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After the wedding

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After going to a wedding, i find a girl somewhat disturbed by the traditions, after spending some time with her, it was time to have sex.

It was a good day. I had fun at my sister’s wedding. Talked to a lot of people, food was good & the girls were too good. After all the rituals we all went at my sister’s home and then it was time for her to go to her new home. After one hour everyone was chilling. It was already 3 at night, so most of the relatives decided to stay here till its morning, my family was one of them. As i went inside the house i saw that some people were saddened that a girl from their home had to leave her house after her marriage. Some were sad, some were trying to adjust to the fact that she now has a new home and some were so sad that they couldn’t control their tears.
Yes, some people were crying. For most of them i couldn’t do anything, but there was a girl for whom i could do everything. I decided to sit beside her and tried to console her and tell her that it’s okay that girls have to go to live with her husband after her marriage. It actually felt good as i was talking to this beautiful girl from my family. She was so emotional that she was understanding everything which i was saying. It was an out of this world experience for me. It helped me express myself and her seeing me as a rational human being. After having a good time and helping her feel better, i went home and slept.
Next day i woke up, and i get to go back to meet her. After the wedding it was a party zone at her house. Everyone was having fun, eating and talking. It was like everyone was on d**gs. No one gave a shot about anyone, everyone was having the best time of her life, except her.
Seeing that she was alone in her room, i went in and sat with her. We got to talking and then it was like i had a password for her. Whatever i could say i would get the most revealing answer from her. After 10 minutes i realised that it was a once in a lifetime moment. She was ready for anything. I had to try to have sex with her.
After a minute i had a plan and then i made my first move.
I knew that she was in need of emotional support, but so was i. I didn’t saw this opportunity to score, for me it was an opportunity to be in a healthy relationshiop.
The ac was on and the door was closed, i got up and locked the door. Then i sat really close to her and hugged her. I didn’t let go the hug, soon we were snuggling. Both of us were having the best time of our life. I knew that it was perfect but i had to seize the opportunity.
As she was talking i looked at her, she also looked at me. Our eyes met and so did our lips. I kissed her like she was the only girl in the world. At first only i kissed her but then she also kissed me. At first she must be confused by i’m sure that my consistency made her kiss me.
Kissing for a minute i knew that she was enjoying it more that me. Soon i started caressing her and made my way to her breasts. It never looks like they feel. She also did the same with my body. As we were exploring each other’s bodies we were also being turned on by each other. She was surely enjoying me, i was too but i was scared that if i wouldn’t do much she might pull away from me.
I pushed her and let her lie as i kissed her. First it was her lips, then i came to her neck, there wasn’t much to know about that but she enjoyed it. Then i lifted her shirt and kissed her boobs.with enough caressing, pinching, licking and kissing her boobs i was sure that i was worthy of going to her pussy. I kissed her again and pulled her pants down.
Having my mouth close to her pussy fwlt like i was on weed. No matter what i would do i wanted to do more. Soon i realised that i was getting out of control. I then located her clitoris and had my fun with her. The moans which were first looking like satisfied were now nothing compared to what i was hearing now. As she was full of pleasure i noticed that she was having more fun than i was having. I wanted to fuck her, but decided to wait for her to have an orgasm first, as i knew how long i would go.
I started figuring her and licking her at the same time. Then i saw a girl have an orgasm, in real life. It was such a beautiful scene. Seeing a girl full of pleasure and lust was something i had expected not to see for a long time. Then i stood back and pulled my pants down. My cock was already hard, now it was ready to fuck.
Before putting my cock inside her i leaned in and kissed her.
All this time i was trying to fuck her, doing that made me a bit technical and i forget to enjoy that. Kissing her made me realise i was already fucking her. I then put my arms around her and kissed her. The sex was getting better and better. I could feel my cock touching her pussy, again an again. Her pussy was already wet. As it didn’t need any lube or gentality my cock slipped right on her. As i was thrusting my cock in her, she told me she had a condom in her drawer. In went ahead to put on the condom, as i turned back to her she was totally naked. I kissed her again and slipped my cock in her. It was truly amazing that it was so smooth, i gave my cunnalingus abilities the full credit. As she was enjoying the pressure on her pussy, i was getting high on her. What i thought to be a minute turned out to be half an hour. After i had fucked her in every position, i had actually cummed. As i was putting my clothes on she came on me and kissed me. What was happening in the past hour was all me, seeing her kiss me, made me the happiest person on the planet. Then we both wore our clothes and stepped out of the room. As she was talking to everyone i was thinking how do i tell her that i wanted to date her now.

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