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I must confess I looked up my daughters night shorts – 2

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I confess to all of you who says I needed to put my dick in my daughter, Maggie, that I also wished I had done so that night. What stopped me?

I confess to all of you who says I needed to put my dick in my daughter, Maggie, that I also wished I had done so that night. What stopped me? You ask. Well the idea of her waking up and telling my conservative wife. Janet is someone that if she sees people out in public kissing she thinks that it is in appropriate. I myself think it is great and wish she let me do it more often to her.

Honestly I could not get that night out of my head with Maggie. Every time I see her sitting cross legs or on the couch I would try to get another look at that pretty pink hole. I even started to look at her friends differently. Once you get a taste of a young pink hole you can’t stop imagining doing it again.

I never realized how often she wanted to sit on my lap before. I have not turned down one of her requests since that night. At meal time if she wants to sit on my lap, I gladly scoot from the table to give her room. I let my one hand settle on her upper thigh while I drank my coffee. She sat there with her legs spread apart over both my legs. So after about a month I finally got the nerve to let my thumb caress her inner thigh slowly and every so often I give her leg a gentle squeeze.

The first few times of this I didn’t dare get too close to her panties in fear Maggie would get ticklish and push my hand away. I am not sure if I started imagining it, but I fell like she started really enjoyed my caresses. My thumb was so close to her panties I could feel the heat from her pussy and I would always get a hard on. When she would lean over and put her elbows on the table her thin ass crack would rub against by cock. My Cock would scream for more pressure so I would take my hands and pull her back against my cock and let it rub against her a couple times. My heart would pound in my chest from the fear of her asking what that hard thing was or my wife noticing. Luckily neither happened. It is luck that Janet considered Maggie to still be her little baby and didn’t think twice on her 10yr old sitting on her daddies lap.

I Started to notice Maggie start to push back against my cock or wiggling around at times to feel my hardness. Now at first I was just happy for the extra attention without forcing it but then I really felt she liked the feel as well. So when my wife left the kitchen to go get dressed for the morning, that’s when I got more guts and let my thumb graze over her panties when I was caressing her thigh. The first touch she jerked a little at the surprise touch which I about froze not sure if it was a good movement or not. I decided to make the next touch a little more firm as to not tickle her. So I scooted my hand very close to her pussy and let my thumb trace the edge of her panties next to her leg. I felt her relaxing with that motion against the side of her pussy and her leg. I thought maybe that would be all I would try for the day and started to glide my hand down a little but she put her hand on top of mine. I froze again. Then thought maybe she wanted more and I moved it back up and as soon as I glided my thumb against the edge of her panties then she released my hand and laid back against my chest.

I swollowed hard as my thumb caressed the side of her pussy next to her leg. I got a little more curious on how much she would like so as my thumb was gliding I took my 1st and 2nd finger over her pussy lips and I heard her let out a small moan and wiggled slightly. Maggie laid her head back on my shoulder and spread her legs slightly wider. I massaged her over her panties in her lip area and up were her clit was and down to her tiny hole. Her legs closed slightly to that touch and I felt her pussy clinch when she let out a tiny moan. I about came in my pants right then. I put my one hand around her waist and pulled her back harder against my hard throbbing cock. I started pushing against her back in a rhythm as I took my middle finger and moved it in the same motion at her hole like I was fingering fucking her. I felt the wetness on her panties as my finger pushed on and off at the area. I closed my eyes putting my head against hers and moaned softly as I let myself cum against my daughters back and my finger pushing hard against her pussy. After I came back down from heavens door I let my arm relax from her waist.

I could then feel her breathing was fast as well. I took all my fingers and massaged up and down her pussy area softly as I kissed the side of her head. I slowly slide my hand down her leg and I see her lick her lips as she starts to open her eyes. Giving her inner thigh a small squeeze I kissed her cheek. She turned her head and smiled at me which made my heart leap with joy!! I wrapped Both my arms around her and whispered in her ear “I Love You my sweet girl.” She turned her head more and kissed my cheek and said I love you too, Daddy.” We sat like that until I heard my wife coming down the stairs and I released her and she sat up as well. She reached for her drink. I kinda took her legs and put them together for her to slide off my lap. She was standing next to me as her mom came into the kitchen and I made sure my shirt was covering my wet spot on my shorts. I looked at Maggies back as notice I left a small wet spot on her back as well and put my hand over it as Janet walked by us.

I Said well I best get my day started and pushed myself up off my chair. I bent down and kissed the top of Maggies head. My wife smiled at us as she picked the items off the table and took them to the sink. I went upstairs to clean up and change into my clothes for work.

I Sat on the bed replaying what just happened with Maggie. ‘Fuck….I just came against her and she knows I did. Does she even know about sex?’ ‘Of course she does.’ My mind is on over load with questions. I put my head in my hands. She had sex ed in school because I remember my wife thinking she was too young for it. I rub my cock gently though my pants as I contemplate about what Maggie might know. ‘does she know about Blowjobs?’ How about masterbating?’ I finally take a deep breath and get to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for work.
I get home from work excited to see my sweet Maggie wondering if she will shy away from me or want me to touch her some more. Maggie was on the floor playing with her dolls when I walked in. She smiled up at me and I said in a soft voice, “Hi My Sweet girl.” She blushed a little and turned her head before saying, “Hi daddy.”

Ok so a little mixed message on her welcome but I think it was a good sign. At least I was hoping it was.

Once dinner was ready we all set at the table and we had our usually conversation but I notices Maggie was a little quieter and kept kinda glancing at me almost like she was thinking about this morning. Once she finished her meal she got up and came over to sit on my lap. My Heart jumped for joy…..until my wife told her to let me eat. I pulled her to me and gave her a squeeze. She is fine Janet I am almost done and scooted my chair for her to sit on me again. My cock noticed right away that she was back for more. I put my arm about her waist and pulled her against my semi hard cock and kissed her on her neck like I was teasing her and made her squirm against my cock. I moaned softly so she could only hear me and she giggled while giving me a bit more of a wiggle against my cock. My wife laughed saying “You two are silly.” Then started eating her food again. I placed my one hand on her upper inner thigh and picked up my fork with my other hand. I gave her thigh a slight squeeze and she gave me a tiny wiggle of approval. I started rubbing my thumb slowly at her panties edge for a few minutes but she must have gotten impatient and put her hand on mine to move it over her pussy. I tilted my head against hers and kissed the side of her head as my fingers moved slowly over her pussy. she leaned a bit forward on the table and pushed her but up against my cock while I finished my last 2 bites.

I moved my fingers in circles over her panties with a little firmness so not to tickle her since my wife was there. When Janet got up to start clearing the table I cupped Maggies pussy and let my middle finger push against her hole. She leaned back onto me instantly and squeezed her legs slightly with a soft moan coming out of her mouth. My heart caught from the sexual motion and sound I had to release my hand from her mound, then wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her against my body to put some pressure on my throbbing cock. I moved her side to side like I was teasing her and tickling her so her mom would not know the pleasure I was getting from our daughters ass against my very hard cock. Maggie couldn’t help but giggle form my tickle. I whispered in her ear. “my sweet Girl I need to have you stand up.” She instantly seemed disappointed but I could not handle her being against my cock while her mom was in the room. I wanted to fuck my daughter so bad I had to get her off my lap before Janet noticed something weird.

“Daddy.” She whined slightly and tried to get back on my lap. I pulled her in for a hug and said.”We need to help mommy clear the table.” She put on a small pout and turned from me like I just told her she was bad. It about broke my heart. Luckily my wife laughed at her and said “Yes you two get off your butts and help me clean up.” I laughed at my wife and got turned towards the bathroom so she would not see my bulge in my pants.

Once I closed the door to the bathroom I unzipped and started pumping my cock. Fuck did I ache to fuck my own daughter. I had let my mind picture myself pounding into that tiny pink hole until I came into a towel. I let my breath calm down before I let myself out of the bathroom. I went directly over to Maggie and pulled her against me to kiss her head. “You are such a good girl helping your mommy.” She looked up and gave me a smile but I could still see a little disappointment in her eyes.

I told her if she wanted she could go get dressed for night. Janet looked at me and laughed. “It is only 6:45.” She said shaking her head. I laughed and shrugged saying “I guess I have had a long day.” Maggie looked up at me and I gave her a wink. She smiled then ran off to put on her night shorts and top. I found it funny that my wife liked to get Maggie frilly pajama with night shorts instead of night gowns thinking it was covering her better but it is actually the opposite since I have been fully aware now that she doesn’t wear her under panties under them.

She came out in a hurry and crawled up on the recliner with me and gave me a hug before settling in on my lap. I throw a blanket over our laps to cover her up and asked her what she wanted to watch tonight. We turned on the show and my wife went about the house doing laundry and straightening up.

Maggie had her legs straddling mine and leaning back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my semi hard cock and kissed her long on the side of her head. I whispered “Sorry I had to put you off my lap earlier.” She giggled and wiggled her butt against my cock. “It’s ok daddy, I know why.” I loosened my hug curious about why she thought I had her get off my lap. “Why” I asked. She turned her head and smiled. “Because mommy was in the kitchen.” I looked at her a little shocked that she did understand and smiled at her. I Leaned and kissed her on her cheek telling her she is correct. I then put one hand down between her legs and started caressing her legs. She leaned back pleased and then I was excited to touch her pussy without her panties there and completely disappointed to find her underwear in the way. WTF…She hardly ever wears panties at night.

Taking a deep breath and put my disappointment aside. I notice you can kinda see my hand moving under the blanket so I lift up Maggies knees so her feet are setting on the my seat on Both sides of my legs. Then push them apart so she is fully open to me. I kiss the side of her head as I side my hand down her leg to her panties. As soon as I touch her pussy she wiggles and her legs start to close slightly. I hear her moan softly. I put my mouth close to her ear and say. “Keep them apart for me baby.”

I take my fingers and rub them slowly up and down her covered pussy but I think we both want more. I so my other hand goes from her waist down to her panties and mover them to the side as my middle finger glides against her pussy lips. She jumps slightly at the skin to skin touch and then pushes against my finger. “MMMM” I moan into her ear. “You like that?” I asked. She nods yes and I can tell she is breathing heavy. I glide my finger between her pussy lips and play around her hole. OH THAT perfect pink hole. I lick my lips wanting so bad to taste again.

I hear Janet coming so I stop moving and Maggie starts to squirm. I put my one hand around her waist and whisper, “sit still sweetie, Mommy is coming.” She says softly, “OK.”

Janet looks at the tv show and rolls her eyes because it is a cartoon. “I am going to go take a bath.” I tell her great and to have a relaxing bath.

As soon as Janet is out of sight I pull her against my hard cock and rub against Maggie a couple times. She giggles and puts her hand on mine at her pussy. I laugh softly. “Ok, Ok My sweet girl.” I slide my hand down her panties this time and start moving my finger around her hole and feel the moisture that has dripped out. I swirl it around her hole and push a little into her hole. She wiggles and I push again. My tip popped in and she lets out a little squeal. I hold her down with my one arm and whisper “you’re ok baby just relax.” I leave my finger still for a minute for her to get use to it then start to wiggle it slowly. Maggie relaxes and puts her head back onto my shoulder and starts moving her hips with my fingers movement. I slowly start pumping the tip in and out but not all the way out. She starts to move more uncontrollably. grinding against my finger. I Kiss her head and hold her tight against my cock which is loving her ass rocking against it. I Moan into her head as I pushed a little farther in to my first knuckle and fuck her with that part of my finger as I grind into her back. her body shakes “Oh yes” She moans and her legs close against my hand and she pushes against my finger as she orgasms on my finger and I give my cock a good push against her back and cum hard.

We are both breathing heavy. “OH GOD BABY GIRL” I mumble into her hair and kiss her as I slowly let my finger move in and out as her body calms down. “Baby, do you know what happened?” I ask her softly. She nods and takes a big breath. “Was that an orgasm?” She asked as she looked up into my eyes. I smile at her with so much love in my eyes for her. “It was. Was that your first?” She answered yes and leaned her head against my cheek. “Thank you daddy”. She whispered. I bring my finger up to my mouth and taste her wetness. “You taste so good Sweet Girl.” I lean to her lips and give her a long kiss. She loved it. She rearranges herself to face me and kisses me again. She pulls back and looks at me. “I love you Daddy.” She says. I lean my forehead onto hers and state the sentence I need to tell her. “You know this needs to be our secret, right?” Maggie giggles saying “of course daddy.”

I hold her against me tight knowing I have so much more to do to her. She starts to fall asleep on my lap and I just want to take her to my bed and keep her in my arms. I get an idea and tell her let’s get you to bed. She starts to protest and I tell her I want to do something in her bed. Her eyes get very big and almost jumps off my lap. I laugh as we head to her room.

I take a quick listen to my bathroom and hear my wife still in the tub. So I go to her room and she is sitting on the bed excited. “Lay down Sweet girl.” She does immediately. I pull her shorts and panties off. I show her her panties. You should not wear underwear anymore, they get in my way.” I tell her with a smile. She giggles and tells me ok. I lean over and kiss her lips and then pull her ass to the side and kneel down putting her legs over my shoulders. I start licking and sucking her pussy and tiny pink hole. Her hips are moving around loving my mouth. I take a finger and put it back in her hole. She Moans “OH YES DADDY” as her head moves side to side. I finger fuck her as I suck and lick her lips. I push my finger in until I feel the hymen and she pulls back from the discomfort or pain. I tell her sorry, then I don’t let my finger go in as far so not to hurt her tonight with her mom in the next room. I finger fuck her until her body starts moving uncontrollably again for her second orgasm tonight.

I lick and love on her pussy as she comes down from her high. “Sweet Girl your pussy and hole are amazing!!” I tell her as I kiss her lips. She is so tired she barely opens her eyes. “Thank you Daddy.” She whispers. I chuckle and kiss her nose. “Go to sleep baby and I will see you in the morning.” I put her pajama shorts back on her and cover her up. Then take her panties and put them in her laundry basket.

I went to my bedroom horny and saw my wife naked in the closet getting ready for bed. I went up behind her and pulled her close kissing her neck. “Man you turn me on.” I tell her and start to play with her tits. She laughed and pulled away. “what is Wong with you. I just had a shower.” I Wiggled my eye brows and said. “I know and you are going to be yummy.” She laughed and started putting her pajamas on. I groaned and walked to the bathroom to clean up my cum from earlier. Touching my cock I knew I needed to fuck someone and it was gong to have to by my wife if she likes it or not.

I head to bed naked and try to seduce Janet. She tried to keep me at arms length and says something about having bath and not wanting to mess with the sticky cum. Well if that wasn’t hurtful for my cock to hear. I finally got her to agree if I didn’t come in her and just came on a towel after we fucked. Now at 39 you would think that she would still have the sex drive she had when we first got married but after having Maggie she turned into a mom and she stopped needing to have sex. Don’t get me wrong, I still can get her to orgasm when she wants to but that is not very often that she really wants to. So I do get some pity Fucks as I call them to try to satisfy me.

So I grab a towel because my cock is not going to handle not fucking tonight. I get her in missionary position so she doesn’t have to do much work and stick my fingers in some to get her juices going and I hear her say, “ok, do it.” This pisses me off a little so I take my cock and shove it into her vigina all the way. She grunts and I can tell she isn’t pleased but I fuck her fast and hard. Closing my eyes and pretend I am fucking Maggie. I get so worked up with her in my mind and start grunting and grinding into her. “Oh FUck Yea!!” I say as My cock explodes inside her. Then I get smacked on the arm very hard. “Dammit Gary. I said not to cum in me.” I grabbed my arm and had to chuckle. “I am so sorry babe but you’re so hot I couldn’t stop.” She got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I grabbed the towel I got earlier and cleaned myself off. I chuckled and shrugged. At least my cock got a good fuck out it.


The next morning Maggie slept in longer than normal and I was just finishing up my coffee. Janet was still a little pissed at me from the night before but I didn’t care. When I say Maggie my heart leaped with joy. “Hey sleepy head. How was your night?” I asked and held my arms out for her. She came into my arms. Janet got up to get Maggie her cereal so I took the opportunity to slide my hand up her leg to her pussy and feel it. Maggie parted her legs more and I slid it up and down her slit. “Good girl not wearing underwear” I whispered then brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her. I winked at her and she gave me big smile.

Janet told her to sit down and eat. Maggie obeyed without complaint. I went to get ready for work while she ate. By the time I finished getting ready Maggie bounced into my room. “Hey honey, What’s up?” I said as I lifter her up in my arms and she wrapped her legs around me. “I missed sitting on your lap.” she said and tried to give me a pretend pouty face.

I Laughed and took a look out the door and heard Janet in the kitchen. I took Maggie over to the dresser and sat her down. I took her face in my hands and kissed her so soft and moaned into her mouth. “Sweet girl I will make it up to you tonight. Ok?” She looked disappointed so I Knelt down between her legs. Positioning her legs over my shoulders I started licking her pussy. I listened for the kitchen noises as I sucked on her lips and swirled my tongue around. Then feeling her start to quiver I put a finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly as I finger fucked her again as her little body shuddered with her orgasm and her body fell against the back all making a sound. I heard the banging stop in the kitchen and then heard Janice ask if everything is alright. I yelled back that I just bumped the dresser and everything was good. Thankfully she didn’t feel the need to come check it out.
I gave Maggie a couple more licks and took my finger out of her. Her body gave a little after shock and smiled at me as I pulled her against my chest. “Is that what you needed sweet girl?” She looked up at me dreamy and said “yes daddy.” We kissed and then I stood her up on the floor.

After no relief this morning I could not wait to hold my sweet daughter tonight. I got home and found my wife leaving to go out. “Sorry honey I forgot to tell you I have book club tonight. So it is just you and Maggie for dinner. It is in the oven ready now if you want it.” My cock instantly knew that it was going to be play time tonight. As she walked out the door Maggie came running and jumped in my arms. She gave me a big kiss on the lips so I twirled her around. She giggled and sqeezed her legs around me.

I wasn’t even hungry any more. I took her to the couch dropped her on it and pulled her shorts off of her. Maggie laughed at my eagerness. I kneeled down to lick her amazing pussy. my mouth was a little rougher than it had been before and she squirmed and moaned. My cock was so hard I needed to have her touch it. Oh Fuck would she?” I looked up from between her legs and told her My Cock wants you to lick it now.” She looked at me questioning then As I stood up and started undoing my pants her eyes got really big. “I get to see your cock?” She said without really asking. She got on her knees on the couch and looked eager as I pushed my pants down. I saw her lick her lips. “Oh baby girl, You look so eager.” When she saw how big it was she sat back on her feet looking a little frightening. “That is so big” She said as she stared at it. I laughed and put my hand on it stroking it. “It is.”

“It never looked that big in the pictures from school” She said referring to her sex education class.
I stepped towards her and softly told her to just stroke it like I am doing. She put her one hand on it and moved it like I was. I told her to use both hands and she got back onto her knees and took both her hands around my cock and slid them up and down. “Oh Fuck baby, My cock loves that.” I say as it twitched every time she touched its head.

I took her head in my hands and told her to put the head in her mouth. She looked up at me as she mouth went onto my cock head. I Closed my eyes and groaned as I held her mouth onto my cock. “OH FUCK, Sweet Girl! Your mouth feels so good.” I let her head lift up and she licked her lips then put it back in her mouth. I held her head as I pumped the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. Every couple pumps I pushed it in a little farther and was about to cum in her mouth. “OH FuCK Baby I am going to cum…. I am going to cum.” I Moaned and babbled but I pulled out just in time and let it squirt all over her face. She closed her eyes and turned her head before laughing.

I Laughed with her and apologized. She licked the cum that landed on her lips and I licked mine as she tasted it. I took some off her nose and put it in her mouth and she sucked it off my finger. I shook my head in amazement. “You Look so hot with my cum on you.” I praised her as I took some off her cheek and put it in my mouth then bent over and kissed her. I lead her to the bathroom to clean off the rest of her face.

I took her to her bedroom and took off her shirt so she was fully naked and I laid her down. I kneeled between her legs and had them legs spread out over my thighs so my cock could rub up against her pussy lips while I played with her barely puffy tits. I licked and sucked each one as my hard cock rubbed softly against her pussy until she started to squirm under me. I smiled knowing I was going to fuck a 10yr old virgin.

I then laid off to the side of her so I could kiss her and finger her pussy to prepare it for my throbbing cock. Once I got her wet enough I looked her in her eyes and told her I was going to put my cock in that tiny hole. She squirmed and looked a little scared but said “Ok daddy” in a weak unsure voice. I got back between her legs and put the head of my cock against her pink tiny hole that I did not know how I was gong to fit in her but GOD I WANTED TO FUCK HER!! I looked at her face and her eyes were big and scared looking at my large cock against her. I took some spit on my hand and rubbed it on the tip to help get it pushed into her. Grabbing her waist with one hand and steading my cock with the other to push it into her was not easy. As her hole finally started to open enough for my cock head to start entering Maggie started to pull away and said “no…no… wait.”I grabbed her with both my hands then to hold her still so not to let my cock out since I finally got it to enter.

I saw the fear and pain in her face which got me so fucking turned on I knew this would be the only chance to take a virgin and now it almost feels like I am raping her. I pushed in more until I felt the hymen give me resistance. She was crying and trying to push my arms away. Screaming “NO DADDY… NO DADDY IT HURTS” I watched her pained face as I pushed hard and fast in to her as far as I could and ripped through her Hymen. She screamed in pain with her eyes closed and head back. Her hands squeezing my arms trying to push me away. I stopped and closed my eyes just enjoying the tightness around my cock. “Ooohhh fuck.” I moaned and ground my hips pushing harder and harder ignoring her plea.

I Finally opened my eyes with lust for my sweet girl and saw the tears down her face crying. I felt a pang of guilt then I first saw her face but as soon as I started pumping my cock in and out of her I didn’t care about her pain. Each time I pushed a little harder into her until I was uncontrollably fucking my daughter. I Started moaning “Oh fuck yes…. oh fuck yes…You’re so tight. OH GOD I love your pussy….Oh baby girl….oh fuck.. I am…going… to …. cum..” As I pushed in deep inside her and let my cock pump all my seed into my daughter’s pussy. I Started to jerk with the last bit of cum. I sink down over her holding myself up with my arms and found her lips and started kissing her as I slowly slid my cock in and out. I hear her moan finallyand her arms wrap around my neck as her hips start to move with my gentle trusts.

I lift my head and look at her tear stained face and she is smiling. “I love you” I say and kiss her gently on her lips. She gives ma a huge tired smile. “I love you too daddy”. I finally pull out of her and see my dick has cum and blood on it. It felt so amazing that I got to fuck my virgin daughter and experience that tight of a hole.

Knowing My wife may be home at some time I lifted Maggie up and took her to the bathtub. I ran warm water for her and washed my self up in the sink while the tub filled up. I then knelt by the tub and washed her off.

“Daddy?” she asked and I look at her to continue. “Does it always hurt like that?” I chuckle a little and kissed the top of her head. “No Baby only the first time because you were a virgin.” I tell her and she nodded in agreement. I explain about the hymen and she then says “Oh that’s right I remember my teacher saying that now. I just didn’t understand what she meant then.”

Then I hear the garage opening and I look at Maggie. “Mommies home.” Her face looks disappointed. “It’s ok Sweet girl you finish your bath and go to bed. If you want we can do it again some other time.” Her face lit up and said. “Thank you daddy.”

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