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Rude awakening?

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Was going to write about previous night, but that all changed with a thought of Kaylee, Hannah, and Shawna.

So how do you tell an ex wife that you still love her, but you want to share your bed with your 13 year old daughter as well?

Is this even possible? Has that ever worked out , realistically, for anyone. I know Shawna suspects something is going on between Kaylee and me. But so far she just can’t prove that.

Shawna has come to visit me only one time in the last few months. She has been promoted to full time teller at the credit union she works. She is also going to start taking online classes to become a loan officer, and to do mortgages. We didn’t even kiss. And the subject of Kaylee and I didn’t come up.

Kaylee still spends most night in my room. She is really blossoming onto a beautiful teenager. But she certainly doesn’t act like one, at least not at home. She is very much the woman of the house. She often cooks, cleans, and does laundry. My daughter has become my wife, sort of.

This weekend we are going to be at a Southern Indiana State Park. Staying in a Inn. Perhaps kayaking some of the lakes, water is still very cold so this may not happen. We will spend time shopping in a neighboring town that is full of specialty stores.

Kaylee has a fantasy of having sex in the woods.
And I personally want to help her fulfill as many as I can that she has, or develops. Mine is that her friend Hannah, and her mom went with us as well. Oh I would love to watch Hannah and Kaylee go down each again. This time as i was making love to Shawna in the other bed, or better same bed next to them. OMG, I’m going to have to wake Kaylee up, just the thought of that is making me quite horny.. be back in a bit. 🙂

Well she was a lil grumpy that I woke her early. Oh I love making love to her. Especially when she still has my cum from last night making her super wet. After i set phone down I rolled over and pulled her close to me, facing me. I pulled her leg over me and started rubbing my manhood along the outside of her vagina. She was still so wet from last night, it just slipped partially into her. I finished waking her by kissing her beautiful lips. She grumbled what time is it. I remind her she is the one that would not get off of me last night until she got off several times. And I got off one last time myself. I pushed her onto her back placed myself between her legs, and started making love to her. OMG you are a sex addict she said. I told her and you are not? She just shrugged her shoulders, maybe. This was meant to be a quickie, and I unloaded into her within a few minutes. Dad! What the Fuck. See I told you she isn’t the typical teen anymore with that mouth. I haven’t even woke up yet, and you already cum. Sorry was writing about us going to State Park. Going off the trail and having sex. And perhaps later you and Hannah would be going down on each other next to me.. Got me a little exited. I needed to get off.

You want Hannah to go too? I can ask her, I bet she would love that experience. But not sure how much hiking will be done. Well I did add that your mom and I were making love next to the two of you. Ewwwww no way. I don’t want to see that!

So you are ok watching me with your best friend. But not your mother. Shut up dad.

She climbed on me and was trying to pin me down. My semi hardness slipped into her once again. She started rocking backwards and forwards waking my manhood up once again. She started grinding on me and came herself in a few minutes. She then tried to climb off of me and get out of bed. I grabbed her from behind before she ran out of room. Yelling I always get mine.

I bent her over the bed and fingered her for a moment. Then shoved a finger in her ass. I once again pressed myself into my daughter. I was thrusting into her from behind and fingering her asshole. She came again in a few minutes. I pulled out and pressed into her back door. She gasped once and started moaning, and pressing into my every thrust. She was soon cumming again. She was so tight I came right with her filling her bowels with what little I had left after last night and this morning. I slapped her butt cheek. And proclaimed today is a tie. She quickly reminded me she came 3 times. I told her she was her mother the last round. She stormed from room ewwww! And went to take her shower and I shortly joined her.

So I looked at weather it looks bad so will not be much hiking.. so looks like it will be an expensive shopping trip.. even more so if Hannah actually does go as well.

I dropped her off at school she told me that I had better not drain from her ass all day like last time. She loomed lime she looked like she sharted herself.

Oh my daughter.. I so love her.

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