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Emma’s story 7

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Weekend continued with my last virginity lost anf another threesome.

Peter was lying behind me on his side, I was still asleep when I felt something wet on my asshole. He was rubbing it with his finger, then I saw the bottle of lube infront of me and I understood the wetness.
I didn’t move, he kept rubbing my little asshole, it was wet and slippery. I started to become horny, I still didn’t move, it felt good. His finger started to go in my ass, spreading it, it didn’t hurt, I guess he used plenty of lube and my muscles were relaxed due to I wasn’t fully awake I guess. I felt him pushing in, slowly, it began to feel very good as he was fucking my ass with the tip of his finger. My pussy was getting wet, I could feel it between my legs. He continued pushing his finger deeper inside, pulling out a little and going just a bit deeper with every inward thrust. I couldn’t believe it could feel so good. I was scared he was going to put his cock in but I didn’t move. He kissed my neck, driving his finger deeper into my little hole, I felt he was all the way in now, thrusting harder. I moaned, my body responding, I moved my hips with his thrusts, I felt an orgasm approaching. He nibbled on my ear, kissed my neck and shoulder and kept fucking my ass with his finger. I came hard, squeezing his finger hard, he stopped thrusting but kept his finger in, whispering in my ear, good morning beautiful.
I turned my head towards him and he kissed me, deep and passionate.
He asked me did I like that and I said yes, I can’t believe I came with a finger in my butt and it felt so good.
He pulled out his finger and bent me over, putting a pillow under me. He got behind me and I felt him going in my pussy, his cock spreading my lips and pushing all the way in. He began fucking me hard.
After a couple of minutes of hard thrusting he said I want to cum in your ass baby, just relax and don’t be scared. With that he pulled out of my pussy and I felt his dick on my asshole. He pushed in slightly, just a little but it felt like my ass was going to rip around his head. I moaned louder and after a few seconds I could feel his cum shooting inside me. He left the tip in a little longer and pulled out.
We got up and went to the shower. He washed me gently, rubbing his hands all over my body, saying how beautiful I was and he was so lucky to get to fuck my tight little pussy.
I asked him how deep did he go in my ass and he said just my tip baby, not even the whole head. I was shocked, I felt so full and stretched, like he had a baseball bat inside. He laughed and told me soon I was getting his whole cock in and it was going to be great.
I was scared of that, scared of the pain but in a way I wanted to feel it. It felt so good with his finger, I had to try taking his cock, just to see how it felt.
When we got out of the shower we went out to the kitchen wanting to get something to eat. We caught James on his way out, he had some errands to run and was going to be back in the evening.
We ate and had coffee and then went out to swim in the lake. After a swim, Peter went inside again, leaving me out there to sunbathe for a while.
After that I went inside as well, finding Peter asleep on the couch, the TV on. I went to him, turned off the TV and thought, now I can wake him up.
I got down on my knees, he was wearing only his shorts, and I rubbed his cock gently over the thin fabric. I could feel him getting hard, I pulled his shorts down in the front and took his semi hard dick in my mouth, he woke up and smiled at me, I continued to suck his cock, feeling it harden and grow in my mouth. When he was hard as a steel rod he stopped me and told me he wants to cum in my ass again. He went in the room, leaving me alone on the sofa, I took of my bikini and began rubbing my pussy. He came out, his cock still hard, carrying the lube. He got down on his knees infront of me, pulled my legs on his shoulders, so my ass was on the edge. He began licking my pussy, fucking it with his tongue, going as deep as he could. He kissed around my lips and began teasing my clit with his tongue. I was so horny he could do anything with me. Then he lubed up his finger and began circling my asshole while flicking his tongue over my clit. I could feel his finger going in, slow and deep. He kept doing that until I felt an orgasm approaching, he felt it to and stopped, he pulled out his finger and told me to bend over, I did and he got behind me. He rubbed some lube over his cock and pushed two fingers inside my pussy, fingering me hard. I moaned and began rubbing my clit, I wanted to cum, I was so hot.
I felt his cock on my ass, pushing in slowly, he got about a half of his head in, then he pulled out and put some more lube on his cock and my ass. He told me it was very tight and he could cum in a second.
He pushed in again and I felt my little asshole stretching, he went in deeper, he got the head in and the pain was getting stronger. He didn’t stop, he would pull out a bit and then go deeper inside. It hurt, I tried to relax and rubbed my clit but I could still feel the pain was getting stronger.
I moaned loudly, he was repeating the process, spreading my ass. He went in deeper and deeper and I felt tears streaming down my face. Then he pushed stronger and I screamed, the pain was too much. I wanted it to stop, I tried to move but he held my hips, one more painful thrust and I felt his balls on my pussy lips. He was all the way in, it hurt, I wanted to move but he held me still. He bent down and kissed my neck, saying it’s in, you did great.
I cried and he kissed my neck, rubbing my back, telling me to relax.
After a while he began pulling out slowly, and then pushing back in, he was repeating that slowly, very slowly until he felt my ass relax a bit. He began fucking me, slowly at first but going harder. It still hurt but I felt pleasure as well. I continued rubbing my clit and soon I came, my ass squeezing around his cock. He grunted and I felt him shooting in me. That felt great and I moaned in pleasure, squeezing every drop out of him.
He pulled out and told me I was so good, so incredibly tight.
I was sore after and cum was leaking out of my ass. I got up and went to te bathroom, I felt like I needed to poop and walking was a bit painful. I took that huge cock up my ass, I was surprised it didn’t hurt more right now. I got on the toilet and pushed out, nothing came out except lots of sperm. I took a shower and went to the soffa and cuddled next to Peter. We watched TV and before long James came back carrying some groceries.
I went to help him put them away, as I was leaning against the counter he squeezed my ass and I turned towards him. I looked him in the eyes and went down on my knees, I took his dick out and it was already hard, he just smiled and said I’ve been thinking about you all day honey, I couldn’t wait to fuck you again. I smiled and began sucking his dick, taking it all the way down to my throat, then I pulled away and sucked on his head, flicking my tongue. He moaned and I felt him getting harder in my mouth. I continued sucking him like that until he grunted and filled my mouth. I looked him in the eyes and swallowed.
After that we went back to Peter who was sitting on the soffa. We made drinks for everyone and sat around joking and laughing.
We talked about sex and how everything we did felt great. I told them I wanted more and they laughed and told me they weren’t sure they could keep up with my desire much longer. I was young and full of energy, horny all the time now. I was reluctant when it all started but now I was very much into it, and wanted much more.
They joked they should bring in another guy and maybe the three of them could satisfy my lust.
I smiled and thought to myself I would like that very much.
They also said we should bring one of my girlfriends on the trip next time and my mind went straight to Anna. I thought she would be more than willing to join us. I told them I had a friend in mind but we would need more guys because she is at least as horny as I am and the two of them, old as they are, couldn’t keep up for sure.
They laughed and Peter said, OK baby girl, we’ll show you who’s old.
He then got up and pulled down his pants, his dick was already hard and he wasted no time in getting it in my mouth and began fucking hard. I tried relaxing my throat and could feel his head slide in, gagging me. I slobered all over his shaft, trying to take it. He was going hard and fast. James got up and took out his raging hard cock, I was on the soffa, on my knees getting my throat fucked, he got behind me and pulled down my panties. He rammed in my pussy, hard, making me pull away from Peters cock and scream in pleasure. He was going deep and hard, it was hurting in spite of me being wet. Peter stuck his cock down my throat and I was getting fucked hard from both ends. I loved it, my pussy was hot and wet, the feeling of being taken hard and without mercy was exhilarating.
They fucked me like that for what felt like an hour, my orgasm came hard and overwhelmed me, I shook and moaned, still getting fucked from both ends. My pussy squized James’s cock and sent him over the edge, I could feel him tense up and shooting in me. Not long after that Peter came in my throat and they pulled out of me.
How was that little girl they asked me? Not to bad for two old guys right? I smiled and nodded my head, that was fucking awesome.
We got up and I went to the bathroom to clean up.
After that we sat down again, drinking and talking until it was time for bed.
Next day was going to be Sunday and we planned to make the most of it before going back to the city.

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