Smoking can be fun

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Just having a smoke watching the school girls

I was 20 just married and just started working for a friend back in the 80s, sitting in the van while he was in a client’s house, it was a hot summer’s day parked near a school, just minding my own business having a smoke window down just watching all the school girls in there uniforms walk by, short black skirts, black blazers, white shirts and most of the had there ties loose and white sock, most of them just chatted to each other and laughed and giggled paying no attention to me, until 3 girls of about 11 or 12 walked by as they got level with me they stopped one girl leaned against the van and said hey mr. can i have a smoke i said sorry but your to young to smoke, she was smiling and said I’m 12 and i smoke my dads cigarettes, i said dose he know you do, no she said i do lots of things he doesn’t know about and they all looked at each other and laughed, i said to them do you all smoke and do things your parents don’t know about they all smiled and giggled, i blushed at them they started to tease me about turning red, so they asked again for a cigarette, i said your to young and there not good for you, the girl that stopped first said well why are you smoking, i just went red again and shrugged my shoulders, they turned and started to walk away they were about 20feet away and miss mouthy shouts well how about a fuck they are all laughing and I shout ok then she turns and runs back and says with a really big smile so you would fuck us but you won’t give us a cigarette i just smiled and said if you let me fuck you i will buy you a packet, first of all have you ever been fucked yes she said i have a bf, do i get to fuck all 3 of you or just you, the 3 of us she replied, ok what are your names ? My name is kate and thats lyn with the long dark hair and rachel has the ponytail, ok i said my name is ian i will pick you up here at 7pm tomorrow night i took out a cigarette lit it and gave it to her, she smiled took the lit cigarette and walked away, i shouted to her keep the school uniforms on tomorrow night kate turned as she walked away and said you dirty bugger, after they went i realised how hard i was, i thought to myself at the worst I have lost a smoke,
That night i fucked the wife while thinking about the three of them.

If anyone would like to hear what the following night brings i will carry on with the story

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Need more . There’s nothing better than fucking a young schoolgirl while she is still wearing her uniform . And their pussies are so tight .

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    Oh yes, slutty teen girls are always lookin for thei next good fuck

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    My little panties are wet after this one

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      would love to feel and taste how wet!

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    Love to hear how hard U fucked them

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    Definitely need to hear more

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    Good story line. But, punctuations please.

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    Definitely want more.
    Love slutty school girls

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    Yes keep it going

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    I’d like to hear more

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    Really like this and, she’s right, you are a dirty bugger. The question is, how dirty?! More please!

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    Let’s hear more