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I’m a cocksucking cumloving boy

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Addicted to being naked on my knees sucking older men in public places day or night ..

After watching so many xxx videos on my iPhone I found myself watching hypnosis videos to please serve be a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers.

It dint take long before I was truly hypnotized and it was all I thought about dreamt fantasize to be naked sucking fulling my darkest deepest desires knowing that it was dangerous scary only added to my excitement.

Im just a kid never had any kind of sex ever, only jacking off to my iPhone. It’s Saturday night mom is working till 3am im nervous kinda scared as I look at myself in the mirror the hypnosis videos tell me to dress slutty like short shorts showing my ass cheeks panties long dress shirt half buttoned then everyone will know im cruising to suck cocks.

I put my long hair in ponytail admiring my petite body all 5’3 90lb and my 5” my cock feels hard in my mom’s sexy panties I feel look slutty as I lick my lips.Not believing what im about to do.

I walk like 4 miles to this park where guys hang out to get sucked off.
A few cars drive by me flashing their headlights I smile getting hard knowing that im teasing them showing off my ass walking down the street smiling.

A older truck pulls up next to me.. “ You ok kidd you lost or something it’s late and you look to young to be out by yourself do you need a ride or something Damn you look so pretty sexy young are you old enough

I look in the window it’s a older guy and he’s completely naked his cock standing up.. im shocked excited not believing it’s this easy. I’m not even at the park yet.

I stand there getting excited memorizing looking at a real cock live not some video. Opening the door I slid in on his full bench seat giggling nervously licking my lips. He called me pretty sexy it turned me on.

I can’t stop looking at his cock i unbuttoned my shirt pulled my shorts off im just in my panties. “ mmmm do you think im pretty I whispered as I bend over and start to kiss lick slobbering like it’s a lollipop I can’t believe how good how sexy it feels it’s hard warm I open my mouth and start sucking like the hypnosis videos told me to. I hear myself moaning loudly.

“ Oooh fuck yes boy so pretty so sexy you are such a horny cock slut never had a Faggotboi like you cruising around here slow down a bit your head is bobbing up n down so fast relax enjoy it oooh yes like that my sweet little boy yes suck daddy’s cock oooh yes my baby my cocksucking slut”

I slowly went up n down moaning like a slut turning on so much every time he called me a dirty name. I felt him getting harder it tasted warm sweet his cum was filling my mouth I kept it in not swallowing savoring the taste of hot cum I was hooked instantly I pulled away so he would cum on my face his cum leaking out my mouth I started to cum in my panties.

“ Ooooh god yes mister oooh yes just like the hypnosis videos you were the first guy I ever sucked it was way beyond my wildest fantasies you tasted so good your cum so sweet I need/ want to become a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers “

I can’t believe what I was saying it’s like I was in a trance hypnotized I bend over again taking his beautiful cock back in my mouth it’s limp but I keep sucking on it moaning begging like a bitch in heat.

I think I scared him he moved away started his truck…
“ Damn boy I can’t believe how horny willingly submissively you are so fucking pretty sexy slutty young you are moaning like a little girl like a sissy cunt in your panties

Put your shorts on slut I’m gonna fulfill your deepest desires being naked on your knees sucking strangers tonight.

He drives into the park. “ Open the window put your legs on the dash spreading them show everyone your young face licking your lips as I show you off “

He drives around heading are flashing as he pulls over parking.
“ Get out slut walk around my truck wiggle your sweet ass show off that body of yours”

Smiling I get out and before I know it it’s like 8 guy’s circling me pulling their pants down. I look at the old man in the truck he’s videotaping me
I throw my shirt my shorts off standing in my cum soaked panties.
Licking my lips lust in my eyes..

“ I just want to suck your cocks fill my belly with hot wet sweet cum “
I whispered going to my knees.

All night long cock after cock I was sucking falling in love more n more with each cock moaning begging pleading cum all over my face my body my panties wet from my cum strangers cum being jacked off on

Faggotboi queer slut cunt bitch prettyboi sissy slut whore they were laughing at me calling me names.

I sucked to cocks at the same time I was screaming at them
“ Ooooh god yes ooooh fuck yes I love this sooo much use my mouth like it’s a girls pussy fuck it like a cunt seed my belly with your hot sweet cum “

I woke up laying in the grass I must’ve passed out covered in cum naked except for my cum covered panties my shirt and shorts next to me I was alone.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I like sucking cock in public men’s bathrooms

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    This brings back such good memories. I’ve climbed into so many trucks and sucked off so many big dirty hairy drivers and licked their assholes too. Some fantastic gangfucks in lay-bys too!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1jybr2m3

    You should have been fucked too