Cat: Gay

I love you baby boy

At a young age 12 to be specific i was always a cutie with soft little pink lips and soft caramel skin and curls with light brown eyes my mom called honey globes. When my mom was in... # # #

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Receiving my first Blowjob

I just finished college and I got a job working in Miami for about 7 months. I didn’t have any family there so I would get lonely sometimes. I also was the shy type so relationships... #

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My 3 sisters and me part two

The nexted day I woke up it started with breakfast and talking about the day we had planned me and my sister went up stairs I got shaved waxed my sissy cock was not very hard but I... # # #

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Me and Bestfriend

So me and my friend haven’t seen each other in a good while and we have some gay history together. I’ve sucked his cock and stuck it in him a couple times, but never cummed. He... # #

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Karina Way

The more accepted definition of #CovertIncest is a relationship where family members are more like a Spouse, without the actual physical intimacy… # # #

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Pastor Joseph holy cream

Levi sat in the chair in front if the pastors desk the 11year old boy dressed in khaki slacks brown church shoes and a blue button up his ruffled blonde hair and green eyes made him... # #

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i fucked myself fir the first time

So last night I was really really horny and I wanted to fuck my self with something. So first I tried my middle finger and I tried sitting down on it and bouncing on it. That didn’t... #

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Me and my friend

This is a true story. I was about 10 years old when one day I got curious. I’m a skinny Mexican boy and no girls really liked me, besides some girl. I was barely ten but already started... # #

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Male to Male. Dog to Teenager

My parents got a dog for personal reasons but he sure is one jumpy canine. His name is Puma and is in that small to medium dog size category. And because of that he moves around like... # #

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Raped in school locker room

This is the story of how I was raped by my class mate in the schools locker room. I am a bit chubby with brown hair and hazel eyes with a 6 inch cock. My class mate is athletic, black... #

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