Cat: Gay

One afternoon

Several years ago when I was still trying to appear straight , my girlfriend thought I was Bi and knew that I sucked and I wanted her to watch me have sex with a man or more, One day... # #

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My birthday

On my 53rd birthday I was on my home from Oklahoma, I live just south of Dallas . I am a still n the closet gay man,. Any way after checking out a couple of bookstores looking for some... # #

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Fuck my neighbor son

My 13 years old neighbor son used to come by me to do homework, his parents wasn’t home, mine wasn’t home too neither, so I finished his homework, then he was copy it down,... # #

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Made me gay

First, I’m not gay. I’m a straight male of 19 years old. The story I’m sharing started on my 19th birthday. It was my birthday and I share it with Jeremy. Jeremy is... #

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Fuck by my Co worker pt 1

I was 18 years old working at the backdam, my co worker name Kevin, we were alone in the field with the machine when all the other workers gone out to obtainning some parts for the... #

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Very first Blow job by older man

I think I was around 14 at the time, I wasn’t old enough to drive but I did have a girl friend that would have vaginal sex with me once and a while. I lived with my parents in the... #

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