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School days 1

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Girls from my how school and all the $hit they did – Gabriella (19 years old currently)

This girl’s name is Gabriella or by most of her friends Gabby.

She was one of the popular girls in school and also not a bad student she had pretty good grades and was liked by all her teachers (some more than others).

Now from the outside she looks like a real nice girl and she is, now I was not popular but I was friends with many of the popular kids in school and so I got the juicey gossip about all the things happening and Gabby was definitely popular in more ways than one.

Now I’ll tell about just a few of the things she did while in school and I don’t like beating around the bush so I’ll get right to it….

She was a slut.. like every other day sex and every guy on varsity knows how good her head is type of slut.

Gabby also had rich parents and got to go on trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, California, Paris and others I don’t know about/don’t remember.

Now I’m not here to ramble on about her wealth I’m here to talk about the things she did like sucking off a teacher, and letting that teacher touch her tits. So she didn’t have the best grades in her gym class because she basically never showed up and when the gym teach talked to her about it she offered to suck his cock if he passes her and that’s how it went.

Now she also had a taste for older guys in other countries and I managed to get one of the people in her very private friend Snapchat story and she’s posted pics and short vids of her either the before or after of her fucked.

Not gonna lie tho she is pretty hot. She’s Latina and she got a fat ass, nice big tits, curvy waste and and thick thighs. And from what I’ve heard she got a tight pussy, got some nice lips, and she knows how to use her tongue and her mouth.

She also wears some normal clothes when she was at school like a hoodie some sweatpants maybe jeans and a shirt that sometimes is low cut and shows a bit of her cleavage but she looked pretty modest in school, but if you seen her outside of school hang out with friends or out on vacation she was not leaving much of the imagination, most of her pictures were her in a tiny bikini or some skin tight dress and or some type of outfit that showed off basically everything.

From one of her Snapchat videos I also learned she doesn’t wear panties when she goes out because one of her videos were her walking down the street in a dress and she did a quick upskirt and showed off her pussy.

She also didn’t mind things in public like giving someone head or letting a guy rail her in the parking lot or even fingering herself in class if she wore a skirt and felt horny.

Anyway I don’t got anything else to say really, you can kind of already get what else she did in school behind the bleachers or in an empty classroom or the locker room and her car. Her friends aren’t much better I’ll probably do one of them next but yeah Gabby is one sexy slut.

That’s all I got to say for today and you can believe me or not but yeah.. also I won’t give out anyone’s Snapchat, Instagram or anything for obvious reasons…


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I guess I was a slut to ! I went to a catholic high school ,and I use to give blow jobs to the boys for $25.00 and if they wanted to fuck me, we would sneak into the boiler room and I would let one of them pull my dress up and pull my tights down and let him fuck me for a $100.00 ! I really made some good money from my boys !! Britney

    • Amelia ID:1fr7fp49b

      Nah same I started when I was in 7th grade and I got told I had nice lips so I used that and got payed $20 to suck someone and I offered other things like sex for $100 and I would let them do anything they wanted for $200