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A mother’s confession (part 2)

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Recognizing my sons wandering eye, I decide to pursue his intentions even further.

As I prepared to ‘test the waters’ the pandemic struck and took center stage. The schools immediately shifted to ‘remote learning’ which enabled me to progress rather quickly.
Michael was home and unable to visit his friends. As days turned into weeks, we both became restless. I chose to take advantage of the moment and began altering my attire around the house. Inch by inch, my dresses became shorter. I wore blouses that were more revealing and sometimes, without a bra.
I found his attention mesmerizing. I pretended that I was unaware of my carelessness. ‘Could his needs be so profound that he doesn’t recognize boundaries?’ I said to myself. I then asked myself the same question.
When his father was home my dress code was appropriate. For those times we were home alone, my attire was more provocative and thought provoking, and intentionally so.
I provided him with opportunities from time to time so I could evaluate his reactions. Leaning over to pour him a glass of milk one afternoon, allowed a view he couldn’t ignore. Watching his eyes peering at my breasts stirred a great amount of emotion. ‘He’s actually looking’ I said to myself. The breasts he once nursed from were taunting his appetite once again. I casually tugged on my blouse to correct it, ‘I’m sorry sweetheart’ I whispered.
The art of seduction is a craft that I polished over the years. I never dreamt that I would use that play book on my own son. To avoid detection, I managed to govern my pace throughout the process. My intention was to bait him in, and that I did.
I began watching videos like ‘Taboo’ starring Kay Parker, and Honey Wilder. I was inspired by the wholesome narrative that it portrayed so magically. By the time the movie was over, I was soaked.
Over the next few days, I attempted to abandon my quest out of concern, yet my will to resist temptation was diminishing. His awkward shyness around girls his age played a role in my decision to forge onward. His pubescent desire to engage in sexual activity was clearly starving for attention. So, I decided to take another step forward.
One afternoon I noticed he was laying on his stomach, on the floor watching Moto-cross. I casually strolled into our bedroom to develop a plan. I selected the perfect dress from my closet. My hands trembled as I slid some ‘suntan’ hosiery on, while I sat on the bed. I suspected Michael had a fetish for pantyhose, and I was right.
When I entered the room, I placed a chair nearby and pretended to appear busy on my tablet. A few seconds later, I crossed my legs so seductively, and in his direction. I was startled by how close in proximity I was from him. I chose to act like I forgot he was there. My heart was pounding knowing Michael was absorbing the view indeed. ‘Has she forgotten that I’m laying here?’ I pictured him saying to himself. He was close enough to capture the scent from my legs.
I was melting. I couldn’t believe I was displaying my legs so blatantly. I waited for the courage to take it a step further. That was a long wait. Using the hand that he couldn’t see, I began to slowly raise my dress even higher. Inch by inch, I began to reveal more thigh. Suddenly, I felt my dress begin to roll upward. I tried to control its rapid accent, but to no avail. It wasn’t long till I realized that my son had a front row seat to the ‘leg-show.’ His breathing became more audible. I also noticed my legs were blocking his view of the television.
My nipples were as hard as a diamond. There I was. I felt like I was ringing the dinner bell. Michael remained motionless, so was I. A part of me wanted to flee, but I couldn’t, I had to know if I was misinterpreting his wandering eyes, or not. Thirty minutes later, he broke. ‘Jesus mom’, he said as he passed by me, now looking down upon my legs before leaving the room. I took a full breath and smiled, ‘someone has a thing for his mother’s legs’, I said to myself.
…to be continued.


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  • Reply Bob ID:1ddi8u108zq9

    Very good, Carrie. I love how you are reeling him in little by little. His eyes are loving the leg views you offer him. When will he get to see your bare pussy??
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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  • Reply milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Another perfect picture for your hot story.
    Very enticing story. Every son should be so blessed.

  • Reply Carrie ID:ioubbm3

    I’m so happy you’re onboard. Part 4 will be out tomorrow.

  • Reply Horny Boy ID:1dmb2myghygf

    Thanks mommy …this just keeps getting better…I’m so hard right now mmmm

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    So hot love it love to here more and love to talk about my incest experiences

  • Reply DaddyChaos ID:1cz2bhq0dggw

    God I’m so hard .. wish u were my mom

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1e2byadfekwe

    That’s so hot!! I can’t wait to hear more!! I bet he is stealing your used panties and masturbating with them!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

    • milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      Oh yes, boys do borrow moms panties to sniff while they masturbate dreaming of mom.
      A good mom leaves her pussy soaked panties for her son to easily find.

      (yes, sometimes husbands or sons friends will steal moms/wife’s panties) Men do this too.

  • Reply Russ ID:4f912r40

    Please part 3 I got hard reading your story. Love the slow build of you seducing your son. Wish my mom had did that to me.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it, sometimes I wish I had a boy but ended up with two beautiful daughters that turned into little sluts like there Mother so really can’t complain, but my husband gets his satisfaction from them, Emma from Australia.

    • Horny Boy ID:1dmb2myghygf

      I’d love to have been your little boy Emma …holding my breath as you slowly lick and suck on my small hard boy cock …mmmm

    • Patch ID:1ecldh45wkkp

      God you comments make me as hard as the stories do!

  • Reply Paulb ID:4keelewqk

    Very hot my mom was my first fuck also

    • milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      Moms truly do make the best first fuck for a boy.
      He never forgets the feeling of her vagina the first time he slid it in.