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A mother’s confession (part 3)

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Knowing I could captivate my son’s attention, I chose to take it a step further,…

I knew the path I was on came with great risk. I knew if I pursued him too quickly, he might retreat. It was paramount to control the pace to avoid rejection, I had one shot at this.
I sensed a shift in Michael ever since I exposed my legs during his moto-cross event. I continued to exploit his weakness for legs by wearing dresses, only. A spike of courage led me to the bedroom one afternoon to look for my cotton shorts. I paused by the mirror before leaving the bedroom. I tugged on them until the curve of my cheeks could be easily seen.
I strolled around the house doing chores while Michael gazed at those shorts of mine. They were unforgiving. They look like a second layer of skin.
I was well aware of Michaels jealousy in regard to his friends ‘so-called’ sexual escapades. I knew Michael was still a virgin and trapped behind the wall of opportunity, due to his chronic lack of confidence. The word ‘opportunity’ is key and used frequently when describing the situation before you.
The confinement of the pandemic and those M/s videos certainly contributed to the idea itself. As weeks became months, my desire to proceed increased.
One evening, I asked him if he would like to play a game of ‘Jenga.’ Michael spent the entire game peeking down my blouse, as I stooped to remove a wooden block. My bra-less presence didn’t go unnoticed. His silence spoke volume. At some point during the game, I raised my head and smiled at him, ‘enjoying the view?’ I asked him. That was the moment when Michael realized I was intentionally taunting him. He smiled, yet he didn’t utter a word. His blushing response was radiant.
As the covid restrictions eased, it allowed me to introduce other ideas to further gain his attraction. ‘Date night’ was a tool I used to test his intentions, as well as my own. I entered that conversation with a great amount of anxiety. It was during dinner when I proposed the offer.
‘Have you ever heard of ‘date-night?’ I asked. He silently shook his head ‘no.’ ‘What’s that?’ he asked. I paused for a minute before speaking. ‘Date night is something that ‘some’ mothers choose to offer as a way of introducing one to a more intimate experience’ I said to him. His eyebrows raised quickly. ‘Does dad know about this?’ he asked. ‘Yes’, I replied. He was puzzled but excited about the idea. I could feel his mind working on that.
A few more seconds passed before he spoke. ‘What happens on date night?’ he asked so delicately. I leaned forward and placed my hand on top of his, ‘sensual things’ I whispered. He gulped hard. I smiled and winked at him, ‘are you interested?’ I asked, as I tilted my head to the side. ‘Yes ma’am, he replied,… yes ma’am.
Over the next few days, he kept dropping hints about date night. I eventually turned in his direction and simply asked him, ‘are you asking me out on a date?’ He began to studder in responding. I smiled and took his hand, ‘let me know when you’re ready’ I said, then I kissed his cheek. He melted into his chair like a candle. ‘The theatre would be fun’ I said to him.
Michael was completely consumed by the thought of it, his enthusiasm was contagious. I’ll never forget the expression on his face when I exited the bathroom that evening. The dress I wore was very sexy. I walked right up to him and stood very close as I began adjusting his tie. I placed his hands on my hips, ‘hold still’ I whispered in a breathy soft tone. Standing that close to him was so powerful. He stared at my lipstick lips so hungrily. My perfume was intoxicating.
By now, Michael had his driver’s license, so I handed him the keys, ‘you drive’ I said to him. Michael was all over the road. His focus was on my legs which I gracefully displayed so forwardly.
Upon exiting the car, I reached for his hand, ‘it’s date night’ I said with a soft smile. I ignored the curious onlookers as we stood hand in hand, waiting for the tickets. Soft whispers were being exchanged by strangers.
We found two seats in the middle of a crowded theatre. To better picture the scene, I sat to Michaels’ right. It didn’t take long for me to notice that my gams were drawing attention from others nearby. So, I pulled my shawl from around my neck and spread it across my lap. I smiled at Michael and took his hand in mine and placed it in my lap. He was VERY intrigued. I couldn’t resist in squeezing his hand over-affectionately. He returned with an equally warm embrace.
The couple next to us took notice of our hands as they rested in my lap, yet I paid it no mind. Even though we were surrounded by strangers, I felt my temperature begin to rise.
The next scene in the movie showed a woman my age, naked and laying on her side. I smiled gently at Michael, ‘look at that’ I whispered in his ear. Then out of the blue, I slid his hand under the shawl and placed it on my thigh. He stared at me in utter shock, his head on a swivel, returned to the screen. His chest began to rise as he drew heavy breaths. I leaned over and whispered into his ear, ‘it’s date night’ then I offered him another gentle smile………………… to be continued.


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  • Reply Bob ID:1ddi8u108zq9

    You are definitely a hot, sexy mom, Carrie!! Brings back memories to me of my mom and my “sick day” at home from school. She was very horny, like you, and gave me a joyous time in bed with her that day and thereafter!!!! So fucking good, like you are working toward with your son. I love your memory of the events. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    new email = [email protected]


  • Reply milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Many many boys fantasize sexually about their moms, spy on their mom naked or changing clothes, sniff their moms panties, hide and watch mom having sex, masturbate while thinking of mom. But few have such a wonderful experience as you are giving your son. Wow! You are a wonderful mom.

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    Hot can’t wait to Here how you take your sons virginity

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3


  • Reply Will ID:1ek7pw4m9k

    Well Carrie where is part IV? Just wondering if you are a smoker, your son would have already kissed you deeply and given you oral! My mom was hott and she tasted good! Had lots of fun but I was 12 at the time. Young guys have an oral fixation and that includes oral and smoking. Surely did for me and many others! Your story is keeping me and others on the edge!

    • Love you mom ID:1dni51xyj3bi


  • Reply Alwaysreadymn ID:5wwod7bwxid

    Hello Carrie! I love reading your stories and am glad to have found you here, such a sexy and sensual woman!

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Thank you, good to see you here 🙂

  • Reply Zeyphr ID:11awn1pjqrc

    So hott very hard would love to chat

  • Reply Carrie ID:ioubbm3

    Part 4 is coming tomorrow,…

    • Logovore ID:dli5jjo98db

      Amazing – keep it coming!!

  • Reply DaddyChaos ID:1cz2bhq0dggw

    God I wish you were my mom

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3


  • Reply Horny Boy ID:1dmb2myghygf

    Ohhhh mommy …you’re such a naughty tease …I’m laid here naked in bed with such a hard cock wanting to bring myself to orgasm but holding myself back for more …please write more soon

  • Reply Russ ID:4f912r40

    I’m loving your story. Wish my had done this to me when I was young.

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      I can understand that Russ 🙂