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The Natural

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I grew up with a stepsister Amy. She is very intelligent, average looks and very nerdy. When puberty hit I started to notice that cute little butt of hers. She was starting to develop getting little bumps on her chest. She was 10 and I was 13.

Our parents went bowling and out for drinks with our neighbors. I was left in charge of babysitting her.

“Hey let’s watch….”, she mentioned some chick flick.

“I don’t want to watch any girly movies.”, I said

“It is not a girly movie!”, she said.

“Well I am the babysitter and I am in charge! So no!”, I said

“I am the more mature and far more intelligent one. I should be in charge.”, she said and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Yeeeeeah. Real mature.”, I said. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. “Here brat let’s watch your stupid chick flick.”

We were watching the movie and the sex scene came on. At this time I was lying on the couch with my legs resting on her lap. The sex scene in the movie was pretty good and I noticed I was getting wood.

“Please go down. Please go down.”, I thought. Too late. She noticed the tent that had formed in my shorts.

She busted out laughing. “Thought you didn’t like this movie?”, she asked smiling and giggling. “Boink!”, she said touching it and pulling her hand away.

“Amy what the fuck? Stop that!”, I yelled. She did it again laughing her head off. I got up and got away from her. She was laughing at me standing in front of her with a huge bulge in my shorts. “Yeah real mature!”, I said

Her intelligent side kicked in. “Oh come this is just a normal male reaction to visual stimulation.”, she said giggling.

“Where do you get this stuff? You are 10.”, I said

“I read doofus! Plus I outwit by a 100 IQ points.”, she said sticking her tongue out. “Besides it is cute. Come on sit down.”, she said blushing. I was mad so I made her sit in the recliner. She insisted on sitting with me. I told her no. She protested until I gave in. I laid back down and she climbed on top of me. Resting her head on my chest.

“Uh I am sorry but do you really need lay on top of me like this?”, I asked. Her finger went over my mouth to shut me up. I had my hand on her side. Another romantic scene came on and I moved my hand to her ass.

She mocked me. “Uh I am sorry but does your hand need to be on my butt?”, she asked. I put my finger over her lips like she did to me. “Jerk.”, she said. I squeezed her butt. “Hey!”, she said.

“What Hey? You’re lucky I don’t do this!”, I said and touched her crotch.

“Hey! What the fuck? Stop!”, she said waving her hands and mocking me.

“You did it to me!”, I said

“Yeah but…..”, she said but having no comeback. I messed her hair playfully. She called me a dick.

“By the way language!”, I said. Finger went over my lips. I laughed.

I was dozing off as the movie went on. She saw what was happening and decided to sneak a peek at my cock thinking I was asleep. She called my name but I did not answer. She got up and slowly but carefully pulled down my shorts. She got as far as the few pubic hairs I had coming in. She couldn’t pull it any farther. So she got up. She was standing beside me and tried looking down my shorts. I woke up. “Arrrrrrrgggg”, I growled and scared the shit out of her. I pulled her back onto the couch with me. I got over her and tickled the shit out of her.

“You wanna be sneaky like that huh?”, I asked and I grabbed her shorts and yanked them down panties and all. I got a peek at her little baldy before she covered it with her hands. “Why are you covering it? You don’t like other people peeking at you naked? Wow!”, I said.

I got up. “Get over here!”, I barked. Her shorts went back up. I sat at the other end told her to stand in front of me. I pulled down my shorts and showed her what she wanted to see. Her mouth dropped open and she could not take her eyes off of it. She shyly touched it with one finger.

“It doesn’t bite.”, I said. She didn’t even acknowledge me. She just took it with both hands and felt it up. She was studying it more than anything.

She giggled. “Hey see if you like this.”, she said. Both hands took my hard dick. She put it in her mouth. Her tongue was swirling along my head. She went down on it taking as much of my cock as she could in her mouth and slowly sucking on the way back up.

“Where did you learn that? Are you doing this with someone?”, I asked

“I deciphered the passcode for the parental lock. I was watching dirty movies this morning.”, she said and giggled

“Why didn’t you tell me?”, I asked

“I didn’t know how you would react. Can I finish this please?”, she said. I messed her hair. She went down on me again. She was a natural for her first time. I could tell she loved it. She was making gurgling sounds when she was all the way down on it. Slowly and meticulously sucking her way back up. She started feeling my sack while her mouth showed its love to my penis. Up and down slowly. Her lips tightly against my dick as she went back up and her tongue sliding against my cock head. I felt myself about to come. “Aw god! Amy Amy.”, I said. She knew what was about to happen and started jacking me off at the base of my dick as she sucked slowly as she came back up. I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Awwww Amy! Amy.”, I was going to hold her head down on it and cum in her mouth. There was no need though. She went down on me willingly as my first shots of sperm went into her mouth. She started jacking me harder as I unloaded. Spurt spurt spurt, until I was done. Finally I just collapsed into the couch exhausted. She was giggling, glowing, proud of herself because she pulled off her first blowjob so well. Cum just oozing down the side of her mouth. Her lips were white as well. She swallowed her mouthful then her tongue came out and tried slopping up the drooling sperm. She licked her lips clean and cleaned the rest with her finger and then licked her finger clean.

“That was fun!”, she exclaimed. “See what happens when you research? Pick up a book sometime. Get on the internet. Watch a dirty movie. Sports and video games aren’t everything!”, she said teasingly and laughing. She was an adult woman trapped in a 10yo body.

She pulled her pants off and laid back down on the couch. Her little body was like artwork. Seeing her bald virgin pussy made me hard as a rock all over again. I wanted to fuck her bad. But that got quickly shot down. She spread her lips. She showed me this dot thing and told me to lick there. I just licked everything and everywhere. She huffed. She pointed to her clitoris all aggravated.

“Lick here! God boys are so dumb.”, she said and smirked. I shoved my thumb up her pussy and pinched her pussy lip. “Ow dick! I am going to bite it next time!”, she said. I laughed. I started thumb fucking her. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”, she said. I started flicking and teasing her clit with my tongue. Lil sis was getting into it. Her little tunnel was becoming wet. I took my thumb out to her protest. I stuck my finger in her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. It was cool watching her eyes roll into her head and her getting off on what I was doing to her. I switched up again and shoved my finger up her ass and my thumb up her pussy. I was rubbing the thin lining in between as I resumed eating her out. She squealed. “Mmmmmmm. Steven.”, she said. “Mmmmmm”, she moaned again. She jerked upwards a little and went back down. She held her head as her legs clamped down. They released a little and clamped down again. “Steven!”, she said as her orgasm peaked. She collapsed exhausted onto the couch.

“I did ok?”, I asked with a smirk.

“Ah C+”, she said playfully

“You got a freaking D- then brat!”, I said back

“Ew big brother can’t take a joke. Dang. You did great. Mr. Fragile Ego. I was joking. I am sorry.”, she said

“I know you were.”, I said smiling. We quickly grabbed out clothes as our parents car pulled up in the driveway. She ran to her room and hopped into bed since it was past her bedtime. My stepmom asked how everything went with her.

“It went well. Very well.”, I said.

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    Chapte 2

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    I love all these stories of sexual awakenings. They are so cute and innocent yet filled with the lust of life that makes the world around us seem so amazing. No lil sexual awakened girl should ever go without a cock…….ever!

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    You should of raped her vagina tearing her apart

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      You are a p.o.s.

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    Part two please

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