Cum-Pancakes At Our Daughter’s Birthday Party

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(This is fantasy only)

My name is Jane. I’m 36 years old and a massage therapist. I’m married to Jack who is 40 years old and quite a successful lawyer. Our 14-year-old hosted a birthday party and my husband and I made pancakes for her and her friends with a special ingredient.

Emily turned 14 a week ago and she had invited her friends over to our house. My husband and I came up with a plan to make the day a little bit more interesting for us.

Emily told us she wanted a party at home. Usually we planned it somewhere else, but this time she thought it would be nice to bring over some friends. Eight teen girls would show up at around 4 in the afternoon. Emily didn’t even make a plan. They just wanted to hang out. And she wanted pancakes for dinner because it was her favorite.

We told her that we’d take care of the pancakes and she could go and have a great day with her friends. If the weather was nice they could use the pool, and if not we would go upstairs so they could use the living room. Emily told everyone to bring bikinis just in case, even though the forecast didn’t look great.

As soon as me and Jack, my husband, knew about the how and when of the party, we created our devious plan. After throwing some ideas out there we decided to go for the least risky option. The plan was that Jack wouldn’t cum for two weeks to build up a massive load. At the day of the party I would edge him for hours so he would shoot a monster-load. That load would go in the pancake batter that we’d use to make Emily and all her friends pancakes.

Jack was already rock-hard when we came up with the idea, but he couldn’t cum. It was going to be a tough 14 days for him. I was also very wet, but I didn’t want Jack to start fucking me so I made myself cum in the shower thinking about all those teens swallowing Jack’s cum.

Then the day of the party arrived. Jack made it through the 14 days and I decided to wake him up with a blowjob around 8 in the morning. The edging had begun. In about 10 hours he’d have to shoot his load. His balls felt physically larger than I had ever felt. He woke up as I licked them, grabbed my head and forced his cock in my throat. “Finally!” he said. “You’re going to be a good little slut and empty my balls today.”

The weather was surprisingly nice so the girls put on their bikinis and jumped in our pool. This was perfect for our plan. Until 4 I had edged Jack by talking about what was about to happen. Now he could actually see the girls. We went upstairs to a window that looked out over the pool. The girls never saw us, but we saw them.

As I took out Jack’s hard cock I told him, “look at all those little sluts. All those bellies will be filled with your cum in a few hours.” Jack groaned. He was very much on edge. This had been my best performance ever. I did everything to create the biggest load possible.

“Look at your little daughter Jack. Do you see her small panties covering that tight slit? Don’t you wish you were inside that hole right now, with her lips gripping daddy’s pussy? Don’t you want her on her knees with your cock inside her throat? Wouldn’t you want to give her this load straight from the tap? But we can’t do that Jack, can we? You need to feed all of them.”

At 5:30 I went downstairs to prepare the pancake batter. At 5:45 I was back upstairs with Jack. He was still hard and looking outside. “It’s time Jack”, I said. We went to another room.

Being a massage therapist has some perks. One of them is having a massage table. Jack and I modified it a little bit by putting a hole at exactly the spot where his cock is when he is on his stomach. I love milking him like this, and the tool was perfect for this job.

Jack put his cock through the hole and rested his face in the hole up top. I looked at him while I sat under him and said, “just relax honey. I’m going to give you your biggest orgasm ever.”

I took lube and massaged his cock for a while. He grew harder than ever in my hands. Then it was time. It was 6 o’clock and I had promised the girls pancakes in about half an hour from now. I started jerking his cock harder and I told him to close his eyes.

“Imagine me lifting Emily’s pussy towards your cock under the table. Imagine the warmth you would feel from her tight wet hole as it was only an inch from your cock. Imagine me sliding your daughter’s pussy over your cock, all the way to the base. She would literally be your little cocksleeve. Daddy’s little cocksleeve. And then I would move her pussy faster and faster over daddy’s rock-hard cock. Emily is going to be daddy’s cumhole. Daddy is going to empty his balls in her tight little hole.”

As I said this I was jerking him at the pace he would usually cum from.

“She really wants it Jack. Your daughter wants you to drain yourself into her. I want it too. Please cum inside our little girl Jack. Please fill up her pussy with your massive load.”

As I said those words, Jack started to breathe faster and faster and his body started twitching. After 20 more seconds of jerking he came. I’ve never heard Jack groan and moan so loud. I was afraid the girls might hear it. He went crazy. And his load was insane. Rope after rope of thick cum landed in the pancake batter. It must’ve been about 10 strong shots of cum that ended up in there. After that more cum oozed out of his cock as I kept milking him. He was going to empty himself completely in the batter.

After about a minute of cumming, Jack was empty. He couldn’t stand up for 5 minutes while I mixed the cum and the pancake batter. It was so much, but luckily it mixed well.

Then I went downstairs and made a whole pile of cum-pancakes. At 6:30 I called the girls inside. They all sat around the table and started eating. As Jack came downstairs he could see all these teen girls feeding on, and swallowing his cum. It was perfect.

“Thank you for the pancakes! They were delicious”, all of them said before going back outside. Jack and I went back upstairs and he licked me to an earth-shattering orgasm. After that he said, “let’s talk more about me filling up our Emily, or feeding her straight from the tap.”

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    I love nasty mothers, being one myself. I love how the wife talks dirty to get the hubby off. So hot

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    I’ve even thought of doing this for church fellowships.

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    Loved the story would like to know more Indecent. Session or email me