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Got my dick sucked at 14 by an older guy and loved it

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ended up cumming in old dudes mouth as a teen.

a couple years back i decided to go onto sniffles to explore my sexuality, ended up talking to this older 42 year old guy that was really perverted. We talk and exchange pics after a couple weeks and he invites me over to his place. When i get there he greets me with the fattest sloppiest kiss i’ve ever had and just instantly puts his hang under my shirt and grabs my dick. At first i pushed up away as it took me by surprise but i never pushed his hand away. As i walked in his house, pants down at my ankles with his hand stroking my long 7 inch cock he sits me down on his couch and proceeds to give me the most amazing and wet blowjob ever. I’m not even even joking when I say i probably came in 2-3 minutes from how good he was. From the tongue movement to the fact he was deepthroating me i just couldn’t handle it and ended up cumming in his mouth as he swallowed it all. we ended up getting food after that and then he drove me home and gave me head again in his car where this time i thankfully lasted a little longer. Never saw him after that but definitely helped me know that I was bi. For more info hmu on snap its eli_camey376 just say SS69 so ik where your adding me from.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    I got a blow job from zn old guy playing Santa at the mall. I nutted in his mouth and he had cum all over his beard when he went back to work after his break.

  • Reply Donny ID:gnrroou4z

    Reminds me of the first time I got my dick sucked. A little similar to yours but completely unplanned. I was 13 and a dude at a truck stop in my town convinced me (he may have been a truck driver, may not. I have no idea who he was to this day) to go in the bathroom with him because he had to “show me something”. It was broad daylight so I wasn’t one bit suspicious. One thing led to another and I let the guy suck my dick. I kind of wanted to run out but it felt good and I wasn’t sure what to do so I just let him suck it. I thought to myself at one point that I may bust a nut in his mouth if he kept doing it and before long, that’s exactly what happened. He swallowed it, too. Then he stood up as if that hadn’t just happened and even said “Thanks” when he walked out the door. I kind of felt like it should have been me thanking him but it was all so weird I didn’t say anything. Anyway, my first dick-sucking was by some guy. Better than not getting a dick-sucking at all, I figured.

  • Reply Dubya ID:1ejweug7gu0x

    We older guys know what we’re doing! I’ve met several younger guys on Sniffies, just not as young as you. They all went away satisfied!

    • Dan ID:1eu3nlin5lfn

      Any chance you like giving blowjobs?

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6d1vcvg6i

    I did my 1st bj, I didn’t want it to be quick, I wanted it to last, and put a smile on your face God couldn’t wipe off. It isn’t just the bj, it’s what’s going on with it as well. Same thing with eating pussy. If your person isn’t trying to ripe your head off or choke you because their legs siezed up during that orgasm. Yours not doing it correctly. The same goes for eating that arse out.

  • Reply El wazza ID:4bn00en3fia