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Saving Grace Part 10

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One Night i was MIA or should that be M.I.A

I had messaged back and forth with Mia most of the night, ranging from general chit chat to the Saturday she referred to when saying “can I have another drink.”

I had just made my way up to bed when my phone flashed up again.

“it’d be great to see you again, don’t know if you feel the same, but just thought I’d put it out there, night x.”


I sat there at work the following day agonizing about whether I should reply, or what I would even say.
I opened my phone and began to type.

“Hey, why would it be great? Thanks for putting it out there though, x.”

I was sat in traffic when her name flashed on my phone.

“Sorry for the late reply, well I thought we had fun on that Saturday, I know I did 😊, you’re a dilf don’t forget. I’ll call you shortly x.”

She was true to her word, surely enough, within 15 minutes she called me, I had just got home, we chatted for around an hour while she made her way home from Kate’s house.
She was staying at Dominika’s house, so we planned for Friday evening.

I picked her up in the car at the pre-arranged meeting place. She looked and smelled amazing, Nike pro tights and a tight belly top that showed off her beautiful olive skin.

“You smell and look amazing” I commented.

“Thanks, I look like a slob, but parents would freak if I went out in my black dress.”

“Love the pigtails aswell.”

We made idle chit chat on the drive with no destination in mind, she didn’t need to be anywhere until 8 so we had a few hours to pass.
I let her direct my driving, and she had us park at a waterfall, we got out and walked around the adjoining lake, enjoying the low light of the evening, she had hold of my arm at times, but let go when people approached us.

I was merrily talking about anything when I noticed she wasn’t replying.

“Mia, where are you?”

“it’s ok, I have the car keys, I’ll leave you here.”

“I’m over here, come find me if you like” came her reply.


I found her hid behind the biggest and thickest tree, I didn’t need to look far or intently, I just had to smell her vera wang princess perfume.
She was there, her tights pulled down exposing her Calvin Klein underwear, it was a remarkable sight, this olive-skinned beauty with 34b boobs. My teenage girlfriend’s best friend.

“Oh, sorry do you need a minute?” I jokingly quipped.

“No, I want you to touch me” she replied.

I didn’t need a second invitation; I squatted down beside her and checked every inch of her teen body.
I grabbed her and hugged her tightly; I drew back but she pulled me back into the embrace but this time our lips met with an unwavering amount of passion.

My hands started groping her boobs under her top, I freed them from her matching bra, and took them in my mouth. Her nipples were already erect from the chill in the air.
Her soft moans were telling me she was enjoying my tongue action on them, I used my free hand to slide inside her panties and begin to rub her teenage pussy.

I slid my middle finger inside, she grabbed my arm and looked directly into my eyes with intense lust, I started to finger her while using my thumb to massage her tiny clit.
She never broke eye contact with me whilst I went about my business, I periodically had to stop to make sure that nobody was approaching.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, just making sure we don’t get caught.”

She looked around, realized we were alone, and then began to rub my raging erection through my jeans.

“You want to throatfuck me daddy?”

“Come on, you know you want to.”

I did want her to suck my hard cock, but I weren’t expecting her to even propose that, she began to undo my jeans, and moved herself into being on her knees.
I grabbed the blanket from my bag and placed it on the floor, when I was finished, she went back to her undoing of my jeans, she exposed my hard cock like a pro. She didn’t even flinch and began to suck on it.

She really was a total slut, not only was she sucking my cock, but she was either rubbing her own boobs or pussy,

I was in pure ecstasy, I kept on looking down at her just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t. my moans filling the rapidly approaching night air. I looked down again.

“Ooh you ready now?” I asked.

“mmmmhmph” came her response, she didn’t even stop to talk.

I pulled away and broke my cock from her vice like grip, a stream of saliva falling on my jeans.
I looked down at her again and kissed her passionately, her tongue instantly met mine, she instantly grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

I broke from our kiss and proceeded to throatfuck her like she asked if I wanted to, grabbing her handlebars with ferocity, her gagging sounds were now loud and piercing the still night air.

“Glug glug glug glug”

I pushed a bit too hard, and was pushed away, she vomited right there by the tree.

I felt bad for her, she didn’t bat an eyelid… she took some water from her bag, drank some, spit that out and went back to sucking my cock.

“Are you sure you’re ok to continue?” I wearily asked.

Just a nod was put back towards my question.
“Mia, I want to fuck you like that Saturday” I said softly.

I took her underwear down from her hips, and rubbed my saliva encased cock up and down her teenage pussy…

I didn’t waste another second before sliding inside her.
“Oh fuck! That’s fucking good!” she screamed up from the darkness.

“I fucking love your cock”

“Can we fuck again soon?”

“of course we can, but our secret of course, Grace must never find out.” i replied.

I hadn’t thought of Grace until that point. And didn’t think of her again, until much later.

“Uh huh, yeah, um, totally”

Me and Mia fucked for another 5-10 minutes right there in the pitch darkness, only illuminated by the moonlight. Romantic a little but on a woodland floor, not so much. I began to climax; she realized that I was close as my thrusts were spacing out.

“I want you to cum in my mouth daddy.”

I stood up and began to stroke my cock for her… I could feel her gaze on my actions.

“I’m rubbing my wet pussy for you daddy” came from the darkness.
“I’m going to cum” I replied,

I then felt her mouth envelope my cock and I began to shoot my hot load into her waiting mouth.
She swallowed every drop. Before pushing her mouth back to my cock…
I grabbed her fingers and tasted her pussy on them.

“You taste great Mia.”

We finished our sordid session and walked back to the car hand in hand, her hand gripping tightly with every gust of wind and break of a twig.
We made it near Dominika’s just before 8pm and shared a passionate kiss. She got out, came round to my side of the car, and gave me a kiss on the cheek and ventured off to her friends.


I had just parked the car on the drive, and my phone finally started receiving messages…
Grace and Jess had messaged about doing something over the weekend, and then another message popped up.

“Thanks for 2nite, I was serious, can we meet again? I left you a little something under the passenger seat to show how serious I am. Hope you didn’t mind me calling you daddy 😊 xx.”

I leaned over, and felt around, and then grabbed it…

It was her Calvin Klein underwear, I quickly put it inside a bag, and took it inside.
I took them to my room and hid them. I messaged her back.

“Thanks for the gift, I’d love to see you again xx.”

A reply came back instantly.

“Yay!! I look forward to it, but smell them, I came in them whilst you throatfucked me 😊 xx speak soon.”

I laid there once, I had showered and messaged Jess back and made some poor excuse of needing to sleep as felt groggy all day but was fine now. She didn’t reply. I also text grace the same,

“No worries papa, I’m glad you feel better, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon, night night xx.”

I turned my phone to silent, and laid down thinking about the night’s events, and drifted off peacefully.
To be continued……

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    Once again… you wrote a gem.
    Gotta love a teen slut that loves a throat fucking. Can’t wait for moar…