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Vacation Day 3

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So after two days seeing my uncle and sucking him yesterday I was disappointed he was going for a bike ride this morning. But I still got a show

Day one I saw my uncle jerk off. Day two I joined him, and today he was going for a bike ride so he wouldn’t be at the house this morning when everyone else was at the beach. Which is fine my mom has a zoom meeting with work. Well everyone was at the beach except mom zoom meeting and uncle bike ride. I got a little bored of the water so I thought I would go see if mom was about done with her meeting

As I walked back in the house I heard mom screaming. I ran to her room to see if she was ok and as I got to the room there was my uncle holding moms ankles in the air fucking her like he was trying to split her in half. I was frozen in my tracks didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to be caught. I was kind of repulsed watching mom have sex but at the same time a bit turned on watching them. I thought how long has This been going on, I wish that was me. Me uncle leaned forward and let out the most intense “fuuuuuuck” I assume as he was cumming in mom. He leaned in and kissed her and slowly kissed her neck boobs stomach and then buried his face in between her legs. He wasn’t down there very long as he came back up. He ate his cum out of moms pussy, I could see the load drop out is his mouth into moms mouth as she ate every drop. They kissed more and he rolled on his back as mom started to suck his cock. It wasn’t long until she was on top of him riding him cowgirl style.

Yes I watched and played with my self. I didn’t see the conclusion of their second session because I went back to the beach.

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  • Reply Sluttysue

    Your uncle must have some good cock if your mom is willing to fuck him in on vacation with others around

  • Reply anonymous

    will you make a part 4 on your mom getting fucked by your uncle?

  • Reply Sara

    mom is 50 and yes she was a litttle musky that day

  • Reply BigRichard

    I’m thinking hot humid beach weather. I bet you could smell the sex on your mom. How olds your mom.

  • Reply Rico

    Where was your dad and aunt maybe they are fucking too

    • Sara

      Aunt was on the beach. Dad didn’t make the trip

  • Reply KM4

    Girls add kalebt04 on snap. 😉