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Baby Girls Cunt

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My daughter started taking cock and became pregnant.

One night I caught my fourteen year old daughter masterbating. I didn’t think anything about it at first, kids will be kids. Then she told me she wanted more. I explained to her what she was saying. She told me she had watched me fuck her dad and was asking about him being her first. I wanted to object but knew how I truly felt. My daddy was also her daddy. So I told my father who was more eager.

He came in one night while he was drunk and horny. He told us both to pull our clothes off. I was twenty-six almost twenty-seven and still had perky tits and a nice ass. My daughter had the same as she was the oldest out of our four children. We had three girls and one boy. Though I thought my boy was actually my brother’s since I had been fucking him too.

My daughter Allie pulled off her shorts and shirt revealing her soaking wet cunt that she wanted fucked. My dad bent both of us over the end of his bed. He spread our legs and then fucked Allie first. She was crying and then begging for his cock. He came straight on her cunt, leaving little to seep out. Next, he fucked my cunt and cam hard.

Next he decided to bring in our neighbors son who was sixteen. His cock was big for his age. He was around ten inches while my dad was a solid nine. Gage slipped his cock in, fucked her cunt, and then fucked me leaving cum slipping down our legs. Three weeks later Allie told me she had missed her period. I went and got a pregnancy test for her and she took it. She squealed with delight when it was positive. Not even two days later I found out I was also pregnant.

I was cooking dinner one night when Allies ten year old brother came in. He mentioned he had watched Grandpa fuck me and Allie. He took off his pants and showed me his little price which was at least six inches. He said his dad had been giving him penis enhancers. I told him it was working. He said he really needed relief so I spread my legs open. He slipped his little fat cock in, and began to pound my pussy.

He cummed two minutes later and asked if he could do it again. I said yes or he could fuck his sisters. His sister was twelve and ten. I found them all fucking like rabbits over the next few days. Gretchen my twelve year old was pregnant within two weeks. About five weeks after my ten year old started her period she got pregnant with Gages baby. Allie had a beautiful baby boy at eight months. He was healthy and made a new addition to the men who would keep us all pregnant. When he was of age enough.

I had a boy as well naming him Liam. Gretchen had a girl who Gage promised would be his too. Three weeks later after I had been fucked by my grandfather who came for a visit, I was pregnant again. This time it was twins. By this time he had gotten Allie pregnant too. Allie would walk around the house big stomach showing, boobs lactating not caring who came by. Our neighbor Mr. Hammond came by and she was naked, pregnant stomach hanging out. His cock was hard when he saw her lactating tits.

He bent over pulling her to straddle his cock. He slipped it in and she fucked him riding his cock hard. That got Gage horny so he had to come over and fuck me. Grandpa got horny and Gretchen little pussy was hot. She was almost ready to give birth but Grandpa beat her cunt out making cum drip down her legs. If anyone open wants to join us we would be more than happy to accept.

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