b4397decd45d665740

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m8127yb0a

    Hi Yasmin I love your story . Why not hit me up on session or email please.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cqaaskflbw7

    Feeling an adult cock in your lil cunny is like no other feeling in the world. I have had 11 year olds start crying they came so hard and in total awe of the sexual high I had given her making her shake and shiver for minutes as wave after wave hit her lil body. Those are the most precious times in my life making love to a boding preteen and she will never forget it her entire life. Make a preteen happy and give her your cock, she deserves it.

  • Reply Ste ID:1dbit21swlpa

    I know a yasmin hot

  • Reply Tyler ID:6rkmwn4zrd

    Is there a way to contact you Yasmin?