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Friends dad part 4

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I scurried back to my friends room to get changed, I was still comprehending what had just happened.I got dressed and headed downstairs.My balls were still aching as I still haven’t came in the best part of 3 days and for me it was a struggle as I usually went no less then a couple hours before masturbating.I fixed myself up and headed downstairs trying to act as if nothing had just happened 15 minutes prior.it was already 2 o’clock by the time I had got downstairs, my friend and I were on the Xbox for the rest of the day, the only time we stopped was to collect pizza his parents had bought for us. Eventually it reached half 12 and we both decided it was time to go bed, both asleep when the Xbox turned on and started playing loud music which startled both of us so my friend got up to try turn it off but that’s when his mum came in and blamed him for the noise and he tried telling her it turned on by itself but she didn’t listen and eventually pulled the plug out herself and shouted at my friend and my friend shouted back, which got her really mad I was surprised smoke didn’t come out her ears as she was that mad, I had never seen her that mad before.”how dare you lie too me!” She snapped.”And then shout at me!” “You have no respect for anything” he tried again to explain which was probably the worst thing to do.”you are sleeping in the spare room today mister!” He grabbed him by his collar and closed the door.A little while later she came back in the room to apologize for what I had just seen and tried to reassure me this wasn’t a regular occurrence.She left and I tried falling asleep but I then realized I was all one and a mixture of fear and maybe a hint of horniness set in.I tried staying up but eventually my eyes fluttered and I fell asleep.The next morning arrived and nothing had happened at least of what I remember, why wouldn’t he act last night, with my friend gone and my all alone isolated it was the perfect time.I looked at the clock and saw it was 12 o’clock already the afternoon? I thought as I hopped downstairs. “Ah look whose awake” it was his dad, I asked where everyone was and he said they had gone shopping.” They didn’t bother waking you they thought it would be boring”. I was alone again with just him and I in the house.i was just about to leave the room when he told me to stop, I was about to turn round when he said “don’t bother turning around, just drop your shorts” I just stood there without moving, he jumped from his char ” I said drop them !”I immediately dropped my shorts, “that a good boy” ” now turn around” I did as I was told as he stared at my buldge, “rub your cock, slowly though” I rubbed softly and my cock started stiffing up “he told me to then drop my pants and start jerking.he asked if I had cane yet since 2 days ago I responded with no, “Good” he told me to stop jerking and come sit on his lap.He clearly already had a boner and my naked as now sitting on his lap with his boner almost tearing through his trousers.He started feeling me up while kissing my neck and back.He then quickly pushed me off and I fell on my knees which hurt and he then told me to get on my knees and loosen his belt.Already knowing what he wanted I pulled his trousers down and then his pants.I was about to put it in my mouth when he said only wanted his balls today l, and told me to just repeatedly kiss them.The aroma from his balls were so pungent, a mix of sweat and aftershave, I got to work and he let out a small moan which made my cock twitch again and he noticed,”so your enjoying this then you whore?” I didn’t answer and just continued making out with his balls.He grabbed my throat “don’t you dear disrespect me by not answering!” ” do you understand boy!” He was completely enraged.”yes sir” I timidly responded back.he told me fix himself up and myself and get out.10 mins later he called me back.He had made tea and told me he was sorry and he just can’t control himself around me as I was so perfect.I actually felt bad myself for some reason and kind off made me see him in a different way.We both sat down and drank coffee when I felt really tired and then black.I awoke suddenly to something tickling my feet, I looked around and I was tied to his Bed completely naked! I screamed but realized my mouth was taped shut.”so your awake then” he too was completely naked and I must admit he did keep himselft in fine shape.”don’t waste your energy screaming” he said. He then claimed on top of me and started licking me from head to toe and I hate how this had caused a boner.He grabbed some lube and rubbed my asshole and then his cock.”look and that beautiful pink hole ” he said.He then started fingering me which didn’t hurt too bad.Then after he was done started putting the Tim of his cock at the entrance.I screamed but barely any noise amounted as he laughed and tried forcing it in, unsuccessful he grabbed more lube” damn your tight as he lathered me with more lube and eventually forced it in.My eyes became watery with pain, he was gentle at first before grabbing my waist to hold and started fucking me like ther was no tomorrow, he started choking me, the pain while being choked the only way I could breathe was my nose.He stopped choking me and started jerking me while pounding my ass, I had finally came and pain was no more only pleasure as he continued to fuck me.After what seemed an eternity bit realistically was 10 minutes he came in my ass and the feeling of being filled up was the only good thing, I can only describe it as drinking hot chocolate in winter, that was the feeling.He collapsed onto me just laying on my body, his spiky hairy chest in my face.That was amazing I thought to myself.Although I couldn’t breathe I think I found my kink.

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