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Saving Grace Part 7

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I was quite taken aback by what I was told about Mia, don’t get me wrong, she was beautiful and everything, but Grace is on another level. I placed the thoughts of what was said at the back of my mind or so I had thought.


It was Saturday, We were snuggled under a quilt watching uncharted ( she likes tom holland). Her phone started ringing, it was Mia, the thoughts came flooding back, “she’d fuck you, she’s a total slut” bounced around my mind, they were shook clear when the doorbell went, I answered it, stood right there in the pouring rain was a soaked Hispanic girl, with the saddest expression on her face, followed by a seductive smile.
“Grace, Mia’s here”


I was sorting out a few things on my laptop when I felt eyes watching me.. I looked up and saw Mia, she came to my laptop and hovered above it.

“I wanted to tell you that you’re pretty yummy! I’d totally fuck you”.

“thanks Mia, Grace told me that you think I’m a DILF”. “ so thanks, but I’m dating someone”.

She bounced out the room after finishing her drink and raced up the stairs, there I was sat dumbfounded by what had just been openly said.

Around 10 minutes later Grace appeared and asked me to drop Mia home around 8:30, as they were hanging out and doing Tik-Toks. I agreed without hesitation. We shared a quick yet passionate kiss each promising more when we were alone.


Around an hour later Mia came into the lounge, all 5’1 of her, looking like a Hispanic version of Grace, but smaller boobs, but an ass just as good, I’m a butt guy!.
She sat beside me and asked what I was watching, who was in it, you know the usual small talk routine, she reiterated what she said earlier in the day, before I even thought about my response.

“prove it” I blurted out.

She placed her hand right there on my cock over my shorts of course. I jittered.

“ like this?” flashing me the seductive smile again. She slid her hands in my shorts and smiled at the size of my raging cock.

It’s true, she was a total slut, her bestie was upstairs and here she was literally giving me a handjob.
I took my cock from my shorts allowing her easier access, within seconds her mouth had engulfed me.

“Fuuuuuuuccccckkk you’re a slut alright”.

“I love being a slut, I can be yours if you like?”

She was so good but not as good my cum princess who was only upstairs and who could come down at any point. The thrill of getting caught was a turn on like you wouldn’t believe.
Mia knew what she was doing, she would on many occasions try and deepthroat me, and stop to breathe, only to try again seconds later, I loved the dedication.

“try harder!! You little slut” I snarled at her.

She did push herself to fully take it all in her mouth, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, if she wanted to fuck me, then she would get her wish.
I picked her up from my cock and took her shorts down like a man possessed, like a tad animalistic if I’m honest, she didn’t stop me, she just smiled at me.

Her pussy was as good as grace’s, just the small bit of stubble, I slid a finger inside her hole without hesitation.

“ohhhhh……” she quivered

I clasped my hand over her mouth and told her to shhhh, Grace would hear otherwise, she kept quiet.
I was fingering my girlfriends bestie, her eyes transfixed on mine, only breaking to blink and then back to a hard stare, she leant forward and whispered in my ear.

“ can you fuck me now? I really need your cock”.

I’d like to say that we made mad passionate love together, but this wasn’t the case, my girlfriend was upstairs. It had to be animalistic passion yet I wanted her badly.

I bent Mia over right there on the sofa, and lined my cock up with her hole, before plowing deep inside her, yeah total slut, no hymen break, her soaking wet slit devouring my cock with ease.

“ don’t…. ugh…. Cum… mmm… in… fuc…. Me”

I fucked her hard and fast, the sexual tension was unreal between us, but I didn’t want her the way I wanted Grace,
Mia was a total slut.. she would whisper dirty things like:

Slap me
Fuck my teenage pussy.
Stick your fingers in my ass.
Make me airtight.

I weren’t complaining, every dirty sentence she’d say would be met with a harder thrust from me, I was pounding her pussy hard, the sound of her wetness filling the air, along with the slaps of her ass.

I started thinking of Grace, and her holes, yet the Hispanic beauty that was bent over in front brought me back to reality.

I was really thrusting hard and deep, and could feel my balls start to tighten knowing I wasn’t long from climax,

“ I’m going to cum” I shouted in her ear.

With that Mia pulled away from me, got straight on her knees and went back to deepthroating me, my cock still fresh from her juices, was deep in her mouth..
Her brown eyes looking up at me, keeping contact with mine, her mouth completely filled with cock, a few solitary tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Fuuuuuuuccccckkk” I almost screamed but clasped my hand over my mouth to stop myself.

A whole load of cum shot straight into her mouth and throat, she pushed herself down on my cock to try and deepthroat me even whilst I was pulsing and cum was still being shot out, she really was a total slut.

All my cum had been shot and swallowed, she just looked at seeking my approval, she got it, I bent down to kiss her on the lips, it was hot, passionate and sloppy.
We both got dressed properly and sit on opposite sofas, agreeing it was a one-time thing, well that was plan… plans don’t always work out ( hint hint)

Around 20 minutes later Grace appeared and wondered what was going on?

“nothing baby, Mia had a drink, and said she felt faint and sick, so I told her to sit in with me for a few minutes, don’t think you’d want her being sick on your bed or something.”

“ naahhh stuff that, you’re the best dad”.

They both left the room after another few minutes, Mia winking at me and blowing me a kiss.
I sat back, thinking I had gotten away with it… amongst other things.
Mia is a total slut…she knew it, and now so did I thankfully .

A few hours later we dropped Mia home,

“ Bye, thanks for dropping me home” winking at me in the rear view mirror.

My mind went back to reminiscing about the afternoons activities whilst she walked away with Grace to her front door. I turned the car around to shake my brain from the thoughts circling.
We were on the way home, and the questioning began.

“was she really sick?”

“did she try anything?”

“if she had, would you fuck her?”

I answered her questions with the correct responses, she nodded her approval and ceased her line of questioning. Grace was jealous, I knew it.

We got back home shortly after and settled down with a film, all of a sudden she turned it off..

“daddy I want to show you something”

She got up and ran upstairs, no commands came down so I sat there wondering what was to happen, maybe it was another tiktok dance.
She came back down and kissed me passionately, her little tongue drove me wild, she pushed me back into the sofa and got on the lounge table.
She pulled her trousers down and started fingering herself right there on the table in front of me, her fingers sliding inside with speed yet purpose. Her wetness and the sight of her pussy made me ache for her.

She stopped yet again, and told me to close my eyes.
When I was able to open them again she was back on the table but she was sliding a dildo in her tight little butt… it was 1 hell of a sight to see, my girlfriend being a total slut like her bestie was no more than 4 hours ago.

She was getting faster with her relentless pounding, she had her legs up in the air so she could go deeper inside herself. she was fixated on as I was stroking my hard cock at the sight of her, After 10 more minutes we both mutually came at the same time without even touching each other.

“ where did that come from earlier?” I asked

“ well I got jealous, and didn’t want you to leave me”

I sat there cuddled up with Grace, thinking to myself, maybe I should make her jealous more often. Another thought entered my mind…
I wonder what Mia would be doing next week…..

Part 8 to follow

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