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I tease older men in public..Part 2

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How I went from a innocent lil girl teasing n flirting older men showing them my panties n my pink pussy into a cocksucking cumloving slut

I can’t believe it..I let two strangers touch my pussy at the park last week and I touched my first cock ever..it was so rad exciting scary dangerous n I loved every minute of it..

Hi I’m Sandie can’t let my mom know I cruise the park at dusk showing off my petite sexy little body teasing older men. I love the attention I get from them n how they always tell me how pretty sexy and young I am.

It’s Sunday at the park I’m in my little Sun dress kinda see-tru white barely covering my ass-cheeks my pink panties n bra plainly visible.
I’m getting more bolder flashing my body around like this it just turns me on so much acting cheap innocently knowing that any old men who sees me that I’m gonna let them touch my pussy.

It’s a game I play that started to turn when I let that old men kiss me and I kissed him back swapping tongues as he played with my pussy.

I’m sitting on my my favorite park bench again waiting for someone to sit across from me. This older guy sits down I smile at him spreading my legs showing him my pink panties. And what he did next surprised the fuck out of me he pulled his pants down showing me his cock.

I thought I was bold but damn we are in the park anybody walking by could see him playing with himself. I giggled at him and slid my panties off showing him my pink pussy.. he then takes his shirt off and he’s completely naked.. I’m lost in the moment and without thinking I slip my dress off and now I’m just sitting on the park bench in just my bra. I’ll show him I thought I can play his game too

I can’t believe this he stands up and starts to jack off smiling at me.
I take my bra off I’m completely naked and licking my fingers I slide two of them in my pussy smiling back at him licking my lips. This is sooo Kool and instead of being nervous..this was the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done I’ve completely blackout where I was what I was doing I wanted to keep playing this game with this old fuck across from me.

He was jacking off harder n faster I kept finger- fucking my pussy matching him giggling loving this game. When he started to cum I gasped and moaned loudly I wanted to touch his cum lick it off my fingers.
Suddenly I heard people coming our way.. I panicked quickly barely had time to put my dress on I kicked my panties n bra under the bench the old man across from me just walked into the woods.. naked.

“ Dint I tell you Jim look at her probably only 13 so slutty so pretty playing with her pussy teasing everyone and we just saw her naked finger fucking herself while watching Bob jack off “

Before I knew what was happening these two guys sat next to me on the bench and before I could move they started to put their hands all over me under my dress touching my pussy pinching my nipples one guy started to kiss me I’m kissing him back swapping tongues and moaning loudly.

“ Hi Sandie you remember me from last week you let me touch your pussy telling me how much you loved it then you ran away home giggling at me.. well I followed you know where you live and waited for you to come back here today “

My mind is in a haze I’m being finger fucked loving it so much the other guy is sucking on my breasts I never felt so alive so horny I reached over not at all surprised that their pants were down and grabbed both of their cocks.

“ Oooh yes oh misters ooh sooo good Ooh god don’t stop keep playing with me oooh yes finger fuck my pussy suck on my tits Ooh fuck yes” I’m shaking in pleasure lost in lust

“ Ooh god don’t tell my mom oooh don’t tell what I’m gonna do “ I scream at them bending over and I start to kiss lick n suck on their cocks back n forth amazed at how good they taste in my mouth it’s hard warm sweet tasting it’s like I’m falling in love sucking on their cocks I can’t get enough I’m sucking back n forth going to my knees so I can better suck them off.

I feel something warm splashing on my face opening my eyes i see the guy that was jacking off earlier and now he’s jacking off on me still naked when one guy I’m sucking starts cummming in my mouth..
It tastes sweet warm I don’t swallow savoring the taste when the other guy starts to cum on my face. I try to swallow the cum in my mouth..but so much cum it’s leaking out my mouth.

I’m covered in cum my face my body cum is all over my dress and I’m on my knees panting like a little whore begging for their hot cum to fill my belly as I look at three cocks and start to lick them clean savoring their sweet cum. Someone grabs my hand standing me up taking my dress off I’m completely naked cum on my lips and he leads me into the woods where I see like seven naked men.

I giggle running towards them twirling around showing off my naked body and go to my knees. They circled around me slapping my face my body with their cocks..telling me how pretty I am n sexy and so fucking young.

So many cocks so much cum in my belly all over my naked body I’m moaning begging pleading for more telling them I’m gonna be their cocksucking cumloving little girl every Sunday night..
I’m alone now

I put on my cum soaked dress can’t find my panties or bra walking slowly home hoping nobody sees me like this..for a second I’m remorseful you can see my naked body tru the cum soaked dress and when a car drives by shining his brights on me and pulls over I completely lose it.. lifting up my dress showing him my pussy i giggled licking my lips walking over to his car.

Opening the door this guy is naked showing me his cock. And for some reason I pull my dress off twirl around naked in the street before I jump in his car face first and start to suck his cock my ass high in the air so anybody could see me if they drove by…my head is bobbing up n down sucking falling in love with his beautiful cock in my mouth.

He drives me home pulling into my mom’s driveway I’m confused how does he knows where I live I look at him he just smiles.
“ It’s ok Sandie everyone knows where you live it’s on the bathroom stall your address and how young n pretty you are and how much you want to be a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers “

I get out of his car naked my dress I forgot is on the road still. My body is dripping cum everywhere I’m still licking cum off my lips my face my pussy is dripping my cum when I see two cars pulling up the driveway

For a second I freeze what if my mom sees me like this .. naked cum covered strangers in the driveway and me walking towards these cars licking my lips

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    What a fun fantasy.

  • Reply Jennie ID:y1c61k5k4fj

    Omg.. I tease older men at the park showing off my 14yr petite sexy body in my short dress my g-string panties giggling at them..once a let a old man play with my pussy getting me wet it was so hot n scary can’t get caught by anyone else but sometimes I think I’d let two guys play with me.. Anybody in Minneapolis wanna play

  • Reply Denise ID:1d2i8sre8ywg

    Omg I done something like this at the park teasing flirting showing off my pretty 12yr old pussy to older guys I let them finger fuck me while I jack them off.. pretty soon I’ll go down and suck a cock

    • John ID:y1c61k5k4fj

      Where do you live I’ll play with your sweet pussy

  • Reply Donnagary3@protonmail. ID:gxwuxp2ld4x

    My father always put me around men when I was young he knew would touch me

  • Reply Stevii Stevens 12 ID:n2492rfzl

    Pervert park behind our parents house is the same way.
    My sister Nichole and I are nudiest so nudity has never been an issue. Older men have been touching us since we were very young and dad loved to see my sister 69 position and he and a couple of poker buddies would jackoff and slip the head against our
    tiny slit s as they came in ropes of man cream. Watching me and my sister lick the cream as it dripped down our tinyclit and the smell of Virgin pussy and cum was intoxicating.

    • Mike Johnson ID:1esh3329a3yb

      I would love to find your pervert Park I guess that’s where all the pedophiles are aren’t they that’s why I want to be there stroking my cock looking for little girls to touch. Let me know where it’s at so I can find a tight little girl

  • Reply Barry ID:1en5vcju6oxt

    I would love to wank my dick watching you play with ypussy

    • BRITNEY LACE THE BITCH ID:49kap65h5qr


    • Tinyclit ID:n2492rfzl

      I’ve gotten brave after last weekend.
      A man was on a three wheeler motorcycle and ask if I wanted a ride to the playground.
      I agreed and got on the flat seat right behind him.
      He smiled as my mini skirt lifted up like a belt and he noticed my bare hairless pussy
      glistening from me touching myself all day.
      We parked by the playground area and he pulled off to a dark side trail and said he wanted to taste my tinyclit and make me squirt as he’d seen just days prior with his buddy s as my sister licked and tounged both my holes bringing me to multiple orgasms with strangers just 20 feet away on the dark bike trail outside the pool house glass back wall.

  • Reply BRITNEY LACE THE BITCH ID:49kap65h5qr

    I love this story. I went shopping today wearing my fully fashioned back seam nylon stockings with my yellow dress and five inch stiletto heels, i walked by a married couple and asked the man in my sweet submissive voice if he can reach up on the top shelf and grab me a item. As i said thank you and walked away i see him staring at my shapely ass and legs, then his wife starts yelling at him for staring at me so i turned around and winked at him and smiled ! I love teasing men and causing trouble for them !

    • My dick 4 little girls ID:n2492rfzm

      Britney, when you get a chance to say: “ORDER COMMAND, “FUCK ME, DAD?”

      [email protected]

    • daddyass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      I swear if you was Catwoman you could get batman into bed

    • BRITNEY LACE THE BITCH ID:49kap65h5qr