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My shy, inexperienced wife – NOT

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She was so shy, so inexperienced in sex. When we started being sexual dating she didn’t want to have the lights on, then I found out about her past

Connie was 21 when I met her, I was 27 and we worked at the same firm. She was assigned to a lot of my projects, late nights, she and I both single led to us having dinners together at restaurants she couldn’t afford so I was glad to do it. She was great company too. She is beautiful, 5ft. 7in tall, only weighs about 110lbs, perfect figure, C cup boobs and my personal favorite, great legs and ass. She always wore medium length skirts or dresses, had black hair which I love on milky white skin. Through a year of working together the subject came up a few times about dating, and sex. I did mention that I like to see a woman in full bush at first, then at various times to change shape, trimming, even bald. When she mentioned she had no one to trim or wax for she was blushing.

Eventually we became dating partners, then it took about 2 months plus some to get her to have sex. Well I should say to get a rather hesitant handjob. That became an everyday thing, she would even come to my place and sleep with me and use lotion and oils to get me off with her hand. I pushed and pushed this shy young thing that I thought might be a virgin, and got her to blow me finally. She actually seemed to like when I’d shoot into her mouth. I asked and she said though not a virgin she wasn’t all that experienced. I didn’t push but did want to know what that meant. Eventually I worked and worked and got her so worked up she let me slide into her black haired pussy. She was one of those rare people I’ve found that actually look better without clothes on. Face it, most of us look better clothed, not her.

We were having regular sex now for about 8 months and I brought up anal. She passively agreed that I could try it if I wanted it really badly and if the “other things” we did weren’t enough for me. She was almost sweating as I fucked her ass, low grunts almost of pain, but she insisted I keep going if that was what I wanted she wanted to give it to me. She would do anything I wanted. I came up her ass and eased out, she got up immediately and went to the toilet. She didn’t even look at me coming back to bed, and just got under the covers and went to sleep.

The next day I made a stop at lunch, and after dinner we went to her favorite beach and I showed her the ring. We were married six months later. It was small, just us and a couple of local friends. 6 months after we were going to her home town and meeting her family. It was her mother and two sisters only. One of those evenings she had to go see some friends and I was alone with her two sisters. They were talking and said how they were glad that Connie finally found a guy who would marry her. I asked and they just said that as many guys and even other girls as Connie had sex with and as many things as she did for sex she had to leave town to get a husband. I didn’t know what they were talking about until they brought over some pictures.

There was my wife as a young girl, starting at 13 getting gangbanged, anal fucked, sucking pussy, sucking an old womans tits while an old man was fucking her from behind, then there was the dogs. She’d been fucked by dogs, about 10 of them. One sister told me that Connie told her before she left for the city she’d been fucked by 10 dogs, 1 horse, and 53 guys of all ages, and 8 girls or women. My shy, blushing wife was a slut. A total whore and slut, nothing but the town bicycle – every got a ride.

I made her sisters promise not to tell her that I knew, and I took plenty of the pictures with me. With that knowledge both sisters stripped and I fucked them both. What the hell, Connie going to divorce me? The town slut who couldn’t get a husband? I doubted it. Back home I was ready. She came to bed in her cotton nightgown and I asked.
“that the hell are you doing wearing that fucking thing?”
“Do I have to repeat myself. You come to bed looking sexy for me, looking like you at least are trying to get my cock up your fuckholes”
“Why are you talking like that to me?”

I walked over and pulled up the gown over her head and ripped it. “there you won’t be using that granny bullshit thing anymore” I then told her to lay on the bed. She got on her back and started to spread her legs. “Not like that whore, roll over, I’m fucking your asshole tonight” She was stuttering and stammering not knowing what was going on. I took a few pumps in her now bald pussy then slam fucked her asshole. She was hurting and crying. I stopped with my cock all the way still up her ass. “What the fuck are you crying about slut?” She didn’t know why I was treating her so rough and practically raping her ass. I started fucking even more, slamming in every stroke hard to get the maximum amount of pain for her she was begging me to stop, to at least be more gentle. I threw down some pictures of her gangbangs, anal fucks, and dog fucks. I kept slamming at her.

“You’re doing whatever the hell I want now slut, and don’t even pretend you don’t know what’s going on”

she cried as I came up her ass. I wouldn’t let her go to the toilet, I would let her leave my presence. I made her get under the covers and turned off the light. I made her tell me all about her first time at 13 with 4 boys in a house basement with parents upstairs unaware she was losing her virginity in a 4 guy gangbang. She was crying and apologizing. I was hard again so I made her line my cock up to her asshole while I spooned into her and fucked her ass again telling her she was my cumdump slut now and would do anything I wanted. She just took it and takes it now.

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Once a slut cumdump always a slut cumdump . I hope you got her to do dogs and gangbangs again .

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Very good you done the right thing, Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hi

    Nice, I would of done the same.

  • Reply Jeff ID:jtirhl4s2dy

    Great story. My second wife was like that. Pretended she was the perfect family orientated Catholic girl. It wasn’t until after we were married that the real Sue came out. I had married a slut. Sue the slut. She went right back to being the slut she was and always will be after the birth of our second child.