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Sex in the swim class

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Boys enjoy boy on boy fun at the school swim class

At my all-boys school I was never one for sports. I didn’t like being kicked, getting covered in mud or getting hot and sweaty. The one sport I did take to was swimming, but it wasn’t just the sport itself I liked.

At school swimming class we boys all wore school regulation dark blue speedo style swim trunks. Other than thin little women’s panties I’ve never found a garment that shows off the outline of a boy’s erect penis shaft and head in better detail. At the age of 17-18 I was pushing out a good six inches of hard muscle with big balls and a big round head. I enjoyed showing other boys what I’d got through the thin taut material of my trunks. In fact at swimming class most of the other boys around me, and our swimming instructor in his red speedos, seemed to be up erect most of the time.

My school used a local swimming pool for its swimming class. Normally we all had individual changing cubicles. One day we arrived to find that due to maintenance a lot of the cubicles were closed off. Our instructor told us to share, two boys to a cubicle.

I found myself in a cubicle with Daniel, a boy I knew vaguely. Stripping naked together with another boy in the close proximity of the cubicle was such an erotic experience my cock was hard up straight away. We wore regulation white cotton briefs under our school trousers. I was horribly embarrassed when I saw my hard cock was pushing my briefs out in a huge cone. Then I saw Daniel’s briefs were bulging over his erection too.

Next moment we were stark naked together. My cock was steel hard erect, bending up so its erection-swollen head was pointing up almost vertical. I saw that Daniel’s cock was hard up too. His penis was shorter than mine but thicker. We both had pubic hair but mine was thicker than his. Daniel said:

“Lets have a feel.”

I knew exactly what he wanted, and right then I wanted the same! I spread my legs and thrust my hips toward him. Then our hands were down feeling each other’s balls, ruffling each other’s pubic hair, stroking each other’s penis shaft and head and stroking each other right underneath between our spread legs, and we rubbed our erect penises together.

I was amazed how stiff another boy’s erect cock felt in my hand. We’d both seen each other’s naked penis before in the school gym showers but only swinging flaccid. It was the first time anyone had touched my naked erect penis, or I’d touched his. The feeling and the erotic excitement were exquisite!

I’d been masturbating for about five years. I’d read about hand jobs in porn magazines and heard other boys at school talking about wanking each other but I’d never done it. I closed my thumb and forefinger round Daniel’s penis and began to stroke his cock up and down. But he stopped me, reminding me we had a swimming class to attend and we’d have more time afterwards.

So out we went with our swim trunks making it very obvious we were both up hard. I noticed several other boys were up erect too. Anticipating what was to come my cock stayed erect through the entire swimming class. Daniel and I had plenty of opportunity to grope each other and get our hands down inside each other’s swim trunks with the water hiding what we were up to. I guessed other boys were playing under the water too!

Finally, after the class Daniel and I were back in our cubicle together with no time constraints. Our trunks were off and we were naked with our erect cocks out almost as soon as the cubicle door closed behind us. We had a good long play with each other’s sex kit and asses. I vividly remember Daniel squatting down to lick me all over my cock and balls, then taking just my cock head into his mouth and massaging it with his lips and tongue. I couldn’t believe the pleasure! Then we got down to business for real.

Daniel wanked me first. His ingers, lips and tongue had taken my cock to the peak of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity. I was frantic! I stood with my legs spread ramming my straining cock forward. But before he wanked me Daniel took a tube of some kind of cream from his back and lubed my cock with it. That was a pleasure in itself!

Then Daniel wrapped his whole fist round my shaft and began to stroke and tug full length. While he wanked me he caressed my bum, tickled me down my bum crack and fingered my arse with his free hand. His own hard up cock poked and brushed my naked thigh. I reached down to feel his cock and balls and his bum. At that age his bum cheeks were as soft and smooth as a girl’s.

I often edge when I’m masturbating, holding my cum on the brink. Daniel even managed to gauge from my cock suddenly stiffening in his hand that I was rising and he eased off. After long minutes of exquisite sexual pleasure from Daniel’s hand my penis exploded in orgasm pleasure.

I gripped Daniel’s bum cheek in my hand to pull his naked body against min as I came. My semen shot a couple of feet across the cubicle and splashed against the wall. When finally Daniel had milked the last pulse of pleasure and last spurt of cum out of my cock he stepped back from me. I stood there with my still mostly erect cock swinging and dripping a long strand of semen. I’d masturbated solo hundreds of times by then, but nothing equalled that first hand job.

Then it was Daniel’s turn. I reached down to wrap my hand round his cock but he wanted more. He sat down on the little bench, spread his legs wide and leaned back. His erect penis stuck up almost vertically to its big purple-grey head.

“Suck me off!” Daniel said excitedly, fingering his balls.

In porn magazines I’d read about sucking cocks off and seen pictures of girls doing it for boys. I was a bit shy about doing it for Daniel, but I didn’t want to seem chicken, I wanted to increase my sexual experience and above all I wanted to repay him for the exquisite wank he’d just given me.

I knelt down between Daniel’s spread legs and began to kiss and lick his inside thigh tops, moving slowly toward his balls and penis. I ruffled his pubic hair with my tongue then he groaned and quivered when my tongue touched his penis shaft. I licked him slowly up his cock shaft. His flesh smelled and tasted of chlorine from the pool. He’d thrust forward so his anus was over the edge of the bench. I fingered it and circled it lightly with my fingertip. It was obvious he liked that.

Remembering the exquisite feel of his lips and tongue on my own cock head I took his big swollen mushroom into my mouth. I massaged it with my own lips and tongue, licking that sensitive spot the frenulum. Daniel was gasping and I could feel him squirming with sexual pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Suck me off!” Daniel grunted. I’d got him frantic too!

I began bobbing my head smoothly up and down, squeezing my lips around Daniel’s stiff penis and sucking on the up stroke like I’d read in porn magazines. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, and slid my lips up over his cock head till I was just kissing its tip. I didn’t manage to hold him on the brink. After a few minutes he gave a strangled half snarl, half grunt and his penis stiffened even harder in my lips. His penis jerked in my mouth, his whole body shook and I felt his warm cum spurt into my mouth.

Daniel flopped back onto the bench after the last spurt and I let his penis slide out of my mouth. His cock was still almost vertical. He reached down, closed his thumb and finger round it and wanked a couple more spurts out over his belly.

“Did I do that right?” I asked Daniel as I stayed kneeling between his spread thighs, like he was my sex master.

“You did fucking great!” He said.

That was just the start of Daniel and me, but perhaps the rest is another story or two.

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