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Jeffie is gay

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My first gay experience is with my friend’s little brother.

I ended up babysitting a friend’s 10 year old brother. My friend and I were going to go out and do something, but his parents were leaving for the weekend and, since he was living there rent free, he had to watch his brother. We were smoking a little weed, watching a movie when his work called and needed him to cover a night shift. He tried to get out of it, but he really wanted to make manager, so he begged me to watch his brother.

I was half baked, so I agreed. He left me with Jeffie. Jeffie was a precocious 10 year old who talked alot. But I was high so I didn’t mind. Jeffie at next to me on the couch. I gave him the remote and he searched and found a movie and sat watching it. It was some kind of WW2 spy movie. At some point the main male character starts a sex scene with another guy.

I try for the remote, saying, “you don’t want this, Jeffie.” But he held the remote away from me and said, “I wanna watch it. ”

“Why? It’s gay shit, dude.”

“It’s okay,” he answers, “I’m gay.” I laughed. “Bro, you’re too young to know what you are, now give me the remote. ” By this time the main character has his cock in his lover’s mouth and as grunting. They don’t actually show his cock but it’s obvious what’s supposed to be happening.

“I’m not too young. ” Jeffie said. I stopped reaching fort the remote.

“You don’t even know what they’re doing. ” I argued.

“He’s gay and he’s getting sucked off by his friend. ” Jeffie answered with confidence.

“What? And you think you want to suck cock, too? ” I asked?

Jeffie got a little sheepish and nodded.

“You never even seen one in person, I bet. How would you know? ”

The boy shrugged, “I bet I would is all.”

I swear it was the marijuana talking. I flipped the blanket off me, pulled down my boxers and pointed my cock towards the ten year old. “Here’s a real live cock, Jeffie, what are you going to do? ” My cock began to thicken and rise as I held it. To my surprise, the boy simply leaned over and took my cock head in his soft warm mouth.

“Fuck! ” I gasped. I never thought of myself as gay or bi, but my cock responded to the kid’s mouth and my six inches hardened and the boy pushed further down, engulfing more of my erection. I started breathing faster, my mind spinning. “Fuck! You’re a gay little cock sucker! ” I breathed and placed my hand on the back of his head.

The ten year old must have watched porn or he was a natural cocksucker, because he began bobbing on my cock with no teeth. It felt good, his mouth and his suction. The boy even swirled his tongue around the head, probed my pee slit occasionally at the top of his motion.

“Fuck! You suck cock good! ” I told him and took his hand and put it on my balls, squeezing them with his hand. Fuck it, I was horny. I was about to cum in a ten year old boy’s mouth and was happily thrusting up as he went down….I was bi, I guess.

“Fuck, yeah, suck my cock, bro. Suck my cum out, baby!” Did I just call a boy, “baby”? I held his head down with my cock at the top of his throat. “Now you’re deep thrusting me, baby, hold it! It feels so tight in your throat! ” I felt him heave a little and let him up for air.

“Well, Jeffie, I admit you’re gay. What do you think about sucking a man’s cock? ” The boy giggled and went back down.

I reached over him and slid my hand into the waistband of his pajamas and found his little, hard cock. Yes, he was gay, indeed. I began jacking the boy’s thin cock. His sucking enthusiasm increased and every so often, he’d crush his face into my pubis and I felt my cock head enter his tight throat. I squeezed his cock head and rubbed it whenever he deep throated me.

“Jeffie, I gotta cum. When I say now, I’m gonna go as deep into your throat as I can. Hold it and take my cum, baby. ”

I let go of his dick and slid my hand up his back to the back of his head and said, “Now! Take it now! “And I forced his head down my shaft and held it there as my sperm erupted in his throat.”

I didn’t hold it long, because he was young and new to it. I let him take the last few spurts of my cum in his mouth. “That’s it, Jeffie, suck it all out. Clean my cock off.” I ruffled his hair.

“Jeffie, you okay? ” Somewhere in my head I realized not only did I just have my first gay experience, I fucked the mouth of my friend’s ten year old brother.

“Bro, I’m convinced you’re gay. You’re such a good cocksucker you kind of turned me gay. But, umm,um, is has to stay a secret between us. Other people wouldn’t understand. ”

Jeffie nodded, “I won’t tell, if you let me do it again! ”

All i could think was ” Fuck.”

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  • Reply The one ID:1frzz620c

    Hot!! It’s been a couple of weeks now. Don’t leave us waiting for an update

  • Reply Reiko50 ID:2bgohyx0d2

    I could imagine it was great .Only you should have return the favor,

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e89t2wi4hal

    The good old days! Remember a sleepover birthday party when I was 12. What started as a ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” ended with my taking anal liberties with a 10 yo while the others watched. I remember that he wasn’t all too willing and struggled to get from under me. Honestly, it wasn’t the 1st time for me. I was already sexually active with my uncle and aunt (mom’s side) since I was 9. I’m 60 now and still have a taste for preteen boys.

    • Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

      You can’t beat the feeling of preteen boy sucking your old hard cock , and you feel his little smooth cock between your fingers and then your lips

  • Reply Great ID:1cxipavsdh4r

    Hopefully there’s more

    • Rob ID:1eoc0sl02782

      I’m 48 and would love to deep throat a 10 year old boy!

  • Reply Biboy69 ID:1dg2bi8acby4

    That is so Hot and want to hear more, I bet he would let you fuck that tight 10 year old ass

  • Reply Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

    I would like to try that any takers