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How I rescued Aliyah from her Violent parents

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Aliyah is a 15 year old girl who needed help to get out from her Violent overly religious parents.

I was about 40 years old then and I was invited to an Asian School as a guest lecturer for a week, on a subject that I had perfected.

So one day during the lunch break I was approached by this beautiful girl wearing a Hijab, a dress that covers an Islamic woman head to toe except for the thier face, and she handed me a note with a fearful face and teary eyes.

Soon as I took the note in my hand she moved away and kept walking without saying a word.

I got confused and completely forgotten about the food I was eating and as soon as she went away I started to read the note and it said,

“I need your help, please don’t talk to anyone about this.. If you can’t help then throw this away. But if you want to help me then call this number at 5.30pm today”

I didn’t know what to make of it but by the looks of her eyes and her trembling hands I figured it was something very serious and I thought to give her a call to know what’s going on.

So exactly at 5.30pm I dialled the number she gave me and before even it rang she picked it up and stayed silently, but I heard her breathing heavily.

“hello, you said you wanted help, so I’m calling you, is this a good time to speak?” I asked her

“I’m in a big problem Sir, I really want someone like you to help me out of this” she whispered like someone’s standing close to her

“ok if you can’t talk like this meet me tomorrow at my house, don’t go to school come there” and I gave her my address and asked her to remember a landmark near to my place.

So the whole night I couldn’t sleep thinking about her and I kept on hearing her voice in my head.. So I stayed up whole night until the morning and as soon as the lights were up I got dressed and went closer to the place I asked her to come.

After a while I saw her Black hijab from the distance and as she got closer I signalled her to follow me and I safely took her inside my apartment and locked the door.

Then I turned around and saw her Weeping with tears all over her face and she couldn’t even breath through it.

I assisted her to sit down on my sofa and I gave her a glass of water and asked her to take her time to calm herself up.

She took a sip of water and wiped her nose and eyes with a tissue paper and looked straight into my eyes and said “thank you sir, for this I didn’t knew what to do, I’m really sorry if I’m disturbing you”

I went closer to her and knelt on the floor and said “no it’s completely fine, I’m happy to help you out of any situation you are in, don’t worry it’s safe here, just tell me what you want”

She said “OK sir, I’ll tell you but promise me that you won’t talk to my parents about it”

I said “OK but if its a life threatening situation to you we must talk to them, that’s the best thing right”

She said “no my life is threatened by them” and a tear drop fell from her eye.

I was completely shocked by her words and I didn’t knew what to say but I tried to stay calm as I can I said “I promise you that I won’t tell them”

Then she shook her head and started “my name is Aliyah, I’m 15 now and I was born into an Islamic family, even though I didn’t like my family religion I had to follow it to make them happy, but whenever I refused to do something they want me to they beat me up, hit me and punish me in a very cruel way”

She continued with sobbing and pulling her snot in,

“so about a month ago my school friend gave me a frock as a gift and I wanted to try it on at home and I took a few pictures wearing it but later my parents found out that I did something that goes against their beliefs and they beat me up” she started to cry again,

“Don’t cry huny I can understand your situation now you are safe so tell me everything” I told her

She said “no you don’t understand anything, they want me to get married to an older person as his 3rd wife next year and they want me to stop my studies because they believe that it’s ruined my mind. The frock I told you about was about knee high but look what they did to me”

And she pulled her long hijab upto her mid-thigh revealing cane marks on both her legs from her calfs upto her thighs.

I was completely baffled by that and I was speechless but I kept looking at her marks and her beautiful sobbing face.

Then she continued pulling her dress down “they did this so I won’t never be able to wear any shorter clothes again”

I asked her “is that it Aliyah? Tell me everything, I promise I won’t let this happen to you again, I’m going to get you out of this I swear”

“no that’s not it I have more Marks all over my body but I don’t know I should show you or not”

“I know what you mean, maybe it’s better if you don’t show me anymore, I’m already feeling upset seeing those, idk how did you took them alone at this young age”

Then she cried again and I held her hand and comforted her for about an hour and she slept on the sofa until I called in few of my friends abroad and we got her parents in custody with all the proofs Aliyah had.

Then I sponsored her to travel back to my country and I signed up as her legal guardian since she said that she won’t trust any of her remaining relatives.

After about two weeks I rented a small apartment for her and gave her a letter for the best school in town and I regularly went in to check out how she’s doing and helped her with the new apartment.

I took her to lunch and dinner for her to get used to the place and all the while I noticed that she was still wearing her hijab but I didn’t wanted to ask her anything because I thought she might miss her home life in a way.

A month and a half had passed and Aliyah was the happiest girl in the world and I really enjoyed seeing her smiling without crying. She and me were so close since she started living close to me and we spent a lot of time together.

So one night during our chit-chat I asked her “why are you still wearing your Hijab? You doesn’t seem to be following that religion anymore so why?”

She said “I’m wearing it to cover some of my marks, I’m really shy, someone might ask me what happened”

As she said it her head went down and her eyes became sad again.

I felt really stupid to make her feel upset so I told her “come on Aliyah you don’t have to be sad it’s just a simple question, I’m really sorry for asking that”

She looked at me and smiled and said “oh no I was not sad you just gave me my life back, I’m sad because I’m not tough enough to face my fears of showing my body”

Then I said ” don’t say that, you are tough, you are the most brave person I have ever met in my life, let me teach you how to get rid of your fears”

And I sat close to her on the sofa she was sitting and I reached down to her feet and grabbed her Hijab and slowly pulled it up while looking at her face. She kept on looking at my hand that’s coming up and when it reached her knees she held my hand and said “please don’t”

I said “shhhhh let me do it Aliyah, relax”

She took her hand away and nodded at me.

Then I pulled her Hijab all the way up till her clean white panties are shown. And I rubbed my hand on the marks that she had and she kept on looking at my hands and breathed so slowly to my touches.

Then I looked at her face and smiled and she smiled back with a doubt on her face and I leaned down and kissed on each place she was marked.

She whispered “no” in a tiny voice but I completely ignored it.

Then I sat back up and asked her “do you want me to look at them all now?”

Then She stood up like a good girl and pulled the Hijab from her head and for the first time I saw her beautiful long black hair waving across her neck upto her hips.

Her Bra was completely white and looked brand new covering her beautiful fifteen year old breasts and her panties were similarly clean too. She looked like a model from a famous Magazine.

I checked her out head to toe to see if she had any more marks on her and she sure did have lot of scratches and whipped marks all upto her thighs and even closer to her breasts.

Then I turned her around and pushed her hair to the front and she definitely had a lot of marks on her back too.

I tightly held my fists in anger and I yelled in pain and sadness for what they did to this beautiful girl and when she turned around, I cried hugging her so tight.

She held my face on her still growing breasts and rubbed my hair till I felt better.

I looked up at her and smiled saying “I’m OK Aliyah, I love you so much and I’ll always be here for you ok?”

She replied “I love you too, you are the best thing that happened to me and from now on I won’t be shy to show my scars to anyone”

Then she removed her white Bra to let those beautiful muffins out and asked me to look at them.

It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my whole life and I held them both softly in my palms like I’m holding flower petals and started to inspect them carefully while she kept looking at me with her cute eyes.

-to be continued-

(This was a story based on true events)

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    Humans are complicated the op is both a Saint and a Sinner. (no I’m not religious)

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    Great story keep going with it, I want to know what happens next