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Such a beautiful smile, part two

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Jane wants to show me a video on her phone. Wow!

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Tomorrow arrived. Time to meet Jane. “Same time, same place.”

Something I forgot to mention in part one. Does anyone remember a TV series called The Sleepover Club? Aimed at young girls but good to watch if you like looking at young girls. Many episodes still available on youtube. The biggest star was Caitlin Stasey, gorgeous then at about 14 and still beautiful now about 20 years later. Anyway, Jane looks very like her at the same age, similar face and body shape, but Jane’s perfect, even more cute.

I was in the car waiting and didn’t need to wait long before Jane arrived and I got the same dazzling smile as soon as she saw me. She got in and looked at me. I smiled and looked back. “Where’s my kiss?” she said. I kissed her and then started driving.
“Hi beautiful, good to see you. I thought you would come but I couldn’t be sure. The weather’s good today and I don’t want to park so close to your home, we’ll go to a nice spot I know. While we drive there I need to know much more about you. First, you said you were a virgin, but I didn’t find a hymen.”
“Two reasons for that. I use tampax since my periods started. But before that my hymen had gone. My best friend and I play sex games together, like girls do, and I know boys play around with each other too. You say I’m beautiful, but you should see my friend Leanne, she’s gorgeous with long blonde hair. I’ll show you on my phone when we get where we’re going. We have sleepovers at each other’s houses, we sometimes play with other girls as well.”
“Second question, well, it’s not really a question. We just fucked last time, you were in such a hurry for it. But this time I want to explore every inch of your body before we fuck, we can take our time.”
“We can’t take too long, or I’ll get asked questions when I get home. But an hour or a bit more is no problem, I often spend time with friends before I get home.”
We arrived at my favourite spot, with a beautiful view over the sea but so secluded hardly anyone ever goes there and the woods behind the car park are perfect for a hidden, secret sex session. I was ready to go into the woods when we arrived but Jane wanted me to look on her phone. She played a video starting with a blonde girl in a bedroom and, yes, Leanne is a beauty. Jane must have passed the phone to her as next Jane’s there in her school uniform and taking it off, first her blazer, then her tie and shirt, and then her bra so her lovely tits are revealed. Next Leanne doing the same, she has lovely tits too. Jane’s are small and firm with puffy nipples, Leanne’s are bigger and look softer, probably B cup and a lovely handful. And, wow, as the video goes on, her skirt is off and then her panties. She lies on the bed and the video goes close-up and she opens her pussy lips for Jane to finger-fuck her. Next the same with Jane. We fucked yesterday but I didn’t really get a good look at her pussy but now, as the phone video goes close-up again, I can see her dark inner lips spread and her pink hole and above it a hard clitoris poking out. The most gorgeous pussy imaginable and I can’t wait to get her under the trees in the wood and eat her out, before we fuck again.
But the video isn’t finished. The girls must have found somewhere to put the phone so it was viewing them on the bed as they get in a sixtynine. Leanne must have some skills with her tongue and fingers as Jane’s whole body’s writhing while her hands are pulling Leanne’s head into her pussy.
“Jane, that was fantastic. But it’s a big risk, having that on your phone.”
“No-one knows except you and Leanne. Next we have to do one of the two of us in the woods, come on!”

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    You have a right sexy young girl there . You must fuck her in her school uniform .

  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    I wish I could meet her! My mouth is watering😛