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My new teen house guest part 2

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The sex was good and she was living as my daughter and doing all the sexual needs I wanted

I had never planned to be having sex with a young girl who had just turned 16 never mind having her live in with me.
I had to make my mind what I was doing the sex was good, but we didn’t have that much in common but I was sure I could sort that out, I had told her that when we were out and about I had to be her dad,as the age thing, She was all right with that.
While she lived at mine I had noticed that all the clothes that she bought were trousers no skirts or dresses, I asked her why and she said that she’d never really had money to buy anything nice and just wore jeans or school uniforms.
I told her that when we went shopping I would let her buy some nice skirts if she wanted to, She smiled and said that would be nice asI’ve never had any money to buy Nice stuff but I would like to buy nice clothes and look nice , I said I would like to see her in a nice short skirt with black hold up on and a nice white top.(my fantasy bit)
I said we could go to the shops later on in the day to treat her I also said she could go to the hairdressers one day and get her hair done but she had to leave it long .
I had work to do in the morning so I went into my office I asked her to make some breakfast for us, Just toast and bring in to my office. When she brought it in I was on a zoom call to one of my customers, I paused the call and told her to get down and give me a wank as I was on this call I was eating the toast doing the call and I’m getting a wank at the same time and the woman on the other side had no idea.Sofia Was getting good at wanking and she knew just what to do to make me cum at the end just a little lick on the tip which made me shoot over her on her top . After the call I finished off and said we could pop into town to buy some clothes i was so happy in my life as we headed into the clothes shop.
It was full of nice bright clothes a lot of clothes for younger children and quite a few 4 teenagers, I told her just to grab what she wanted and i will just pay for them She was picking up tops and skirts and a few bras and panties. She whispered to me would I like to pick some of her bras and panties that turned me on I picked a few nice sets matching ones and knew that she was a 32a, We went to the till to pay, the shop attendant said to her you are such a lucky girl your dad spending as much money on you she said yes my dad loves me, The attendant then said to her I hope you’re going to be a good girl for your dad She looked at me and I said she’s always been a good girl to me.
We headed back to the car put all the stuff in the boot and got in the car I was so turned on thinking of her in the little skirts that when we were in the car in the car park I need her to finger her just to taste her I undone her jeans and shoved my hand down the front in the car park. She just let me she was enjoying it she was starting to really get into it when somebody walked past and look at us I just smiled.
And aftewards we drove off my hands still in her jeans and as we got home I was going to have to fuck her my cock was wanting to go in her pussy.
I must of already fucked her a 100 times but everytime it felt so good .
When we arrived home I told her to go upstairs in her bedroom and put on just her bra and Panties and I was Going to come up to her bedroom I’m telling her off for being a naughty daughter And she had to be good to dad, I’m sure to please me.
I went talking to her room and she was sitting at the end of the bed and just a pair of black panties and black bra with a red heart design them, I said Sophia you have been naughty she said I’m sorry that I didn’t mean to but can I be nice to you now and I said how you’re going to be nice, she said let me suck your cock and let me sit on top of you to make you happy I said that sounds like a good girl She came forward undone my trousers pulled them down and my boxers She hold Of my cock and place her mouth over it She started sucking on it , her hands rubbing my balls , she said lie down on the bed dad.
And she crawled on top of me Pulling her panties to one side She slid my cock into her pussy and started to ride me, I reached for my phone I wanted to video this her riding made this was the 1st time that she had actually done this and it felt so good It only took a few minutes before I was ready to cum I had stopped cuming in her pussy because she still wasn’t on the pill so I told her to get off and stick her mouth on it I was gonna fill her mouth with my cum And I did I filled it fully and it was dribbling out of her mouth. I reached over pulled towards me and kissed her swallowing some of our juices and lay back that was one he’ll off a ride she did.
We had sex everyday for the next few months and Sofia went on the pill and she was filled with my cum every day she would often be under the table in my office sucking my cock as I did my zoom calls.
Then one day I was the zoom call with a good friend and I moved the webcam so he could see her in the room she wasn’t doing anything she just had on a short skirt and white blouse, she wanted to be my secretary he looked and said in my head phones who’s that and i told him it’s Sofia she my girl, girl he said like as in girlfriend yes I replied my god how old 16 I replied wow are you fucking her I just smiled back he said you lucky fuck what’s she like I replied great and what a body might give you a glimpse as she came walking forward I shouted Sofia open your top make me horny as she undone her I saw Jeff move his hand down having a wank as he saw her bra covered tits,drop your skirt tease me and we will have a nice takeaway as she drops her skirt I say to Jeff you enjoying the show a 16 year old in bra and panties coming towards the camera when she was right in front I said on your knees and wank me, she was wanking me as Jeff shot his load he just muttered I hope your going to share this beauty, I had thought of it and now was going to be a good start and told him I’m sure we can sort something out as I cum in her hair ..
Part 3 will be about the plan

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