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Saving Grace Pt 1

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So this is more a confession over many parts and years… Real names are mentioned, mine is not

i’m holding a pretty dark secret!… i’m 36 now, my girlfriend is 41 (Jessica)
Grace is her daughter, and my now 17 year old secret girlfriend.

So this all started in July 2018, me (31) and Jess (36) had meant in the queue for starbucks, and hit it off straight away. i met her 12 year old daughter Grace a few weeks later and instantly bonded with her through helping with homework, baking cakes and attending her ballet classes and shows.

In November 2018 Jess phoned me in a panic and asked if i could look after Grace that evening, i instantly jumped at the chance. i had done it more times than i could count in the previous months, but this time was to be oh so different.

I was making a coffee when Grace bounced into the kitchen all 4ft 6′ of her with budding boobs and the most sweet and perky bum…

“Are you going to marry my mum and be my daddy” she asked

” Marriage is a no but i can be your dad if you want me to be, its up to you, you’ll have to talk with your mum about it ” i replied.

She bounced out again in her harry potter t shirt and black trousers, which clearly showed her bright pink panties. I knew i shouldnt be looking at her like that, but it was too damn difficult.

i took my coffee to the lounge and Grace bounced into the lounge a few minutes later and jumped onto my lap,

“comfy” i asked with an evergrowing raging erection in my jeans which i was trying to hide, unsuccessfuly of course.

she wiggled around a bit and finally settled ” yeah I am now, are you?” she replied

she kept looking at me and i at her, each trying to hide the fact we were both looking and failing. she started cuddling into me, attempting to get more comfortable, she smelt devine, like a cross between roses and bubblegum. but more bubblegum.

she roused from the hug and looked directly at me, i caught her gaze and tried to look away, and she instantly followed my eye direction, she obviously thought it was a game, after many attempts to avoid it, i just instantly kissed her expecting her to pull away in disgust as young girls would… i dont know why i thought any different but there was no turning back now.

i pulled away and apologised.. she said “that was fun, can we do that again?”

“we can sure but you cant tell anyone, it has to be our secret?”
” Deal” we both pinky promised.

I got Grace to switch positions so that she was straddling me, We kissed more passionately, we were both way into it and it could have easily gone further as my hands were caressing her perky bum underneath her leggings but on top of her panties. there was a few times i went inside them but didnt want to push my luck. i knew and could and feel she was wet, that was enough!

We had to stop when my phone started going, i frantically grabbed it off the table and answered not expecting anything out of the ordinary but Grace kept trying to kiss me. i could’ve happily kissed her of course.

I held my hand up in defiance and quietly mouthed “enough” she began to pout and carried on til i had finished the phonecall.

She looked so good whilst pouting, all i wanted to do was kiss her passionately again but had to refrain myself, she looked so fuckable whilst angry.. should i be having these thoughts?!

“ugh, Huff…hmph” i knew she was getting impatient, and truth to be told, so was I.

i finished my phonecall, and she instantly wanted to kiss me again, we kissed passionately again but i pulled away knowing i couldnt carry on. the phonecall had killed the mood.

“ok that was your mum, she’ll be back in 30 mins, she wants you ready for bed” I said
“Nooooooooo, but can we kiss again” she asked?
“not right now we’ll get caught, but we’ll definitely kiss again i promise” i replied.

I wanted to do more with her, way more, but i had to supress those thoughts for now.

with that she hopped off my lap, kissing each other before she literally raced out the room.

ahh phew! i thought I was finally able to adjust my jeans. i drank some of my cold coffee to bring me back to reality and cool me off or that was the plan.

5 mins later she came downstairs in her satin pyjamas,

” nice pyjamas” “they look nice” i commented.

talk about tight and figure hugging, she came skipping over to me, and straddled me again and kissed me again… no i had to stop this.
I pulled away from our passionate kiss.

“Grace, I said not now, we’ll get caught, your mum will be home shortly”
“but i want a kiss, we wont get caught i promise”

” we will so i said no and i mean it,”
she looked visibly dejected… i didnt like saying no to her but i had to try and be strong, she looked at me lovingly and i literally melted.

“Fine i’ll kiss you once more but then you have to cuddle in beside me”
“yay! “she exclaimed.

we kissed once more as promised and she cuddled into me once i had made myself a fresh coffee.

“remember our secret, you dont tell anyone about tonight!” I said
” we pinky promised, i wont tell anyone” she shot back
” maybe i could touch you more next time? i asked”

could i carry this on? or was this a one off?

Of course i could, more to follow if wanted.

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    I really enjoyed your story. Im learning allot from reading these stories.

    E-mail me if you want a new friend. As i do need some. Definitely interested.

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    Part 2 is up:) just search my name

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